Thursday, November 10, 2011

What's Happening Where I Am: Cinema and DVD releases here, 10/11/11

Cinema Releases

Contagion - I've heard that the coolest thing to do is to go and see this movie, and let out a few coughs. Apparently it gets people quite scared. And because I am so immature, I'm going to make it my life's purpose to go and do this before it stops playing (if I can really stomach another horrible drive over to Palmerston North...I want our old route back!) But knowing me, I'd probably end up scaring myself by coughing. I've gotta admit, this movie looks pretty damn scary because it all looks extremely plausible. And it also looks scary because of the cast. There is too much awesomeness in one movie!

Beginners - Another movie that I'd go and see if I could stomach another trip over to Palmerston North is Beginners. I've heard some great things about it, along with some Oscar buzz for Christopher Plummer (I really need to get my Oscar predictions sorted pronto...I'm getting excited already!), and it looks pretty darn funny. I have always loved Ewan McGregor and I actually think that Mélanie Laurent is one of the most beautiful people ever. I just realised that if I did make a point to see this, and I will hopefully, it would be my third trip to the little arthouse/indie theatre in the past three months. Which is weird because I had never been there before until I went and saw The Tree of Life. I think this is a sign that my taste is slightly changing...

13 Assassins - This looks like the kind of movie my brother would enjoy. Along with half of Dannevirke, as these types of films are the only foreign films we ever get at Blockbuster. I've heard many great things about this one, but I can't see myself enjoying it. Half because I don't have a very good knowledge of Asian cinema and half because it looks too gory for my little innocent brain!

DVD Releases

Transformers: Dark of the Moon - My brain actually hurts from thinking about this film. Like, every time I think about it, I suddenly hear robots crashing around in my brain, which is not great because I've already had two migraines today. So I'm just going to erase this movie from my memory. Starting now.

Cars 2 - So I decided to check out this movie because I had nothing better to do (well, I did have to study, but my brain just doesn't function that well at night-time). It wasn't so bad. But it wasn't that good, either. Mind you, if this gets a sympathy vote in the 'Best Animated Film' category at the Oscars like I think it will, I'll be pretty pissed. PIXAR was flawless for too long, and they made a mistake here. Which means they're gonna have to up their game for next year's Brave.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil - I watched this film before watching Transformers, and of course, it was far better than that movie. In fact, I liked this film so much that it has earned a place in my un-official 'Best of 2011' list just because it was so damn funny. Everyone needs to see this movie, pronto. You will not regret it.

So, what do you think of these movies? Anyone think that Cars 2 will get a sympathy vote from the Academy? Has anyone done anything totally immature at the movies purposefully to freak people out? Who's a fan of Asian cinema? Discuss. 


  1. I went to see THE DEPARTED twice in cinemas. Second time I brought a toy rat on a string, and pulled the string, setting it off down the aisle. A bit of symbolism, considering the movie is about "rats."

    I love Asian cinema, but I'm not the biggest expert on it. There are two names you should never forget as long as you live: Akira Kurosawa and Yasujiro Ozu. Go on, write them down. You don't want to ever forget those names, they are the two most important Asian directors, I believe.

  2. HAHA I am so glad you liked Tucker and Dale.

    It is one of my favourite films I have seen this year. Funny and managed to stay clear of all the cliched potholes that it could have easily fallen down!!

    Contagion is also pretty good. And yes a cough or two is very funny!!

  3. "I've gotta admit, this movie looks pretty damn scary because it all looks extremely plausible" - exactly, the movie has really great cast and music too.

    Beginners is disappointing, though. Completely lifeless and not funny at all.

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  5. I hope CARS 2 doesn't get a sympathy vote at the Oscars because it doesn't deserve it. You're right; Pixar made a mistake with CARS 2.

    I remember reading a review somewhere (maybe at FSR - not entirely sure) that summed it up perfectly. Too much action and not enough emotion. It's not what Pixar is used to and should have never tried.

    As for Asian cinema, I have to stress anything by Akira Kurosawa. I remember seeing YOJIMBO for the first time in my Film History & Criticism course and I was blown away.

  6. If you are changings your tastes for Beginners, believe me it is worth it. Really nice movie.

    As for the Asian Cinema, off course Kurosawa is ultimate master. I also like Hayao Miyazaki and Co. In my opinion, He matured Animation Genre.

  7. Can't forget Kenji Mizoguchi and Sejun Suzuki on the list of Asian directors, people! I am probably more intune with their stuff than the great Japanese directors, though I love my some Ozu - he is definitely one of the masters.

    And also my massive undying-love for everything Satoshi Kon related.

    And you're not immature, Stevee! Young by age, yes, (and so am I), but immature? No way, man

  8. Definitely go see Beginners if you get a chance. Plummer is fantastic, as is McGregor.

  9. After the reviews for Puss in Boots came out and were so positive, yet everyone agreed the story was crap, I am convinced critics hated Cars 2 because they wanted Pixar to have a bad film. Because really, I don't see hardly any difference between the criticism for Cars 2 and Puss in Boots, one just received more positive than the other.

    Anyway, that is just my opinion. I probably would not even like seeing as thought Cars was overrated lol.

  10. I must be a minority in thinking Cars 2 not that bad. Sure it isn't classic Pixar but really is it THAT terrible?? No studio in the history of film making is capable of making master pieces EVERY film. So even as a lesser Pixar feature this is fine. I thought it fun even though lacking the charm the Studio is renowned for.
    I seriously, seriously love animation and a feature has to be really bad before I bag it. For me it is just fashionable to hate both Cars films because every else seems to. Honestly I have yet to read a review that conivinces me as to why either were apparently so bad.

  11. I stii haven't seen 13 assassins and have been wanting to watch it... soon I hope.

  12. Tyler - Hahaha, did that freak a few people out?
    Ah, I know those names. I am yet to venture into their films, but I will get there some time!

    Scott - I know! I'm so glad it managed to steer clear of the clichés. And I don't know why, but I laughed so hard when that guy found out that he was "part hillbilly". That's like, the line of the year.
    I really want to see Contagion! I'm actually getting sick now so I will be coughing right the way through if I ever do see it!

    Sati - I've heard the music is pretty good.
    That's a shame that you didn't like Beginners!

    Leith - Yes, Cars 2 lacked a lot of the heart that all of the other PIXAR movies have. They really made a mistake, there.
    I shall get into some Kurosawa one day!

    SDG - I would really like to see that movie. Hopefully it's still playing by the time exams are over!
    I'll keep that in mind!

    Cherokee - Haha, I knew you would chime in with some stuff about Asian cinema!
    I really need to watch some more Satashi Kon. I loved Perfect Blue.
    Haha, I can be immature, sometimes. But a couple of my friends just said to me out of the blue once "You're so much like an adult, Stevee. Like, you could just leave school now and start a career just like that because you're so talented and mature." It made me feel so old.

    NeverTooEarlyMP - So I've heard. I really need to see it!

    Matt - Yeah, I thought that too. I'm surprised that Puss In Boots received so much acclaim, because it looked average.
    Cars was pretty overrated...probably the worst PIXAR film up until Cars 2, IMO.

    Brent - Cars 2 wasn't just wasn't great. And I guess a large majority of negative press it got came down to the fact that this was PIXAR's first average film. I, personally, thought it lacked heart, which brought it down a lot for me.

    Raghav - I hope you enjoy it!


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