Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday Links and Other Stuff #14

What I'm watching tonight...

Well, I got home a little late from work, so hopefully I have enough chance to catch up on One Day, this week's sole DVD release, and Tanner Hall, a Rooney Mara film which I picked up off Fatso since we didn't get it from Blockbuster. I've heard it isn't so good...but I'm down for anything with Rooney in it and it looks interesting enough.

Video of the week...

Another song...an Oscar winning song, as we would have it. Written by a New Zealander, too. Sorry, I can't get enough of 'Man or Muppet', as I've been singing along with it ALL DAY. Plus, I've been pulling the "I know an Oscar winners Dad" all day, too. Haha.

Listen to me on the LAMBcast. It has been a while since I took part in the show (like, a long freaking time), so it was fun to get chatting again. We (Nick, Dan, Steve and Jessica) talk about what we've been watching lately (I chose to chat about Moneyball)...and I love Jessica for bringing up War Horse, haha. Also, I get quite angry during the rant session.

One movie I've been recommending like crazy is Perfect Sense, and Film Intel reviews it and gives us more reasons why more people should see it.

Tyler @ Southern Vision continues his All-Time Favourites series with The Double Life of Veronique, one of my favourite movies of all-time too.

Another underrated film I love is Please Give, which Steven @ Surrender to the Void loved too.

Speaking of the LAMB, we all voted for our ten favourite movies of 2011. And they rocked, guys.

And speaking of fellow LAMBcaster Dan, he reviews one of my all-time favourite films Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans.

Cherokee blessed us with a post recently, all about Bridesmaids and why it isn't as great as everyone thinks it is. Unless you're watching it at 2am with your best buddies, you will probably laugh at everything.

The lovely Diana of Aziza's Picks just celebrated her 23rd birthday with a very lovely post indeed. Go wish her a belated happy birthday!

Well, the Oscars may be over, but Rachel @ Rachel's Reel Reviews posted a very good post on what to hate about Oscar season. I may love the Oscars, but I agree with all of these.

Again, as Nikhat has seen everything (apart from Shame), she can unleash her official favourite movies of 2011. Such a great list.

Feeling like you could offer some feedback for a blog? Lime Reviews wants to know what you think. Even though Mette's blog is perfect.

There have been so many Leo vs. Oscar jokes this week, but this is my favourite.

Final word...
Now that Annual Awards Nerdism is over, did you enjoy the series?


  1. Thanks for the linkage. That MAN OR MUPPET song is simply the best.

    1. It really is, and you know why? It is written by a New Zealander!

  2. Hehehehe. Thank you for the link :)
    I hope Leo doesn't have to wait so long. I caught parts of Titanic on TV yesterday, that man was so robbed! He should really stop dying in all his movies though.
    Yes AAN was a lot of fun. I wish I had been more organised and finished with all my lists in time. I still haven't finished my Social Network Film of the Year post, and I think time has run out :(

    1. Poor Leo. Yes, he should stop dying. I was gonna say I hope he doesn't die in The Great Gatsby...but that would be like hoping that he is going to get an Oscar in the next 20 years :(
      Time has not run out! I want to see this post!

  3. A great set of links matey!! I will try and find some time to listen to the LAMBCast today!!

  4. Thanks for the linkage, you are sweet and yes, I did enjoy the AAN, you should do it again, can't wait to see who the three guys will be next year :)

    1. If I'm still blogging, I definitely will! And we'll see what 2012 brings us...

  5. Thanks for the link Stevee!

    Good luck with One Day, by the way. Maybe it won't be as bad as I've head that it generally is...

    1. It wasn't that bad. But it wasn't good either. Especially as it is by Lone Scherfig, and you know how much I loved An Education...

  6. Hey there. I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog and that I have selected you for my first blogger award called "The Golden Blogger Award". It is featured in this post:

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Thanks Stevee. I wouldn't say I loved Please Give but I do think it's a really good film.

  8. Thanks for the link Stevee! It was fun to chat and do some ranting on the LAMBcast.


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