Thursday, December 29, 2011

What's Happening Where I Am: Cinema and DVD releases here, 29/12/11

Cinema Releases

The Adventures of Tintin - Okay, this technically came out on Boxing Day, but they all count as 'this week's' releases. Tintin is one film I really would like to see, but only if I get given the chance handed out to me on a silver platter. In other words, I'm not going to pay my mother the petrol money just to go over and see this But if I don't see it, I feel like I'm missing out - because, you know me, it's me and Steven Spielberg to the very end. However, I'm the minority who would rather go and see War Horse instead of this one. That is, of course, if I can make it through the book. It's like only 150 pages long, has a really big font and spacing, and the words are so easy, but I just can't get through it. I've been in tears for literally the whole thing, and I'm only up to chapter seven and Joey hasn't even gone to war yet! I miss my horses...

Albert Nobbs - Hmmmmm, I can't make up my mind about this one. On one hand, it has an awesome cast (Glenn Close, Mia Wasikowska, Aaron Johnson, and the apparently great Janet McTeer), but on the other, it has received some pretty mediocre reviews. As much as I'd like to be up with all of the Oscar buzzing performances, I have money to save.

Happy Feet Two - Fun fact: my cat is called Mumble, purely because this movie was on when I was going through names for her (hard to believe that was two years ago...I'm still stuck in 2009). Another fun fact: I forgot that this movie even existed. Woops.

The Iron Lady - Like Albert Nobbs, I'd like to see this because I like to keep up with all of the Oscar buzzing performances. Also, like Albert Nobbs, the reviews are putting me off. I was actually wanting to see this because, if my calculations are right, we get this nearly three weeks before America. So I was gonna be all like "yeah, I've seen this movie before all of you bitches!" But then I remembered that you would all be like "well actually, Stevee, we all saw Moneyball back in September, and guess what, you don't get to see it until February!" Cool story, bro. Anyway, The Iron Lady looks pretty bad, practically just running on Meryl Streep's supposedly good performance. From the trailers, her voice really annoyed me, so I don't think I'd make it through the whole film.

The Muppets - Here's a movie I actually wanna see, no matter what. Ever since those spoof trailers, this has been high on my must-see list. And, of course, there is my darling Amy Adams. You all know that I will see anything with her in it. I just have to figure out a way to go and see it, preferably not by myself (because someone of my age sitting alone in a G-rated movie is not something easily accepted in cinema-going society), so I can also go over and get a 2012 diary. Because there aren't any good ones in Dannevirke. FML.

Tower Heist - I must be such an awful person, because I keep forgetting that this one exists, too. It looks like a less funny version of Horrible Bosses. And I loved Horrible Bosses.

We Bought a Zoo - It must be pretty intense stuff, buying a zoo. I'd like to have a zoo, because then I could have lots of horses. But then that would actually be a stable, which would defeat the purpose of buying a zoo. So watch out for my sequel to We Bought a Zoo, called I Bought a Stable. Coming at you on Christmas Day, 2012. Just in time for Oscar season.

DVD Releases

Hanna - The first time I saw this, I was extremely disappointed in it. Mind you, I was running on three hours sleep, had two annoying teenage boys behind me and the cinema had no drink holders (you don't wanna know how annoying that is - first-world problems). So I decided, since this week's order came in early (to fit with all of the holidays and stuff), I'd give this another go. I was still disappointed. While I LOVE LOVE LOVE the soundtrack, Joe Wright's direction is super stylish and Saorise Ronan is freaking amazing (as are the family she meets, including my darling Olivia Williams), the movie falls flat for me. I just feel like so much is left unexplained - I'm a sucker for ambiguity, but this movie didn't make a lot of sense to me. It also dragged a lot, too. Plus, the way that Hanna was able to do everything kind of pissed me off, and also the relationship between her and her father was pretty odd. I also don't know why Cate Blanchett was so hell-bent on killing Hanna and Erik. I'm probably the only one that feels this way, but Hanna was a huge disappointment, for me.

Hobo with a Shotgun - Absolutely loved this movie. I was going to post my review tonight, but I ran out of time. Be sure to tune in tomorrow!

The Guard - I like my Irish comedies. This one was quite good, but it was no In Bruges for me. Still, there were some delicious performances from Brendan Gleeson (Golden Globe nominee), Don Cheadle, Liam Cunningham and the ever-brilliant Mark Strong. I need to go to Ireland, because that's obviously where it's at.

So, what do you think of these movies? Have you forgotten that any of them existed? Were you a fan of Hanna? Would you like to buy a zoo? Discuss. 


  1. I refuse to watch Iron Lady on principle. Quite apart from the reviews I've read so far being mediocre, I don't really intend to sit through any film that wants to portray that vicious old cunt as a sympathetic figure.

  2. Tower Heist is awful... be warned. It is not funny at all.

    I feel the same about The Iron Lady. Add the fact that she pretty much ruined this country when I was growing up, i am not excited about seeing it at all.

  3. I loved Hanna, but i think i am the only oje

  4. Hanna: Yea that movie didn't totally work for me either. There is just something missing, maybe it's too emotionally distant, maybe it's the lack of character development. I'm not sure.

    Tintin: Check it out! It's definitely a really entertaining animation.

    The Muppets: Looking forward to your take! :D

  5. I loved Hanna, so far it's in my top 5 of the year, I thought it's just enchanting blend of a thriller and classic fairytale.
    Alber Nobbs is definetly worth watching for Close and McTeer, but apart from that there is not much in the movie. It has nice cinematography and editing, but it feels very misguided.

  6. James - My sentiments exactly.

    Scott - Exactly why I forgot it existed!
    Exactly. Between J. Edgar and The Iron Lady, Hollywood seems intent on empathizing with such controversial figures.

    Julian - There's plenty of love out there for Hanna!

    Castor - Amen to that. I just felt like there was something missing, but I can't exactly put my finger on what it was.
    I will try to check out Tintin! I feel better about going to see that by myself rather than The Muppets.
    And I hope I get to see The Muppets! Things aren't looking too good so far...

    Sati - I never got the fairytale part of it...I thought they could have used it a lot more...but that's just me!
    It looks like a performance piece...but not much else.


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