Thursday, April 8, 2010

Where the Wild Things Are

Like many people, I thought that Spike Jonze attempting to adapt a picture book into a feature-length film would be an interesting move. Well, it just shows that any book is possible to be adapted into a movie.
You know the story- a young boy, Max (played brilliantly by Max Records) has run away from home, and escapes to this new and unknown land. There he meets some wild creatures that are beyong even the wildest imagination. These creatures welcome him into their world, and he becomes the King. But this proves too much for the young boy at times, and he realizes how much he wants to be home.
Sounds a bit like The Wizard of Oz, I know, and I think that this movie could take it's place as one of the better childrens movie...with a dark tone. This movie is cute, but only from the lovable creatures in it, but then it feels like younger children will be scared by it, will cry a lot and will find it like an adventure that is no fun at all. Because there is not a lot of fun in this, as it deals with problems beyond it's demographic. I couldn't help but feeling that this movie never really started, that it could have been a bit longer. Which is a bit weird to say because the book is so short. However, this movie is so different and so appealing. I honestly can't say that I didn't love it. Because I did, I'm just not sure what demographic it is aiming for.

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