Sunday, March 18, 2012

7x7 Link Award

Another award is making the rounds, and this one is pretty fun. Thanks to Anna, it is time to get a little bit blog nostalgic.

But first things first, time to share something that nobody else knows about:
-This kind of hard considering I don't usually keep a lot of secrets (what's the point?). But eh, I've not told anyone that I'm currently writing a script. Which is kinda hard considering my head moves faster than I have time to write the thing, so chances are, it'll never amount to anything. I wish I could just sit around all day like William Shakespeare in Shakespeare in Love with my quill and write pages and pages. Alas, school gets in the way of creativity (and madness).

Right, now I shall have to link back to my posts in the following categories:

Most Beautiful Piece. Surprisingly, they're both based on Steven Spielberg movies (I couldn't pick just one). I originally hated this 'review' of Schindler's List, but I look back on it and in all it's 10 paragraph glory I can't believe I've ever written anything like it. And as for this post about why I was looking forward to War Horse, well, anything I could write about my Katie is sure to be beautiful.

Most Helpful Piece. Back in my '16 Days of Birthday' series I broke down all of the old Hollywood studios and what impact they had. Seriously, if you got me started on this, I would talk you into a deep sleep.

Most Popular Piece. Allegedly, it is this post which is basically me defending the large possibility that Rooney Mara would be great as Lisbeth Salander. And guess what? She got an Oscar nomination. But the mammoth pageviews only came from image searches. If I were to choose, my most popular post would be my conversation with the people who voted at the MTV Movie Awards.

Most Controversial Piece. I don't really aim to rock the boat, but the cowardly 'Anonymous' haters seemed to not like this one a whole lot.

Most Underrated Piece. (hehe, I forgot this one somehow). Okay, this was back when I had next to no readership, but my comparison of the Inception and The Social Network's soundtrack was one I worked pretty effing hard on. A long time since I posted it, though, there has been a few anonymous commentators latching onto it.

Most Surprisingly Successful Piece. I don't think there's a better fit for this one. I post a random essay I did at school (and possibly one of the best things I've ever done at school) and then I get a call from Paramount. How's that for surprising success?

Most Pride-Worthy Piece. Probably my review of Hunger. I don't know, it just really sounds like I know what I'm talking about. Even if it is two pages long. Or this one about film censorship. I don't know why, but I just love this one.

And now I gotta pass this award on to seven other deserving bloggers (I'm not sure who already has it or who doesn't):
-Cherokee @ Feminising Film
-Lesya @ Eternity of Dream
-Sati @ Cinematic Corner
-SDG @ U, Me and Films
-Tyler @ Southern Vision
-Mette @ Lime Reviews and Strawberry Confessions
-Andrew @ Encore's World of Film & TV

(Sorry for no Underrated Showcase Sunday - I've been quite sick over the past few days and while it is Sunday, I've been busy podcasting and whatnot. I'm rather tired, so I think it'll be an early night tonight. Plus, I'm pretty sure my past two posts haven't made a heckload of sense, haha)


  1. Ha, this was very interesting. Nice to see some old posts I recognize here, and some far too old for even me to have previously read.

    Part of me is groaning that this has been passed on to me, but the other half is leaping with excitement. I'll get right on it tomorrow. Time to unearth some old posts.

  2. Aww, thanks for passing me the award!
    Good luck with the script :)

    1. You're welcome! And thanks, I'll probably need it!

  3. Thanks a lot for Passing it to me, Stevee !! First one for me, means a lot.

  4. Now both you and Nikhat have nominated me for the award, I better step on it pronto!

    1. Haha, it was mainly an excuse for you to post something ;)

  5. Thank you so much for this! I'm off to write my post now :)

  6. Fun reading your posts, some I had read before, while others I had missed. I've been nominated for the 7X7 by someone so I shall be doing my post soon.


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