Tuesday, October 4, 2011

All Good Links

Woohoo! Last week of school before a short break! Except the remainder of this week will probably go really slow, because that's just the way it always happens. On tonight's agenda, after I've written an essay on Melancholia for English (yeah, I'm cool like that) and finished my Science homework I don't really get, I'll be watching a couple of movies, that couldn't be more different. The first is Winnie the Pooh, which is a charming 60 minutes long. The second is All Good Things, which stars my fifth husband Ryan Gosling. That's slightly longer than 60 minutes, but of well.

So while I watch my little kid idol, and, well, Ryan Gosling, check out all of these good links...

Everyone, STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Nic Cage as Everyone is BACK! My life is complete again!

A movie which I genuinely love is L.A. Confidential, and Anna at Defiant Success seemed to love it too.

The Skin I Live In looks like a very intriguing film. Bonjour Tristesse had the opportunity to check it out, and it sounded like high praise indeed.

Tyler at Southern Vision has done it again. Here's his Edgar Wright Characters Who Deserve Their Own Movie!

The infographic to end all infographics...good old Scott at Front Room Cinema's guide to the difference between a film and a movie.

A movie I will be running to the cinemas to see whenever it comes out is 50/50. Ryan McNeil of The Matinee does a pretty cool review on it.

Ah, the good memories of the day that I went and saw Crazy, Stupid, Love and The Tree of Life on the same day. Let's just say, Crazy, Stupid, Love was probably the more accessible one. Andy thought it was pretty cool, too.

This week's Tumblr recommendation is a pretty simple one: Fuck Yeah Jessica Chastain. Because Jessica Chastain is lovely and flawless and etc etc etc. I wish I was more like her.

Have a great week, guys! This time next week I'll be chilling at home without the pressure of school!


  1. Huge thanks for the shout out Stevee!!

  2. Thanks for the link.

    It surprises me how many people are interested in the new WINNIE THE POOH movie.

  3. Thank you so much for the Link Stevee!!

    I am glad you liked the infographic!!

  4. The new Winnie the Pooh movie, yes? It's not out here yet (unless I was completely oblivious and missed it!) but I have the originals on DVD, and they're always lovely :)

  5. When I saw Nic Cage as Everyone was back, I was so excited I had to spontaneously watch CON AIR. Man I love him/that movie/that website!

  6. Ahah they make Fuck yea tumblr about anyone these days! But Jessica Chastain is lovely so no complaints :)

  7. The essay on Melancholia will get you an A.
    Have a great break!

  8. Andy - You're welcome!

    Tyler - The new WINNIE THE POOH movie is awesome! Y'know, if you like animated movies...

    Scott - The infographic is awesome!

    Ruth - Yup, the new one. It is an awesome movie!

    Tom - Haha, Con Air is just the best. Bless Nicolas Cage.

    Bonjour Tristesse - You're welcome!

    Castor - I know, haha. Some of them are quite good. My Tumblr is pretty much all Jessica Chastain at the moment haha.

    Lesya - I sure hope so! I think I used too many 'filmy' words though :P
    I'll try!


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