Thursday, January 21, 2010


Ah, PIXAR does make the best feel-good movies ever. First Wall-E, now Up (2009), quite possibly one of the best animated features in years.
Up follows the story of Carl Fredricksen (voiced by Edward Asner), a 78 year old widower who has a dream of going to Paradise Falls in South America. When it seems like the only place for him is a rest home, Carl embarks on a journey to his dream destination--in his floating house guided by thousands of helium balloons. He is joined by a young scout Russell (Jordan Nagai), who is desperate to get his 'Service to the Elderly' badge for his wilderness explorer group. As they make their way to Paradise Falls, they stumble across a few interesting characters like a talking dog Dug, and also a colourful bird which Russell names Kevin (who is actually a girl bird!). But the trip is not always so safe...
While watching this, I was touched by it's main character Carl. It is so rare that an elderly character can work so well in a childrens movie, but his grumpy personality makes this movie what it is. Along with a great story, the visual effects are as good as they always are, and the music throughout adds the final touch to what is an almost perfect movie.
Before the holidays end, be sure to check out Up, you definitely wont be disappointed.

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