Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday Links and Other Stuff #6

What I'm watching tonight...

Well well well, this week is jam-packed with releases! For the first week in ages, I am actually missing out on a couple of major releases: Mr. Popper's Penguins and Conan the Barbarian. Even though I pride myself in being a DVD completest, I don't think I'll be watching those (but I might watch Mr. Popper's Penguins with my niece while I'm on babysitting duty). Last night I caught up on Priest and Something Borrowed. The former was ten times better than the latter, and I was expecting it to be the other way 'round. Earlier this afternoon I saw The Orator, which is Samoa's first feature film and NZ's first ever submission into the Foreign Film category at the Oscars. It was good enough, but extremely slow. The rest of the evening will consist of me beating the heat by sitting inside and watching Cowboys & Aliens (just so I'm in the loop), Henry's Crime (because it has Vera Farmiga in it) and Incendies (because I've been wanting to see it FOREVER). It's an interesting line-up, but then again, I'm only seeing a fraction of this week's releases!

Video of the week:

It's that time of year again. While I'm hanging out for Genrocks to do a sequel to this amazing montage, this one called 'The 2011 Portfolio' is awesome, too. It does a good job of reminding me of the truly great movies I've seen this year, and also the ones that I have yet to see. And it also makes the crappy ones look good.

Favourite film news of the week:

While I shouldn't be happy that a film has failed at the box office, I find it hard to be sad that New Year's Eve performed so poorly. Sure, it still topped the box office, but it didn't actually earn that much. I'm glad that people aren't falling for big casts and silly romances as much as they did a few years back.

A bit of randomness:

My Harry Potter marathon starts tomorrow! I hope I have some supporters out there. I will also be continuing on Annual Awards Nerdism through this week as there are Critics Choice, SAG and Golden Globes nominations to be keeping an eye on. I really hope that you guys read everything I have to say, because I don't pull time out of thin air just to post this stuff!

James @ Cinema Sights reviews one of my favourite movies of the year, Super 8. Which reminds me, I have the poster sitting on my bed that needs to go up on my wall (yes, it's mainly just because it has Steven Spielberg's name on it).

Ryan @ The Matinee catches up on The Help, which I suspect we'll be hearing a lot about when it awards season really gets going in a couple of days.

Yes, awards season is coming, but the Oscars are going to have a hard time topping these awards given out by Tyler @ Southern Vision.

Some people never get enough recognition. Andy @ Andy Buckle's Film Emporium watched New Year's Eve so we didn't have to.

Phil on Film reviews the much delayed Margaret, which seemed to pass by without any interest at all. I really would like to see this.

The first R16 I ever saw legally was the brilliant In Bruges. Leith @ Ramble Film loved it too.

On my Christmas wishlist is Hunger, and Steven @ Surrender to the Void watched it and loved it just as much as me.

Mette @ Lime Reviews is going on holiday, but she left us with her 100 favourite films. I love this list, especially the inclusion of Schindler's List so far up!

Sati @ Cinematic Corner reviews 50/50, which I am seriously considering buying from America since it still hasn't got a release date here.

I was pretty surprised to see a review of Kiwi classic Boy pop up on the web this week, but Andina @ Inspired Ground saw it. Impressive!

Final word:
Since I am currently going through a Steven Spielberg phase which I would pay more attention to but I have to watch Harry Potter instead, what's your favourite Spielberg film? And I won't take 'I hate Spielberg and everything he has done' as an answer.


  1. I'm bursting to see INCENDIES. One person said it was the best movie of the year!

    Thanks for the linkage. My favorite Spielberg is of course SCHINDLER.

  2. Yaay for Harry Potter. Complete and undying support for this sista! I myself am watching the extended versions of LoTR films, however sporadically.

    This whole week sort of blows for me because I find myself, once again, in the familiar territory of exams and lethargy vs blog and review writing. Yeah I know this has nothing to do with anything but Curses!

    My favourite Spielberg film is Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

  3. Oh thanks for the link. This weekend, I hope to see Shame.

  4. I enjoy the movie :) and thanks for the link, Stevee.

  5. Qutie a mixed bag of movies you are watching there matey. I hope you enjoy the abortion that is C&A more than I did

  6. Haha I try my best. Incendies is one of the best films of the year, definitely.

  7. Thanks for link! :* Henry's Crime is pretty bad but it's worth watching for Vera, she is amazing in this movie

  8. Tyler - My favourite is Schindler's List too :D

    Nikhat - I feel so sorry for you...I'm glad that part of my life is over. You will survive!
    I love that one too!

    Steven - Jealous!

    Andina - I'm so glad!

    Scott - It was quite a mixed bag. And Cowboys & Aliens was okay, but I don't really remember much of it.

    Andy - Indeed it is!

    Sati - Yeah, it wasn't that good, but Vera was amazing! As per usual.


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