Sunday, November 25, 2012

Annual Awards Nerdism is Back! + Oscar Predictions

The madness is just around the corner. Dashing to the cinemas every five seconds to see the latest awards-worthy movies (lol, I don't go to the cinema any more). Getting up at weird hours to watch nominations being announced. Trying every website on the universe to see who will stream the awards ceremonies. But that's all part of awards season, which is definitely my favourite season of the year.

This year will be a little bit different, though. As I am going to Japan in January, I'm going to miss the Critics Choice Awards, the Oscar nominations and the Golden Globes - which are kind of the biggest things. However, I will get to them a few days later, so I hope some people will still be around! My awards coverage will officially start this week with the Indie Spirit nominations, where you will see the new 'Happy Fassy', 'Lowkey Loki' and 'Overwhelmed Owen'. As always, when we get to Oscar time, I will definitely be doing prediction poetry. If you want to know what you have to look forward to, here's my coverage from last year/earlier this year.

For now, though, here are my early predictions. I'm proud of the design work that I put into them - hopefully that will overshadow the fact that I've been awful at watching the right films this year.

So, who's with me in this crazy season? And what do you think of my predictions?


  1. Looking forward to your predictions! I think Knightley won't get in for Karenina though, the film kinda lost the buzz recently.

    1. I know...but I'm so unsure about that race. It looks as if Emmanuelle Riva will get in. I'm just going to see how the first stage of awards go!

  2. Love the TDKR Best Picture/Director mentions. If only...

    Not sure on Knightley or Zero Dark Thirty though. Chastain might be ZDT's best shot.

    1. I know, I know :( I'm still forming a small support group - wanna join?

      IDK, ZDT has had a lot of good buzz from the first screenings. I don't think it is going to win Best Pic, but it will definitely be nominated. AND JESS MIGHT WIN!!!! (sorry, this is the most exciting thing happening in my life at the moment)


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