Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday Links & Other Stuff #4

What I'm watching tonight:

I don't care how bad The Hangover: Part II will be, watching it will probably be the highlight of my day. Since exams are over, I officially have nothing to do and I'm extremely bored. I even reorganized my DVD shelf into year order after I watched Peacock because I was so bored, but luckily I got saved from my boredom from a few other bored friends. For the rest of the week, I'll be bored, apart from going to see Beginners tomorrow and the ball on Friday (yay), along with prizegiving next week. And then comes Christmas and working my ass off to buy presents. So hopefully, there won't be too many more of these boring days left.

Video of the week:

When I was studying for my drama exam, I watched a couple of Charlie Chaplin movies (City Lights and Modern Times) and a few clips. I stumbled upon this beautiful speech from The Great Dictator (which I'm going to watch later this week), which has also been set to one of my favourite pieces of music, Hans Zimmer's Time from Inception. Truly epic stuff. The speech is literally the most amazing thing I've ever seen/heard. I love you, Charlie Chaplin.

Favourite film news of the week:

Well, awards season has officially started, as the Gotham Independent Awards being handed out today. Beginners and The Tree of Life tied for the Best Feature award, which gets me even more excited for tomorrow's screening of Beginners. The movie also scored Best Ensemble. And Felicity Jones got the Breakthrough Award! God bless that beautiful girl. I can't wait until awards season starts really going, I'll be as happy as Larry.


You know how I've mentioned a Harry Potter marathon in the past? Well, I've set up the dates:
 Tuesday, 14th December - Thursday, 22nd December
So join me, while I go through this series that I really should have watched ages ago. Hopefully it shall be fun.

Steven @ Surrender to the Void reviews one of my favourite movies ever, A Single Man. I must watch this movie again, but I've got to be in the right mood.

Last time I had study leave, I watched Dogville. That movie exhausted me to no end, but I still quite liked it. Mette @ Lime Reviews really liked it, though!

Nikhat @ Being Norma Jeane takes a look at the best posters of the year. I think we can all agree with the number one choice!

Andrew @ Encore's World of Film & TV has started his Oscar predictions with the Supporting Actor category, which I think is one of the weakest categories so far. That's unless the many actors in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy get some love. 

Ruth @ "...let's be splendid about this..." gives The Trip a review, a movie which I found quite funny. Duelling Michael Caine's FTW!

Sati @ Cinematic Corner lists 10 cinematic dynamites. These are basically characters like Penelope Cruz in Vicky Cristina Barcelona. I quite like cinematic dynamites in my films. 

The very lucky Scott @ Front Room Cinema got to see Martha Marcy May Marlene, Coriolanus and The Artist at the Cine-City festival. Suffice to say, I'M JEALOUS!!!

Final word:
Hmmmm, since awards season has officially kicked off, predict a movie that you think will win Best Picture...


  1. Glad you're liking Chaplin's stuff. He's a truly great comic and actor.

    Good luck with your Harry Potter marathon, though honestly, I couldn't care less about those films.

    I reckon MIDNIGHT IN PARIS will win Best Picture. It deserves to anyway. Woody Allen deserves Best Director too.

  2. YAAAYYY HP MARATHON! Gosh I want to do one too suddenly, but I will be travelling then.

    I love the Charlie Chaplin speech. The Great Dictator is one of those films that I have only caught parts of when it's on the telly, and I really must get around to watching it completely some time.

    And thank you for the link!

    Also, at this point I will say Midnight in Paris though there is a plethora of films that I haven't watched. A part of me really wants Hugo or The Artist to win, even though I haven't seen either. Movies about movie-lovers make me go nuts! And I want Drive and Tintin to get BP nominations, and Elizabeth Olsen.

  3. Thanks for the link!! I know what you mean about the boredom..now uni's over I'm doing almost nothing. The same thing I was doing at uni, except now I don't have the threat of assignments due last minute hanging over me. Look forward to your HP marathon, hope you enjoy it!

  4. Thanks for the link my friend very kind. I hope you get more out of Hangover 2 than I did.... yawnies!

    Best Picture? I would love to see The Artist get it!! Such a beautiful thing, although I have read quite a few negative reviews.

  5. Thanks for linking me! Harry Potter for the first time before Christmas - this is just too magical :)

  6. Hmm Best Picture. I keep knocking films that have been considered contenders off my list. I have not seen The Artist yet, but I'm going to predict a victory.

  7. Tyler - He is awesome!
    Let's see what I'll think about them...
    I hope that Midnight in Paris wins, as it is currently my favourite film of the year, but I doubt its chances. I'm not even sure it'll get nominated...but I definitely hope it does.

    Nikhat - Awwwwww. You can always do one another time!
    I just got it sent to me, so I'll be watching it in the next week or so. Can't wait!
    Yeah, I haven't seen anything so if I were making an educated guess, I'd have to go with Midnight in Paris. But I know it won't win :/

    Ruth - Haha, my life is exactly the same, just with high school. Boredom is something that I'm used to!

    Scott - I probably didn't. I just about hated it!
    I think it will win, to be honest. I haven't read any negative reviews...I'll wait until I see the movie before I go digging about.

    Sati - You're welcome! And I got told to do it before Christmas, so I can't wait for the magic to begin!

    Andy - Yup. I won't be seeing The Artist until February, but I'm predicting a victory!


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