Friday, October 7, 2011

What's Happening Where I Am: Cinema and DVD releases here, 07/10/11

Cinema Releases

Footloose - Gosh, I remember the original of this movie. My mother must have tried to make me watch it at least 500 times when I was a kid and on the 501st try I finally caved in and watched it in it's entirety. I could start with the 'why remake this?' argument, but I won't. Mainly because that argument has come up a few times in the past while and it's becoming a little old, don't you think?

Johnny English Reborn - I haven't actually seen the first one, but from what I hear, it wasn't so great. Which made me wonder why they'd make a sequel to it. Apparently, this sequel is quite good. And who has been missing Rowan Atkinson? Make another Mr Bean movie! Just not like Mr Bean's Holiday! (oh yeah, and Rosamund Pike is in it...absolutely love her)

Real Steel - Why does everybody think the idea behind this movie is really stupid? Okay, so boxing robots may sound a little strange but I'm sure the movie is fun! I just want Hugh Jackman to do something better, though. I mean, he hasn't really done that much since Australia.

Spy Kids: All the Time in the World 4D - Okay, Robert Rodriguez, you can stop now. We do not need 4D 'Aromascope' in our lives (I may stand corrected, but you need cards or something for the 'smell'?), nor do we need any more of your lame attempts at kids movies. Good lord.

The Orator - I think it's just worth mentioning that the island nation of Samoa just made their first feature film. There we go, another country added to the world of cinema!

The Smurfs - School holidays movies. You gotta love 'em.

DVD Releases

All Good Things - Oh, Ryan Gosling. You were creepy in this movie. Really, really, really creepy. Kirsten Dunst, why are you so beautiful? It's so unfair! I think you two should make another movie together, coz this one was a bit of a clunker.

Biutiful - Everyone, rush down to the DVD store for the feel good movie of the year! LOL JK, this movie will probably make you wanna take a knife to your wrists. Okay, maybe not so extreme, but it certainly does kill any form of buzz you have in your life.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules - Hahaha, this will forever be remembered as the film that more people wanted to see over Sucker Punch. More people wanted to see snotty kids over babes with guns. Fair call, America, fair call.

Insidious - You know what was exciting? There was a trailer for The Tree of Life on the Blu-Ray for this. Yes, I get excited by little things like that. The movie itself wasn't that bad, especially for a horror. I don't like horrors, but I kinda liked this one. Way better than Paranormal Activity, that's for sure.

The Company Men - So this just popped up on DVD, even though I'm sure that it was supposed to come out next week. Oh well, I'll get it out next week. I love you, holidays.

Thor - Ha, I remember how this was the first 2011 movie I saw, right at the end of April. Oh gosh, I think this was the one that I had to watch in 3D and there was a really heavy breather sitting behind me. Still, the movie was really cool. "Get me a horse!" "We don't have horses. Just dogs, cats, birds." "Then get me one of those large enough to ride!" 

Winnie the Pooh - This movie was only 52 minutes long (excluding the credits). Yet, these 52 minutes were glorious, old-fashioned Disney and it was the Winnie the Pooh that I knew, from my childhood. There was none of this 3D crap, with over-the-top musical numbers and whatnot. This was the kind of Pooh that I would get up every morning to watch. Seriously, if you consider yourself an animated fan, you need to see this movie. Pronto.

Sorry this post is a day late, I had to go to the talent quest last night and it finished way later than expected. So, what do you think of these films? Any tickle your fancy?


  1. My brother saw Spy Kids 4, with Aromascope. Good god. Though in all fairness I used to love the first two installments as a kid and dreamt about being a spy for a very long time. Yes, I was a very weird child.

    I loved Mr. Bean's Holiday! Anyways Johnny English Reborn will be a film I will never forget. Not because I have seen it and loved it (neither), but because my friend suggested to see it in place of Drive, and got the most intense look of disbelief that I have ever given.

    I want to see All Good Things next. Kind of two of my favourite young actors are there.

  2. Certainly a sign of it being school holidays with The Smurfs arrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh no! Spy kids etc being released. But a Footloose re-make?? Yeah I'm not a re-make fan at all and whilst this was a popular film in it's day ( I remember it being HUGE worldwide back then ) it should not have been subjected to this.

  3. As for the films you mentioned, I would definitely see Real Steel, Biutiful, and Winnie the Pooh. I would actually go and see the former but I'm so elated and excited and thrilled because we have finally get Midnight in Paris and Contagion, so I'll see them first.

  4. Wow, that's a terrible week of release in your area lol. Oh well, there is always next week ;)

  5. I suggest to stay home and watch something else. I won't see any of these films. Except for All Good Things.

  6. Nothing too special here. I saw the original JOHNNY ENGLISH, which is actually a guilty pleasure of mine as I laughed out loud quite a few times. It's bad but funny. Don't imagine the sequel will deliver, though.

  7. I thought the first Johnny English was OK, though not enough to make me want to see the sequel.

    And I'm baffled by the Aromascope thing. Weren't there good reasons why these things didn't catch on back in the 1950s? Why do people think they'll work now?

  8. You know Stevee, you're right, Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst should do another movie together, they look like a perfect on screen couple. Hadn't thought of that.

  9. I can't understand why they've made another Johnny English film. The first was atrocious.

    I really want to see Insidious but for some reason it has passed me by so far.

  10. Nikhat - I never got to see Spy Kids when was a kid. I did, however, get a toy promoting the film in my Happy Meal at McDonalds.
    Haha, I would probably have the same reaction too. Except, I'd never be put in that situation since Drive is an R18 here :(
    I love Gosling and Dunst. I didn't love the movie, though.

    Brent - Yup. I'm just surprised that there are no talking animal movies being released.
    Footloose shouldn't have been remade. But, by the sounds of it, the new version isn't that bad.

    Lesya - You're just getting Midnight in Paris, too? I've got eight more days until I can see it :)

    Castor - Yes, and this week is slightly better. Well, for DVDs anyway :)

    thevoid99 - I wouldn't even see All Good Things. It wasn't all that great.

    Tyler - Well, apparently the sequel is quite good.

    James - I'm baffled by the Aromascope thing, too. I mean, why would someone want to take a card into the movie with them and sniff it whenever the movie tells them to? And, why would you want to smell anything from the movie? What *would* you smell? Weird.

    Andina - They are a perfect on screen couple. Mind you, Ryan Gosling is a perfect screen couple with any other actress he has worked with: Rachel McAdams, Emma Stone, Michelle Williams...

    Dan - Check out Insidious! It's quite good!


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