Friday, October 30, 2009

29th October 2009

I've taken quite a while to watch Wall-E (2008), and I wish that I had watched it earlier. This movie was way greater than I thought it would be. Usually I'm not a fan of animated films, but this one blew me away. People say that Pixar make the greatest films, and with this one, that statement could well be true. Anyway, a little True Hollywood Story, my friend, Georgia (I am using her name because I am not very happy with her), said Wall-E is the most pointless film ever, so I said "No it's not! I think I've watched way more movies than you and I can tell you, it's better than that pointless crap Twilight!!!". Haha, she really got shummed (which means bummed out in my language). You couldn't call this pointless, it makes it's way into your heart so easily. Wall-E is such a cute little robot, and his love for Eve is just SO CUTE! Just thinking about it I'm going all fuzzy inside. However, amongst all this romance, there is an interesting message, what if we really did leave Earth? What would happen? Would we end up as fat people floating around on chairs in a big ship flying around space? That is a scary thought, and I hope that will drive people to start saving our Earth rather than littering and using plastic bags and driving everywhere...the list goes on and on and on. But also, Space looks so pretty! Wall-E is such a great little character, and even without saying much throughout the movie he could be one of the greatest ever created. The only flaw is the lack of dialogue, but really, this is must-see film, and one of the best 2008 had to offer.

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