Sunday, January 31, 2010

10 Things I Hate About You

10 Thing I Hate About You (1999): one of the last 90's teen comedies to grace our screens. I wouldn't say it did the genre justice, but it's an enjoyable comedic romp perfect from any chick flick lovers. Thanks to the late Heath Ledger.
Kat Stratford (Julia Stiles, where has she been lately?) is an opinionated feminist who would rather die then go out with a boy. This raises problems when her sister Bianca (Larisa Oleynik) wants to go out with a guy, but her father doesn't allow it unless Kat gets a boyfriend too. When new student Cameron (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) falls for Bianca, he decides that there is no other way but to hook someone up with Kat. But who could fit with her? Patrick Verona (Heath Ledger), a bad-boy who likes rock music and has a talent for singing. But Kat hates his more than anything in this world, so Patrick has a lot of work to do.
The story is a little complicated, but I've always loved revamps of Shakespeare plays (in this case, the Taming of the Shrew). Sometimes it felt like an episode of Sabrina: The Teenage Witch, and other times it felt like pure comedy gold. Especially Heath ledger serenading Kat in the football field. Heath Ledger was truly talented, and it is so sad that he died so young. The ensemble cast is great, Julia Stiles was a true teen icon and it's sad we hardly ever see her these days. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was cute and good as always. This movie is enjoyable, but too 90's..

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