Thursday, November 3, 2011

What's Happening Where I Am: Cinema and DVD releases here, 03/11/11

Cinema Releases

Drive - I felt pretty proud of myself when I turned 16. I was like "right, I've been opened up to a whole new range of movies now that I can legally watch R16's in cinemas". But some sneaky little bastard like Drive has to come along and go "Oh, Stevee, look at me! I have Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Christina Hendricks, Oscar Isaac, Albert Brooks, Ron Perlman and Bryan Cranston! I'm directed by Nicolas Winding Refn who has one of the coolest directorial styles ever! Mostly everyone loves me! I'm an arthouse action film! Basically, Stevee, you need to see me! But haha because I'm such a little bitch I'm going to be an R18 so you have to wait until February or so! Haha I hate you, love Drive." Yeah. It sucks. Maybe I'll just fly over to Australia this weekend because it's a freaking MA15+ over there which means I would have been old enough to watch this last year. But instead, over here I'm two years too young. FML.

Anonymous - I'm sorry, but every time I hear about this film I always think, "WHOA, back up the pony...Roland Emmerich directed a film like this?" Like seriously, this is the last thing I'd expect from him. Now we'll just wait for Michael Bay to do a film set in the Tudor period. And then we know that the world has changed.

Conan the Barbarian - Apparently this is coming out this week, even though it isn't coming to Palmerston North or anywhere near me. Oh well, doesn't look like I am missing out on much.

I Don't Know How She Does It - Every time I see this title I feel obliged to mentally reply "Neither do I." I really don't know how Sarah Jessica Parker keeps getting work outside Sex and the City, as that was the only thing that ever went moderately well for her and even that crumbled (I still have nightmares from Sex and the City 2, a whole year after seeing it). But no, she turns up in this really bad-looking chick flick of sorts that looks like it will make heroes out of us women. Or make us look as annoying as hell. Whatever, even if it has Christina Hendricks in it, I'll be avoiding this one. Maybe even on DVD release.

The Debt - Had this been released in Palmerston North it would have been the first R16 I even made any special effort to go and see in cinemas. But no, it's playing hardly anywhere, despite the fact that it has been heavily advertised on television lately. Hopefully the cinemas here will pick it up like they usually do with other popular titles that they've missed, because I need me some more Jessica Chastain. Because she is gorgeous.

The Thing - I'm sorry, but how can a 'prequel' be called the exact same thing to the original? It seems just a tad silly. But at least I have now realised that this movie actually hasn't been released in NZ until today...for some reason I thought it came out ages ago.

DVD Releases

Bridesmaids - I think I pretty much said everything I wanted to say about this movie last night. However, I must say that the shelf display we have going on for this movie at work is overwhelmingly white and pink. So much so that it actually hurts my eyes!

Everything Must Go - Thanks to the preview drawer, which occasionally offers up some movies that I've actually heard of, I saw this movie around two months ago. While I didn't really love it, I still adore my beautiful Rebecca Hall. I need more movies with her in them!

Meek's Cutoff - If only the preview drawer had offered this one, though. No doubt you've probably heard me whining about how much I want to see this film through several of my links posts, and it doesn't look like I'll be seeing it any time soon. Unfortunately, my father decided that he didn't love me enough to get just one copy for the shop so I'll have to wait for it to become available on Fatso. It's becoming a regular occurrence.

Prom - As much as the idea of watching a Disney teenage fare thrills me (sarcasm), I have my own ball to worry about. But at least I bought my dress today, which has kinda taken a bit of the edge off. Hopefully I look sorta average in the dress, because I did buy it off the internet, which can be dodgy territory. Oh well.

The Tempest - I can't say that I really liked this film all that much, despite the fact that I'm usually quite the fan of Shakespeare. Mind you, The Tempest is a play which I'm not too clued up on, so I was kinda taken by how bizarre the thing was. What was even more bizarre was the way the film was made...was it stagey or what? Still, Felicity Jones is lovely.

So, what do you think of these films? Do you know how SJP does it? Anyone wanna fly me over to Australia so I can see Drive? What kind of film do you want to see Roland Emmerich take on, as clearly the man is open to all options?


  1. I understand how you feel about DRIVE, so I'm going to follow suit. I won't go to see it in theatres, as part of a special protest against its rating. If there is anyone who deserves to watch it, it is you Stevee, but since you have to wait for the DVD I would feel awful going to see it in the theatre myself, so I won't. It'll probably just go to the Rialto anyway, and we don't have one of those here, so either way I have to go without it!

  2. Drive didn't come to any cinemas anywhere near me because they are big dumb multiplexes that show about 5 films at a time. Then by the time it comes out on DVD, it will show in some arthouse cinemas nearby. I feel your pain... I'm gagging to see it!

    Also looking forward to seeing Meek's Cutoff!

  3. I want to watch The Debt-let us know how is it if you see it! Hope you have a great time!

  4. "WHOA, back up the pony...Roland Emmerich directed a film like this?" - that's what I'm thinking too.

  5. "The Thing" prequel title makes no sense to me either. Especially when the original was a remake of a film with a much longer title "The Thing From Another World." I hear the sequel is going to be called...The Thing.

  6. You're not super psychedto see Prom? There's something wrong here;)

  7. The Conan re-make is utter, utter, utter, garbage I have on good authority. I mean how can it not be? The original was utter shite as well!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. This blog should be renamed "Stevee hates ratings systems!" That's really tough luck - not to rub it in, but DRIVE is fantastic (my favourite of the year). It really shouldn't be restricted to 18+ either; it's very violent at points, but nothing a 15/16 year old couldn't handle. Don't know that I can afford to fly you over here unfortunately, but if you can cover the plane ticket you're welcome to sleep on my couch :P

    I've seen CONAN and THE THING as well, neither of which are that great (I gave a mildly positive review to the former, mildly negative one to the latter).

    I definitely want to catch up with MEEK'S CUTOFF. I missed it during it's very short theatrical run here, but have heard a lot of good things.

  9. Tyler - No, go and see Drive! I don't want to keep you from seeing it! But yes, it's a Rialto title (it is playing in the Rialto cinema here), so maybe you will have to wait until the DVD release like me!

    pturner1010 - Geez, don't you hate that? It happens here all the time.

    Aziza - Hopefully I can see it! But it's looking very unlikely :(

    Sati - It's a strange thing.

    Maurice Mitchell - Why can't they just think of another title? It's not that hard!

    Mike - Haha, I saw the trailer at work today and I am steering well clear of that one!

    Brent - It looks like utter shite!

    Tom - Haha, I'm thinking about renaming the blog!
    Okay, well if I have accommodation sorted then that frees up some money :)
    I think I'll be giving both of them a miss.
    I've heard a lot of good things about Meek's Cutoff too. I hope I can get it soon!

  10. Tell me about it. The same year CHOKE opened, I turned sixteen. The same year INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS opened, I turned seventeen. It wasn't fair!


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