Monday, May 28, 2012

Lame Trailer Cliches: The Textbook Sports Movie Trailer

I'm under the impression that every sports movie trailer is the same. Seriously. I could have picked any two sports movies and compared the trailers, and they would have been extremely similar. However, the two trailers I've decided to compare are the ones for last year's surprisingly great Warrior (which I thought was the better of the two) and 2010's Oscar winning success The Fighter. Yes, these films have similar stories, in a way. If you were to go by the plot summaries on IMDb, you'd think they were exactly the same. However, they're extremely different, in their own ways. Except, you probably couldn't tell that by the trailers...

The frighteningly similar fonts.

The only thing that is different is the fact that Warrior's title goes out, and The Fighter's title goes in. Perhaps a symbol of the differing quality of each film?

Intense training scenes.

The disbelievers. But don't worry, we still believe in you.

Just to add to the disbelievers, we are shown scenes of the 'heroes' losing their fights.

Melancholy shots of our heroes sitting looking, well, melancholy.

But no, things get happier!
Happy shots of people on the phone!

Happy shots of crowds cheering!

Happy bromantic hugs!

And that final punch to close out the trailer...

Last but not least...the music. It starts off all serious, and then it gets into that really annoying triumphant music. Ugh.

Fun fact: the music used at the start of The Fighter's trailer was also used in the trailers for Hugo and The Adjustment Bureau. Maybe a lame trailer cliché in itself?

What do you think of sports movie trailers? Are they all the same?


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  2. I can't believe that I'm the first to comment here.

    Brilliant observation!

    1. Haha, no-one loves me anymore :( Thanks!

  3. Haha so true. And the music, so bombastic and loud and didactic. Yuck. Love your cliched trailer posts!

    Also, congrats on your LAMMY nomination!

    1. It is pretty yuck. Thanks, glad you like them.

      And thank you! What a surprise.

  4. They need to use that one song "Your The Best" from the orignal Karate Kid in a sports movie trailer again. Congrats on your LAMMY Nomination

  5. I still need to see the Warrior, and i personally didn't have a problem with the Fighter

    1. I didn't have much of a problem with The Fighter, but Warrior's better.

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