Friday, January 29, 2010


You know that actress, Kristen Stewart? From that horrible movie Twilight? Well, once upon a time she was in a good movie. And that movie was Adventureland (2009).
The title is pretty self-explanatory; Adventureland is a theme park which employs teenagers looking for jobs to pay for college. James (Jesse Eisenberg) is one of these teenagers, who tries to get people to play at his game; even though the customers are being blatantly ripped off. But it's not all too bad; James falls in love with punk girl Em (a wonderful Kristen Stewart). James and Em end up in a very close relationship, but Em has been having a long-running affair with a much older and married Mike (Ryan Reynolds). While it seems like this film has all the clich├ęs from the book in it, it's surprisingly original. For starters, Superbad director Greg Mottola has employed a great soundtrack to go with each scene, perfectly fitting the time period of a 1987 summer. Then he got the perfect cast: a lovable Eisenberg; a great Stewart; a cool Reynolds; plus the comic chops from Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig. Yes, Superbad was hilarious, but Adventureland is the definition of a cool teenage flick, reminiscent of 80's comedies like The Breakfast Club.
Adventureland is funny, heart-breaking, dramatic, uber-awesome and worthy of your time. Just don't go expecting Kristen Stewart to be the perfect little Bella she was in Twilight; rather, expect to see her swearing, taking drugs and being seriously stuffed up. This is definitely one of the better films of 2009.

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