Sunday, January 31, 2010


To be honest, I wasn't too keen to watch Spread (2009), but I thought it could be okay because Ashton Kutcher and Anne Heche were in it. I think this movie being 'okay' would be pushing it.
Spread is the story of Nikki (Ashton Kutcher), a womanizer who lives in Los Angeles and hopes to live the high life by using women. Nikki gets his big break when he meets Samantha (Anne Heche), a successful woman who lives in a $5 million house. Here's Nikki's chance to live his high life, and when he moves in with Samantha, he seems to pay his rent by having sex with her. Because that's what this movie is all about: sex. But could Nikki possibly fall in love? That's where Heather (Margarita Levieva) comes in, but she plays the same game as him.
This movie fails, miserably. It really doesn't have a story, just tries to take a light hearted look at California dreaming. Nikki's commentary becomes tiresome and you start to think that L.A. looks like a bad place. I mean, why doesn't he earn a respectable living by doing something other than being a man whore? The biggest problem I had was the mixture and mash-up of genres and emotions, which are so out of place you think that somebody dumped all their dumb ideas on a script and decided to shoot it.
Please, you must avoid this flick.

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