Sunday, January 17, 2010


Okay, before I begin, I'd like to get one thing clear: I don't believe in big budget movies. I thought $200 million to make Titanic was enough, but James Cameron came back to top his own record; $400 million more or less was spent to make and market Avatar (2009). Mr. Cameron, there is poverty in this world, and you spent all that money on a movie?! So, was this money well spent? The public seems to think so.
Avatar is set in 2154, and revolves around Jake Sully (Sam Worthington, who is in every single scene), a wheelchair bound ex-marine whose DNA is used to make an 'avatar'. An avatar is basically controlled by Sully in his sleep, and he is suddenly a big blue alien exploring Na'vi in Pandora. He is part of a service who are trying to find out more about this different world, along with trying to drive off the natives so they can mine there. Sully ends up meeting a native, Neytiri (Zoe Saldana, from Star Trek), who shows him the Na'vi way of life. Soon he becomes a native, and forgets what he was originally there for. But as Neytiri and him fall deeper in love, the humans begin a war with the natives which will inevitably kill them off.
The story is actually good, and all I could expect from Cameron who had been working on this film for fifteen years. Titanic was large scale, but this even more so-the live-action animation was flawless and almost realistic. It was a visually stunning spectacle that was jaw-dropping at some points. The strangest thing was that Sully and Neytiri are un-cannily like Jack and Rose from Titanic-probably because of their forbidden love.
161 minutes is very long, but you will stick with this film, as it is captivating from start to finish. Despite some questionable bits and minor flaws in the script, the movies will wow and wont disappoint. James Cameron is a genius, and it is lucky that he has made a profit from this movie.

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