Monday, January 18, 2010

Psycho 3

80's slasher flicks. Some of them were godawful, and some of them just made you want to cry. Some were just so silly that you couldn't help laughing at them. So what category does Psycho 3 (1986) fit in to? The laughing category. It was so silly that I laughed...a lot.
Yes, there was no need for another Psycho, but the entertainment level in this was very high. It follows on from Psycho 2, with Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) still running Bates Motel, with his 'mother'. There he encounters a runaway nun, Maureen (Diane Scarwid), who he falls in love with during the film. He also meets another two people who will unleash the killer instinct within him: a penniless and desperate guitarist Duke (Jeff Fahey); and a nosy reporter Tracy (Roberta Maxwell). These three new acquaintances, and 'mother', all lead Norman back to his old life, a life where he kills people...but he's really someone else.
Psycho 3 represents everything a 80's horror film stands for: sex, violence, blood and gore. Anthony Perkins directs himself in this film, which makes me wonder, did Perkins do this film for his benefit only? Norman Bates was his most famous character, but did he really need to play him three times? The way he played Bates was like he was a child stuck in a grown man's body, and the older Bates gets, the weirder he is perceived.
Would I recommend it? If you've seen Psycho 2, then you should probably see this to dust them all off, but if you were such a huge fan of the original Psycho, then avoid. However, if you like a good laugh, then this is for you.


  1. Haha, I saw this one too. It's so bad that it's funny. There's also a Pyscho 4, but it's incredibly hard to find.

  2. My goodness really? Some people just don't know when to stop!


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