Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Conversation with Real Steel

Hey hey, here's a movie which I actually liked! This will present a little bit of a challenge, since I've been quite used to conversing with films that I didn't really like. Anyway, I welcome this - and hopefully you will too.
Do I really need to explain what 'a conversation' post is again? Newbies, go here. Let's hope to some Real Steel, guys!

CHRISTOPHER: After being told last week by Immortals that I was a little too pale, I've decided to revert my attention back to robots. I guess they're a lot less judgemental...
REAL STEEL: What you mean to say is boxing robots.

C: Sorry, boxing robots.
RS: We don't just have any robots.

C: So they're not like the robots you'd find in a Michael Bay film?
RS: No. I'm a movie with an actual heart beating through it, which is what robots were intended to be in.

C: Fair enough. So what else sets you apart from the average Michael Bay robotic flick?
RS: Uh, Hugh Jackman being awesome. A female counterpart that isn't just there to look good and do nothing else. Maybe an actual storyline. 

C: What is your storyline?
RS: Imagine your average sports movie. Now set it in the future. Instead of people boxing, have robots boxing. And then have Hugh Jackman train them. See where I'm going here?

C: So basically, it is a sports movie with boxing robots.
RS: ....and Hugh Jackman.

C: And Hugh Jackman. Does he sing in this movie?
RS: No, unfortunately not. 

C: So it can't be a great deal too memorable, then.

C: I guess so. If you ask me, boxing robots sounds like an iffy premise.
RS: So does basing a film on a board game. But this kind of stuff happens. 

C: So does that mean that Battleship will actually be good?
RS: It doesn't look like it follows the source material as it should. I don't remember seeing aliens when I had a couple of robots play the board game in an early edition of the script. 

C: Boxing was the best you could come up with?
RS: For now, yeah. Don't worry, someone will 'reboot' me in a few years and we'll have robots participating in 'the hunger games'. 

C: Sounds like a plan.
RS: Robots are so hot right now.

C: So you said that you actually have a beating heart running through you. How's that?
RS: Everyone loves an 'underdog triumphs' story, don't they? I am one of those. And I don't skip on the heart. Atom the robot and his bond with young Max is truly inspiring. You know, like that movie War Horse? Actually, maybe, if they want to reboot a reboot of me, they can have Atom go off to war and Max try and find him. Write that down.

C: sound like you're quite rebootable.
RS: Reboot and robot sound just about the same. 

C: But will people get their money's worth with just you, the original boxing robot movie?
RS: Of course. But then they'll want to go out and buy a boxing robot to keep as a pet, and that ain't to easy on the pocket. 

C: I'm sure that watching you and buying a boxing robot is more satisfying than watching a Michael Bay movie, though. 
RS: As real as steel, mate.

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  1. Hugh Jackman doesn't sing? Not interested.....

    I'm sure when I finally see this movie, I'll either think it's silly fun, or just plain silly. We'll have to wait and see.

    Great 'interview' by the way. :P

    1. Haha, I can't wait for Les Miserables - he'll be singing the whole time!

  2. This is, hands-down, my favorite feature on this site. It never fails to make me laugh.

  3. Real Steel reboot a la War Horse? I love it!


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