Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday Links & Other Stuff #5

What I'm watching today:

Yay. A new month means that I'm no longer reduced to watching just one movie on Tuesday Movie Night (which, to me, isn't a proper Tuesday Movie Night at all). Yesterday, I caught up with the loud and obnoxious Green Lantern, and the lovely British/Australian film Oranges and Sunshine, starring Emily Watson. Today, I have already watched Rare Exports because it was raining and I had nothing else to do (and I guess I wanted to get into the Christmas spirit). Tonight, I'll be watching two of my most anticipated movies for the year: Rise of the Planet of the Apes (which is effing amazing...that's my knee jerk reaction) and Senna. I'm particularly looking forward to Senna, even though I know absolutely nothing about Formula One. I saw the trailer at work today (yay, I'm working again!) and it looks just peachy. I've heard so many good things about it...so let's hope it doesn't disappoint!

Video of the week:

So it's not really a 'video' or whatever, but it's still awesome. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo has been in the news this week thanks to a reviewer breaking the embargo and posting his thoughts on it anyway. But in other news, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross decided to release their full cover of 'Immigrant Song', used in the teaser trailer, which is sung by Karen O. It's awesome. I just can't wait to have some more Reznor/Ross magic on my iPod...for now I'll just keep rocking The Social Network's soundtrack.

Favourite film news for the week:

I haven't been into Annual Awards Nerdism as much as I'd liked to have been, but I do plan to do a round up sometime during this week. But I'd just like to express how happy I am that Melancholia won the top prize at the European Film Awards. Over The King's Speech, no less! (it's December and The King's Speech is still getting bloody awards...how does this happen?!) Also, it won over The Artist, which I've already predicted to win Best Picture, so should I add Melancholia into my predictions? Unfortunately, I don't think it'll go any further, but Melancholia is awesome!

A bit of randomness...

So as you know, I had the ball in the past week, which was an opportunity for me to look all fancy. Here's a picture of me and a few friends looking all swanky. You may be expecting me to be the prettiest person ever (lol jk), but I'm just the average looking one in the light purple dress second from the front. The others are (from front to back) Laura B, William, Tania, Kieran, Laura S, Megan, Maxine, Johno and Nathan. It was a good night!

The lovely Lesya of Eternity of Dream got the chance to be a guest on The Matineecast with Ryan. They chat Melancholia, one of my favourite movies of the year!

Speaking of Lesya, she has a Christmas blog-a-thon going on. Check out her site for more information, and to see if you can participate!

Tyler at Southern Vision gives Mike Leigh's Another Year a positive review. Such an under-rated gem.

Scott has finished his run at the Cine-City Film Festival with Carnage, a Roman Polanski film I'm extremely excited to see.

A film which I feel like never got enough love was Rabbit Hole. Film Intel thinks the same.

Out this weekend in the US was Shame...you know, the film that got an NC-17. Anna at Defiant Success saw it...the lucky girl.

The Descendants is one film that I've seen many reviews for, but I want to go into it as blind as possible. I just couldn't resist reading Andy Buckle's thoughts on it though, and it's fair to say, I'm looking forward to it a little more.

Bonjour Tristesse reviews Beyond, a film starring Noomi Rapace which I'd very much like to see.

Final word:
What do you think was the best blockbuster of 2011?


  1. Thanks for the linkage. Looks like you had an awesome time at the ball, which is great! I'm not one for blockbusters, so I won't comment on those, but I cannot wait to see SENNA tomorrow.

  2. Thanks for the linkage. I'm glad your intrigued by The Descendants. It's a profoundly rewarding film.

  3. Thanks matey. you are always giving a little link loving my way!! I hope you enjoy CARNAGE as much as I did. It is a hoot!

  4. Wow, you all look great dressed up!

    Thanks for the link! I'm surprised that this Christmas idea goes so well. I was not sure that enough people would love to take part.

    Answering your question, now I can't choose between X-Men and The Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Wait a sec... Why didn't I simply call it the Apes movie? ah whatever. Thus, one of the two movies.

  5. You think I would pass up a bus trip my college was having to NYC the same weekend Shame was getting released? I don't think so!

  6. Thanks for the link Stevee!! I love the new Christmas banner too.

  7. I think you look nice. Oh, and I LOVE!!!! that NIN/Karen O cover of Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song". I had to get that song in some form. I will get that soundtrack and I will have a proper review of it next week on my music blog.

  8. Neat Christmas banner! Is that Vivien Leigh w/ the Santa hat?

    I think my fave of 2011 is still X-Men: First Class, but I haven't seen Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy yet, though my hope to see it this month is pretty dim, not sure when it'll play in my neck of the woods :(

  9. Glad you have more time to see movies lately! Rise of the Planet of the Apes was a very good surprise for me. Hope you like it! I still have to check out Senna but I have only heard raves about it.

  10. Tyler - It was awesome! And have fun with Senna!

    Andy - I'll definitely check it out when I get back home from my holiday!

    Scott - Because you deserve it! And I can't wait to see Carnage...I love Polanski!

    Lesya - Thanks! And the Christmas thing was such an awesome idea!
    Apes has such a silly title...it exhausts me every time I look at it :P

    Anna - I wouldn't either!

    Bonjour Tristesse - Thanks! I love getting festive!

    Steven - Thank you! It's a great cover, too!

    Ruth - It sure is...she's my favourite actress!
    I'll see it when it comes out in cinemas next month/year (it sounds weird when I say 'next year', haha). It looks awesome.

    Castor - Rise was pretty awesome, I was quite surprised! And Senna is bloody amazing, you should definitely see it!

  11. You look very nice, Stevee - glad to hear you had a good time! It's always nice to have a break once in a while and get in the party-spirit. Particular with Xmas coming up!

    I love Led Zepplin, so I can't really dig that cover...though I love Karen 0.

  12. Thanks! I still feel like Christmas isn't coming soon :(


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