Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday Links and Important Announcement

What I'm watching tonight...

Lots of stuff coming out this week, including The Tree of Life, which I'm quite worried about. Still, I have my staff pick warning all set and ready to make sure that there isn't any misunderstanding before rental. Anyone, tonight I'm watching The Change-Up, Cedar Rapids and Super, two of which I'm quite excited to see. The other one...well, I do enjoy the odd R-rated comedy. Hopefully this movie night is better than last night's, though I'm sure anything could be better than watching The Smurfs and Bunraku back-to-back.

Video of the week...

I saw this last week on The Jonathan Ross Show, and was in hysterics whilst watching it. I don't even watch Downton Abbey - which is something that will be rectified by the end of the holidays. It is time for me to get posh and British.

And for the announcement...

Sorry guys, Cinematic Paradox is taking a break. I'm leaving New Zealand for the first time to go to Melbourne in Australia. I'll be gone for at least a week, which means I'm missing out on the Golden Globes (I will probably give my analysis of the show when I get back) and the all important opening day of War Horse and Hugo which I've been waiting for for like, ever. However, I shall return, but don't forget about me. Please. (also, sorry for not commenting around a lot...life has been busy)

Links...(for you to read while I'm away)
Tyler @ Southern Vision finally saw Lars von Trier's wonderful Melancholia, which is set to become a lot more relevant with the impending apocalypse and all (haha).

Andy @ Andy Buckle's Film Emporium finally got around to seeing Certified Copy, one of my favourites of last year.

Mette @ Lime Reviews looks back at 2011 in a different way. And I'm not the only 16 year old in the world who loved The Tree of Life!

Ruth @ "...let's be splendid about this..." writes a pretty good argument of why Alan Rickman deserves an Oscar nomination for HP7PT2. He really does.

Diana @ Aziza's Picks started off her year with Animal Kingdom, the amazing Australian film I loved to pieces.

Sati @ Cinematic Corner looks at a great scene from Pulp Fiction (but aren't they all?).

Nikhat @ Being Norma Jeane has been writing her review of Hugo since last year, and I'm glad that she finished it. I can't wait to see it!

Candice @ Reel Talk seemed to love Beginners. Christopher Plummer will get the Oscar, hey?

Alex @ And So it Begins... tells us all why we shouldn't watch The Devil Inside (how did this movie win the weekend box office?!) and watch The Last Exorcism instead. That was quite a good movie.

Scott @ Front Room Cinema unleashes his inner film geek. And advertises that film journal quite well. I'm so getting one.

Ryan @ The Matinee writes a great editorial about how hard he has been working for the past few years on his blog. I'm so jealous of his work ethic!

Final word...
Since I'm in the holiday mood, where's your favourite destination that you've ever been to?

See you in a week or so!


  1. Cheers for the link! Melbourne is fab, and not just because I live here, haha. Plenty to do in the city and such. And it's not going to be boiling hot, woohoo!

  2. Have a great break Stevee!! And deffo pick up a Film Journal if you can.

    Thanks so much for the linkage!! Very kind

  3. Thanks for the link Stevee, and I hope you have a fantastic time in Melbourne - and hope you get to see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo!!

  4. Have a tops holiday Stevee, you deserve it! Thanks for the linkage too!

  5. Thanks for the link senorita; I'd wager this space will be in a year what it took me four and a half to get The Matinee to.

    As for travel destinations of choice, I prefer city destinations, and for that you can't beat New York - some of the best culture the world has to offer!

    have fun in Oz, we'll mind the store.

  6. Thank you for the link!
    Have a great holiday :D

  7. Thanks for the link!
    Don't worry about the Golden Globes, the world will talk about it for days afterwards, plus the blog chatter and twitter, you will have your hands full :)
    Enjoy your holiday!

  8. Thanks, and happy holiday!
    My favorite vacation was in Disney World, CA. :D

  9. Ruth - I saw that it is supposed to be raining today :/ Oh well, at least it won't be too hot!

    Scott - I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for one!

    Andy - I hope so too!

    Tyler - Thanks! And you're welcome!

    Cherokee - Thanks!

    Ryan - Wow, that's a lot to live up to!
    Gosh, I would LOVE to go to New York. Maybe one day when I'm famous...

    Nikhat - You're welcome and thank you :)

    Aziza - Hopefully it will still be relevant when I get back! Haha. Thanks :)

    Mette - Thank you! Gosh, you went there?! You're so lucky!

  10. Thank you for the link! :* Actually the only thing that is keeping me going apart from coffee during my exam session is the GG ceremony, I hope they will cool it with endless comercials this year.
    I hope you will have great time on your trip!

    1. Ugh, exams. Good luck with those!
      And I did have a great time, thanks!

  11. Hey I just saw a film that was set in Melbourne, it's kind of a sad film but a good one. Well, have a great holiday, Stevee!!

  12. Happy for you!
    Regarding your question, my favorite destination that I've ever been to is Paris. But I loved the States, too.

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