Friday, October 15, 2010

I can't even be bothered reviewing White Chicks

and if you saw me now you'd be like this...I know I'm slacking off on the job.

In a few words: it sucked, and I really don't get why people my age love it so much. I mean, it's kinda funny, but it just depends where your movie maturity level is at. Mine's definitely not the same as other people's my age. And I felt like I had seen this before.

Anyhoo, why did I abandon my blog for a little while? School. Nearly failed an exam (got another four next week), had to do a whole research project on global warming, and had to prepare for speech finals...doing a speech which I hadn't done since the day after I first saw Inception (which was a damn long time ago, July 23rd, to be exact.) Good news though...

I won my speech final!

^my victory dance=)

This means a lot to me because I have been trying to win a speech competition for six years, but I always come third. And this year, my final year to compete, I finally won. My topic was Facebook, so now I should thank that wonderful website, Mark Zuckerberg (whom I dislike immensely after reading The Accidental Billionaires), Eduardo Saverin (my hero), and all my stalker friends who inspired my speech.
...and that was the only acceptance speech I'll ever have to do.
So happiness all-round! Expect a bit of a run from me when I try and clear out my queue of reviews...

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