Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Paris 36 (my 100th Blog!!!)

My goodness, I think I'm quite getting into European cinema. Well, I had to admit, Paris 36 (2009) looked pretty cool because a) it was a musical and b) it was French. Won't that impress my French teacher? I've watched two French movies in the space of two weeks.
Paris 36 is about a group who get together and start a variety show at a theatre close to where they live. They start this show, but the slapstick acts and even the impersonators manage to raise few laughs and less people come to every show. But there is one particular stand-out, a young Parisian named Douce (Nora Arnezeder), who is the announcer who turns into a singer. She lifts the show up, and brings a few more people in.
I wouldn't say this is a masterpiece at all, it is heavily flawed by it's complexity. It probably won't translate well to the modern audience, because it is very much a homage to 1930's cinema, and this turns into quite a problem. However, it's easy to be blown away by it's set design and costumes. I love 30's style, and it's put to good use here.
Paris 36 is not a must-see, but it is worth your time.

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