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The Evolution of Nicolas Cage's Hair and It's Influence/Influences

There are some things in this world which are the weirdest little way. These things seem to change with a click of the fingers, and they change in the most amazing ways. Welcome to the eighth wonder of the world: Nicolas Cage's hair.
Through the years it has gone through the most amazing transformations, and it would seem that it has it's similarities with others...some similarities which are, well, interesting. Get ready for my guide on Nicolas Cage's hair...

'The Electrocuted Bieber Flick'
There is Nicolas Cage back in 1983, starring in the movie Valley Girl. You can see the 'cool guy' persona he exudes through an ultra-hip hairstyle. As you can see, this hairstyle has a very Justin Bieber look about it, but it has a bit more body. He's kinda messed it up a bit, and personally I think he looks a bit like he has just been electrocuted by a hair straightener. Not unlike Red-Mist in Kick-Ass, a film which Cage recently starred in.

'The Stallone Mullet'
Why so sad, Nic? Miss out on a part in The Expendables? Hey, don't be too were there. Stallone kinda took your mullet that you rocked in the 1987 movie Moonstruck, where you probably had better hair then your co-star Cher. Maybe there will be a sequel to The Expendables and you could take over Sly's part?

'The R-Pattz Tousled Do'
I wonder if Robert Pattinson actually took inspiration from Nicolas Cage's hairstyle in the 1987 Coen Bros. classic Raising Arizona? You can see where Nic is going with this brush, no fuss. Now you can see why R-Pattz chose this hairstyle...seeing as he ain't a huge fan of the bathtub.

'The Romantic Movie Look'
Nic had to do his best to make a good impression in a romantic comedy, and he did it with a hairstyle that reminds me a lot of Tom Cruise. He went well against form in 1994 to star in fluff-and-sugar-galore It Could Happen to You. I could really see Nic and Tom in an ad together, which says this: Scientology...It Could Happen to You. Cue scientologists with some romantic haircuts.

'Serious Movie Fuzz'

In 1995, Cage starred in Leaving Las Vegas, where he played an alcoholic and won an Oscar for it. I'm sure the last thing he'd be worrying about was his hair, but I can't help but be reminded of a really itchy sweater when looking at his hair. His poor, poor head.

'The Pixie Cut'
It looks like a Pixie Cut, most commonly seen on young actresses (Alyssa Millano pictured), but Nic has added his manly touch to it for his movie Face/Off. He's trimmed it right back, taking new meaning to 'keeping hair out of his face', and has obviously succeeded in making his head look longer then it rightfully is. I really feel like asking him "Why the long face?"

'The Long and the Careless'
What was he thinking? The long locks really don't suit him. And I'm afraid that this isn't the last time we see his hair at abnormal lengths. All of this for Con Air? I could actually picture him and Mickey Rourke as best friends.

'The Cool Guy'
With this hairstyle, Nic could for once be known as a cool guy with cool hair. Sure, there ain't much of it there, but it's normal, right? If only he kept this hairstyle. In fact, if only Keanu Reeves could have kept that hairstyle. Oh yeah, Nic was playing an angel here in 1998 film City of Angels with Meg Ryan, so I guess that's what excuses any of the other wacky hairstyles.

'Blonde's Have More Fun'
Nic hits the bottle and goes blonde for 2000 movie Gone in 60 Seconds which he co-starred in with Angelina Jolie. I couldn't help but think he looked uncannily like Alexander Skarsgard, who plays Eric Northman in True Blood. Just not as buff. Or pale. But maybe, one day, Nic could do a flashback in the show as Eric's Dad? You heard it here first...

'Warm and Fuzzy'
For Adaption. Nic took on a rather interesting hairstyle...a ginger Action Man hairstyle, to be exact. Look how fuzzy it is. I wonder what is growing in that forest...

'Lettin' it Loose'
Lord of War saw Cage take on a surprisingly normal hairstyle, which just hangs there...but doesn't look out of place or anything. To be honest, he looks like a young Mel Gibson with that 'do. Let's just hope that he doesn't act like an old Mel Gibson.

Many people ask why Cage would even think of starring in a remake of 1970's classic The Wicker Man. I haven't seen the film, but I can tell that it doesn't look like the best movie ever. And when I saw this picture, I just couldn't help but think that the expression on his face looks like he is being attacked by Lady Gaga's Grammy Awards dress. It's not a hairstyle...but his accessories sure have him scared.

Aside from the hair on his head, Nic sometimes transforms his facial hair, this time for 2006 film World Trade Center. It's a serious movie, which tackles serious matters, but that moustache is hard to take seriously when it looks curiously like that of Borat. Maybe Sacha Baron Cohen has made a new character...the hair obsessed alpha male who goes by the name of Nicolas Cage. You never know.

'The Bad-ass Action Hero'
Why did I compare his hairstyle in Ghost Rider to that of Audrey Hepburn's? Because it looks like Nic has stolen her hairstyle. Even though he's going for a real bad-ass action go to guy, he opts for a 'classic' look. Let's just hope he doesn't steal any other classic actresses hair-do's in the near future.

'The Mullet is Back...With a Vengance'
Who actually saw Bangkok Dangerous? At Blockbuster we had to put people who rented the movie in the draw to win a mounted poster of Bangkok Dangerous. The amount of people who turned that opportunity down was priceless. I really don't envy the person who has that in their room right now. The movie saw Nic return with a mullet, but this time, it wasn't so Stallone, it was just a shorter version of John Lennon's 'do.

'The Wind-Swept Look'
Ignore his amazing facials (here in Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans) and look at his hair. I think you may agree that it looks gone with the wind. Just like Zac Efron's hair...but maybe not with as much gel? By the looks of things, we know that it must be time for Nic to do a full-on Disney musical, yes?

'The Hobo'
Once I saw his appearance in The Sorcerer's Apprentice, I instantly thought his hair was made out of Brad Pitt's beard. I really hope Nic goes for this look again, because I really hate that thing that hangs of Brad Pitt's chin for no particular reason at all. Mind you, if Nic walked down the street with hair like that, I'm pretty sure people would be giving him money...I mean, it doesn't look mainstream actor like, does it?

'The Old Guy'
I actually like Nic in Kick-Ass, mainly because I insanely love the movie. I found him to be quite sweet. His hairstyle suits his character (well maybe not the Big Daddy part, but...), but I wouldn't recommend that Nic go around with a receding hairline and a little mo. He might just get mistaken for Ron Burgundy.

'That? I don't even wanna talk about that.'

What has he done? Please, Nicolas Cage, I am begging you to never try and be Matthew McConaughey. Even you are better than him. The blonde just doesn't suit you. And blonde mullet's never suit anyone. Please. Get rid of that hairstyle!

Those are most of Nic Cage's hairstyles....I hope you have gathered some inspiration and you are heading down to the hairdressers with this blog post to get yourself a Nic Cage haircut. You know you want to.

But what could possibly be next on Nic Cage's list of possible hairdo's? A bowl cut...perhaps.


  1. Haa, awesome observations there! Poor Nic Cage, he swings from being a good actor to a bad actor like an erratic pendulum - but at least his hair always remains amazing!

  2. Haha, totally agree. It really makes me wonder what this guy has running through his head sometimes...

  3. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant! If there's an actor's hair worth a blog post, it's Nic's. I call the one from Adaptation his chia pet look :)

    Hey, I happen to enjoy It Could Happen to You, schmaltzy sure, but Nic is a capable romantic leading man (no, that wasn't a jab). He should do a mohawk next, spray painted blue to match his eyes.

  4. Haha, that would be one sight to see! I'm actually kinda surprised he hasn't gone for the mohawk yet...
    Glad you enjoyed it!

  5. a youtube video has just been released chronicling ALL of his hairdos over the years from every Nic Cage film ever made. check it out, it goes nicely with this article:

  6. Haha! Great Post! Nicolas Cage is always entertaining.

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