Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday Links and Other Stuff #7

What I'm watching tonight...

Me and a couple of friends are having a movie night just before Christmas, because that's what we've been doing all year and it's fun. Tonight we're watching Horrible Bosses, which is out on DVD this week, Bridesmaids, which they want to see so I'll give it another go, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes, just because it's awesome and they haven't seen it yet. It shall be good fun. But between probably going to sleep at 6am tomorrow morning and the work party tomorrow night, I'm going to be a tired little beggar.

Videos of the week...

Yes, I have two. The first is 'Filmography 2011', the awesome montage of 2011 movies by Genrocks, which is a video I've literally been waiting for all year. It's cool how this video makes 2011 look like an awesome year of movies, when really, judging by the 2011 movies I've seen, things were pretty mediocre. Then again, I haven't seen The Artist, War Horse, Hugo, Shame, Drive, etc etc etc. Speaking of 2011 movies, I'll be releasing my unofficial top ten list soon-ish. It is very unofficial, considering my official one will literally take until the end of next year to make.
The second is the trailer to The Dark Knight Rises. Just because it is awesome, and because I haven't talked about Christopher 'God' Nolan for a while on here. But don't you worry, because next year, I'll probably fall in love with Chris all over again. I just have to watch The Dark Knight before the end of this year, because surprisingly I haven't seen it for over a year :O

A bit of randomness...

So, if you're either my friend on Facebook or you were on Twitter on late Friday-late Saturday (wherever you are in the world), then you will know about this. Otherwise, here is a story that is not easily told, but I'll give it a go. Now, you just have to remember that I am only a 16 year old girl who lives in Dannevirke, New Zealand, which is not exactly the most amazing, nor well-known place on Earth (but it's still cool, though). Basically, I wrote this essay for school, and then I posted it online because I was tired from studying all day and I just wanted to watch Schindler's List. So yeah, I'd already been given an Excellence for it and I thought that would be the end of that. Fast forward a month or so and I get an email from a guy who just so happens to work at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, who read the essay and wanted to give me a call about it. So yeah, I could give you a full analysis of the phonecall but to be honest, I can't really remember that much of it because I was too excited. They basically just commented on how good the essay was, how I raised a lot of good points, and there was something about Like Crazy mentioned too. It's just little (well, it was kind of big) moments like this that made me realise that this blog is out there and anyone could be reading it. Still, life goes on as normal. Though there are a few things in which I'm grateful for:
1. That I had a long weekend so I could write this essay.
2. The bottle of Lipton Raspberry Iced Tea I was drinking while I was writing it.
3. Having a full pad of refill because I remember writing craploads of stuff (which I don't think I have anymore).
4. Anyone who read it before I handed it in, because I was really OCD about it being perfect.
5. The fact that I had an English exam (which I was also OCD about) and that I wanted to watch Schindler's List, so I posted this.
Just the little things can change your life.

Midnight in Paris is out on DVD/Blu-Ray for you lucky Americans, and Castor @ Anomalous Material has given us a travel guide to the locations used in the movie. Right, better start saving my money, then...

A movie which I saw and loved last week was Incendies. What a movie. Tyler @ Southern Vision liked it as much as I did.

We all better be in the Christmas spirit by now. Admittedly, I wasn't until I rewatched It's a Wonderful Life yesterday. Scott @ Front Room Cinema also watched it, and gave it a splendid review.

Another movie that gets me into the Christmas spirit is Love, Actually. Sati @ Cinematic Corner shares a lovely scene from it including Keira Knightley and my current crush Andrew Lincoln (damn you, The Walking Dead).

If there is one thing I'd love for Christmas, it would definitely be Senna on DVD. Aziza gives it a lovely review...if you haven't seen it yet, then what are you waiting for?!

Looking for some Un-Merry Christmas movies? This post has you covered!

This isn't technically a Christmas movie, but I watched it around Christmas last year, so I see it as a Christmassy movie. Ruth finally gets around to seeing Easy A. Love this movie.

Okay, this is not a Christmas movie. Somewhere, the film by Sofia Coppola, is one which I absolutely loved even though most people hated it. Steven @ Surrender to the Void gives it a lovely analysis, reminding me of why I loved the film so much!

In light of The Dark Knight Rises trailer release, check out this beautiful photoset on Tumblr. So true.

Final words:
Well, it's almost Christmas. So what is your favourite Christmas movie? Mine is Meet Me In St. Louis, which technically isn't a Christmas movie but oh well. I'll definitely be settling in for my bowl of trifle and annual watch on Saturday!


  1. Congrats again on the phone call! Awesome! And thanks for the linko! Getting ready to go on holiday so you won't hear anything from me from Saturday onwards, probably. Have a great Christmas!

  2. I'm like high on the Dark Knight Rises trailer.

    I am thinking of doing an unofficial top 10... there is still so many films I haven't seen :'(

    My favourite Christmas movie is The Polar Express. I weep so much in that... it's adorable, and kind of scary too.

  3. Phone call from Paramount! That's amazing! I remember the essay. Congratulations!

  4. Thanks for the Linkage Stevee!! Merry Xmas!!

    Now, did you get any freebies from Paramount???

  5. Thanks for linking me! :* I like the DKR trailer a lot, except for the explosion thing, why does Nolan need so many action scenes? Hathaway looks pretty bad ass in it.

  6. Hey!Congrats on the phone call, that sounds great!
    Thanks for the linkage and I hope you get the Senna DVD soon!
    Merry Christmas and have a good time during the hollidays!

  7. Wow, that's pretty amazing stuff man - congrats on that phonecall!

  8. I think my lists will also be "unofficial" because I haven't seen a bunch of most anticipated movies either. Anyway, looking forward to what you have to share with us!

    My favorite Christmas films are It's a Wonderful Life (saw it only once, but it's so good), Mickey's Christmas Carol (my childhood fave and I still love it!), Love Actually (well, that's a good rom com), and probably Die Hard (it's awesome).

  9. Both videos are awesome - mad respect for the folks that put those montages together.

    That's awesome about Paramount calling you! Did you pitch a screenplay or anything?? :)

  10. I think I mentioned it on Twitter, but congrats again on the phone call!!! Maybe I should start publishing my essays, hmm.... haha
    And thanks for the shoutout! I'm so glad I finally watched it!
    My favourite Christmas movie is Die Hard - because it has Alan Rickman and it's fun!

  11. Thanks for the link love Stevee! Also great find, the Genrocks video is awesome and beautifully edited.

  12. Tyler - I hope you have a great Christmas too!

    Nikhat - Haha, same. I've gotta limit my watching, though, because when it comes to about April, I'll probably be watching it every day. It'll be like Inception all over again!
    Same here! My 2011 screening log looks so lame :(
    I haven't actually seen The Polar Express. I will have to rectify that some day.

    Pete - Thanks!

    Scott - Unfortunately not. I should have tried and coerced a Like Crazy screener out of them :P

    Sati - At least he knows how to do action scenes, unlike my best friend Michael Bay. And yes, Hathaway looks great!

    Aziza - I shook my Christmas present today and it didn't sound like Senna :/
    You have a good Christmas, too!

    Cherokee - It is pretty cool, eh? Thanks!

    Lesya - Well, my first list is up, so enjoy!
    I'm going to watch Love, Actually right now! I love it to bits.

    Steven - You're welcome!

    Robert - I honestly don't know how they did it!
    No I didn't, haha. Such a shame because this week I just got an amazing idea for a screenplay (which I'll try and write over the holidays)!

    Ruth - You so should!
    I want to see Die Hard...I will have to get around to it soon!

    Castor - It is, isn't it?


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