Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Blind Side (post #200!!)

I just about started crying during the trailer of The Blind Side. What a freak. So I guess you could say that I was looking forward to this movie. You know, because it was the one that Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for (not The Hurt Locker, which was what some of my friends thought). And it looked like one of those heart warming tales which, well, warm your heart.
This is the story of Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron), who in the future would become a famous All American football player, thanks to the help of a caring woman and her family. This caring woman was Leigh Anne Tuohy (Sandra Bullock), who had the heart to take him in because he had no home, and gave him a new life in a private school and in the high society.
I really wanted to like this movie. And, don't get me wrong, I loved parts. To me, it was very much like all of those other heart warming films, but was somewhat lifted by the amazing performance from Sandra Bullock. Trust me, you will forget everything else she has been in when you see her in this movie, which is a good thing because this is a far cry from All About Steve. However, as I said, the movie falls behind her. Maybe, if Quinton Aaron put more effort into his performance, then it could have been better. Maybe if the run-time was cut back at least 20 minutes, then it could have been better. Maybe if it didn't become a football movie then it could have been better.
Americans, I guess, will soak this up, because they love football and actually have a clue about what's going on. They could probably relate to this movie on a whole different level then little old me down here in New Zealand. If anything, I was immensely disappointed by this movie, though I have to give it some brownie points because I did enjoy some parts, my heart was warmed (or was that just the fire in the lounge?? haha!) and I loved Sandra Bullock's performace. So I'll just take this opportunity to say this: Jesse James, you're a major a**hole.

Disappointing, mediocre, but quite enjoyable. The performance of a lifetime for Sandra Bullock.

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