Thursday, December 8, 2011

What's Happening Where I Am: Cinema and DVD releases here, 08/12/11

Cinema releases

New Year's Eve - Could someone please explain to me the allure of New Year's Eve? Especially if you don't intend to get drunk on that night? Seriously, my last New Year's Eve was spent watching Inception, which I tried to finish right on 12am (I can't remember whether I succeeded or not). That's how fun I am. I guess New Year's Eve/New Years is pretty exciting because you get to 'start all over' and such...but does that really make it a good topic for the big follow up to Valentine's Day which just has people kissing and falling in love? No. I think I'll give this a miss and spend another fun New Year's Eve with only my television and a DVD to keep me company.

Puss in Boots - Puss in Boots was always my favourite character in Shrek (those eyes are just so GORGEOUS!), but this doesn't look like anything special. However, as a devoted cat person, who will have many cats in the future, I will probably catch up with this sometime. Cats are the best.

Red State - Again with the movies that are given a good lot of publicity but they only ever show in the big cities. Just like The Debt. Which came out today at the local cinemas (that are really just under an hour away), so hopefully I can see it sometime before Christmas.

DVD releases

Green Lantern - I admit, this movie wasn't actually that bad. But it wasn't that great, either. It got so loud and obnoxious, that by the final act I'd completely lost interest...and then it was just kinda on in the background. Mind you, it was an extremely hot day (well, for Dannevirke), so something would have to be really amazing to grab my attention. Anyway, it could have been better. It's just a shame that it was directed by a New Zealander (Martin Campbell) and starred a New Zealander (Taika Waititi), and neither really did a lot.

Larry Crowne - I put off getting this one out for Tuesday movie night since it's in the preview drawer so I can get it out whenever for free. It's amazing that this film is in the preview drawer, since it came out at the multiplexes and the last time we got one of those was probably back in 2009 (when studios weren't so stingy). But I guess that's a bad thing, because a film usually has to be pretty desperate to send out screeners to every DVD store in the country.

Oranges and Sunshine - I watched this on Monday night, and I was impressed enough. It wasn't anything particularly special, but it was a nice enough watch. Every time I see Emily Watson now, though, it just reminds me of how much I want to see War Horse and how I'm a little pissed that I'm going away just as that movie comes out, meaning I'll have to wait another week or so to see it. I JUST NEED THIS MOVIE IN MY LIFE, OKAY?!

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale - Well, this was a bizarre movie. I found it quite fun, but I can't say I got a whole lot out of it. However, I should really get into some Christmas movies soon, because I barely feel like Christmas is near. I think I'll go to Love, Actually before going back to this one again.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes - Despite the awful title, I absolutely loved this film. It's probably the best blockbuster of the year. I don't want to give away too much, as if my schedule goes to plan, I'll be reviewing this either today or tomorrow.

Senna - You should all know how I feel about this movie by now. I can't believe that now I have a huge poster of this in my room, and I'm putting this right at the top of my Christmas wishlist. What a difference a Tuesday night makes.

So, what do you think of these films? Do you like dogs or cats better? Got any plans for New Year's Eve? Who is getting into the Christmas spirit?

And also, three brief notes:
1) Remember that my Harry Potter marathon starts next Wednesday! I'd love your support!
2) Check out me chatting with The Matinee's Ryan McNeil about Clueless for his 'Fallin for the First Time' series. No, I had never seen it before. 
3) Proud moment of the year: I topped my year in English for the third year in a row! I've never been so happy to get a trophy in my life. I also came second in ICT (computing) and won the Year 11 speech prize...which was sponsored by Blockbuster Dannevirke (coincidentally owned by my father and my current place of employment, haha).


  1. Senna was playing here for months and I never bothered with it, probably because of my zero interest in motor sports, but as soon as it left cinemas I started hearing the good things about it :/ I'm an eejit. And yeahhh....I'm a bit of a cat person too (3 so far).

    Also don't remember the last time I went out on NYE. Usually stay home, watch a movie, then flick on the fireworks on TV.

  2. Coincidentally, I spent my last New Years' watching INCEPTION too. I had just bought the Blu Ray.

    Apparently RED STATE is not that good. I've read some mixed reviews but most people didn't like it.

    LARRY CROWNE is a godawful mess. Nuff said.

    I'm just sitting down to watch ORANGES AND SUNSHINE now.

    Just finished SENNA, which I agree is fantastic but I don't think I loved it like you did. I gave it 8/10.

    You want my support for your Harry Potter movie marathon? You have not got it. I hate those films (well... most of them).

    Congrats on your trophy, and the speech thing! That's awesome news!

  3. Hahahaha, you have my FULL support for the Harry Potter marathon. I love those films!

  4. I think I'm going to watch Senna tomorrow. You've gotten me all excited now.

    I SAW INCEPTION ON NEW YEAR'S EVE TOO! What could've been better?!

    Congrats on the prize :)

  5. I love New Year's Eve - it's one of the craziest nights of the year for me. I usually go to few parties and then try to track my wherabouts the next day :) also the sight of the city in ruins is always funny on 1st January :)
    I fully support the idea of HP marathon! :)

  6. Congrats on the trophy!
    Cats are beautiful (that's an eternal truth) and the cats in Puss in Boots are as well. I really liked the movie just because it's a feast for eyes. However, the story was silly haha.
    And yay, I missed the post when you annouce your Harry Potter marathon for the first time. Can't wait to read your thoughts on the series.

  7. I've come to hate NYE. If you don't drink (and I don't) it's shit, or rather even more shit than most. The difficulty of actually getting out to go anywhere on NYE is the worst thing (unless you live within walking distance of a place worth going); last year I waited 90 minutes for two taxis that never showed up, whereupon I just gave up and stayed home. Been in to see the fireworks at the Opera House twice. Once was enough, really. Don't want to deal with that many people again.

    As for the film, I saw the trailer for it on TV the other night, and even with the sound off I could just tell no good could possibly come of me watching it.

    I was surprised that Red State's only come to NZ now, cos I thought it had come and gone on my side of the Tasman months ago and was already on DVD. Even more surprised to find it only came out here in October and there doesn't even seem to be a DVD release date yet...

  8. I went to the Larry Crowne premiere in London thanks to a friend who works at the distribution company that were distributing the film, here, in the UK.

    I should really take the word 'thanks' and turn it into an extremely sarcastic one.

    Needless to say, the film was diabolical - and not even in the 'so bad it's funny' kind of way. Also, out of nowhere, Tom Hanks appeared in the cinema; made a joke about someone (which wasn't funny), and left. So I have come to the conclusion that I came to years ago, but now clarified, that the Hanks is kind of, in lighter terms, a dick.

    I usually say watch whatever you want to and all of that, but really, that film is one to avoid like the plague. There is nothing redeeming about it whatsoever.

    At least I didn't pay for it. That's the main thing.

    Ah, New Years Eve - what else is there to do apart from go down the getting fucked route? None, that's what.

    And I am so jealous! I want a Senna poster in my room, too!

    Congrats on your wins at school btw!

  9. I went over a friends house last NYE. Shocking enough there wasn't really any drinking, but it was still fun. I'm not surprised film bloggers spend it watching a movie tho

    And while Red State does seem to be rather polarizing, i personally loved it.

    And i also support your HP marathon

  10. I just watch some movie for New Year's Eve. That's all I do. I won't go see that fucking movie.

  11. Ruth - Just watch Senna. I have zero interest in motor sport and I loved it!
    Wow, 3 cats! I only have 2. Mum wouldn't let me get a fluffy ginger one which I could name Christopher :(
    I usually watch the fireworks on TV. Mainly coz Dannevirke is too budget to have their own ;)

    Tyler - I need the Blu-Ray!
    I hope you got something out of Oranges and Sunshine. It was a decent flick.
    And...thanks for the support.

    Nikhat - I really hope you like it!
    WHOLE, MATCHIES! There's nothing better. I suspect I'll be ending the year with that film again.
    Thanks :)

    Sati - Haha, I bet it is!
    I'm actually pretty excited to see all the Harry Potter's!

    Lesya - Thanks!
    I think cats are beautiful creatures too. They're much more fascinating than dogs.
    I hope I don't disappoint you!

    James - That would be so annoying! Lucky I live in a small town and no-one does anything special in public for New Years.
    I don't think it would do anyone any good to see that movie!
    I remember it coming out there in October. It has had a weird release.

    Cherokee - What has happened to Tom Hanks now? He's like a nobody. The only thing keeping him going is the million re-runs of Forrest Gump on TV.
    The Senna poster is awesome :D

    Julian - I should probably hang out with some friends, we have fun without the drinks!
    I haven't really heard that much about Red State, but I'll check it out someday.

    Steven - I won't go see that movie either!


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