Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fame (2009)

The word 'remake' always makes me shiver. Some remakes have been great, like Hairspray; but unfortunately the 'reinvention' of 80's flick Fame falls flat compared to the original. I watched the original about three weeks ago, and I was blown away by it. It was one 80's movie I actually liked. Sure, this version is more suited to my generation, but it doesn't mean it scores brownie points with me.
Fame is the story of several students who enroll in the prestigious New York School of Performing Arts, to follow their dream; whether it be dancing, singing, composing music or acting. It follows the happy times, the heartbreaking times, the fun times. But how far do these students go? Some may reach the stars, but some realize that the stars aren't where they're headed for.
Okay, so it was enjoyable. I've always been a fan of dance movies, and all the dance scenes in this made me smile. Lets just say, this is a 'cute' attempt at remaking a classic. I think my generation will probably like it, because it has the added 'benefit' of cell-phones and modern technology which usually means a sure-fire hit with the young ones. And it has an ultra-hip soundtrack, which always lightens the mood.
If you've seen the original, you will be immensely disappointed by this. But if you haven't, I guess you'll probably enjoy this, but after watching it I suggest you watch the original.

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