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5 Reasons Why I Love Kate Winslet

This post is part of this month's edition of the LAMB Acting School 101!

It's been a wee while since I've done one of these...I think the last one I did was on Rebecca Hall and that post has continued to be really popular thanks to the fact that if you Google 'Rebecca Hall' the post is on the first page of results. Anyway, why not bring this back for a week since this month's actor on the LAMB is the wonderful Kate Winslet whom we all know and love a lot. I mean, how is Kate Winslet not awesome?

So without further ado, here are five reasons why I absolutely love Kate Winslet.

1. She was my first favourite actress.

Well, if you could call it that. Admittedly, this is a pretty stupid story. A long long time ago Titanic was playing on TV and my mother taped it so she could watch it the next day. While she was watching it I was out riding my horse or something and I only caught the last half-an-hour or so. From that half-and-hour I was like "this is my favourite movie!", "Leonardo DiCaprio is my favourite actor!", "Kate Winslet is my favourite actress!" Lame, I know, but I was only 11 years old. Still, I do love her to this day, and even when I finally saw Titanic from start right through to the finish in 2009 she was still one of my favourite actresses. So yeah, I guess I get a little sentimental about Kate Winslet sometimes.

2. 2008 - The year of The Reader and Revolutionary Road.

By 2008, Kate Winslet with her five Oscar nominations was deemed 'overdue' for an Oscar. Which was fair enough, because she had done so many bloody brilliant performances that despite her young age she deserved an Oscar more than anyone else. But which performance could they possibly pick out of Hanna Schmitz in The Reader or April Wheeler in Revolutionary Road? I always thought that her Oscar campaign in this year was a little bizarre. First, she wins a couple of Golden Globes for Best Actress (Revolutionary Road) and Best Supporting Actress (The Reader). For the SAG award, she won Best Supporting Actress again for The Reader, but lost Best Actress to Meryl Streep. Then she bet herself to a BAFTA for The Reader, which was this time placed in Best Actress. But even after quite a few nominations in the Best Supporting Actress category, for the Oscars her performance in The Reader was bumped up to Best Actress status, and she won that overdue Oscar that she actually really deserved for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
Now, I'm on of those people who really believe that her better performance was actually in Revolutionary Road rather than The Reader. Sure, The Reader had her playing her character at various stages of her life, being a Nazi war-criminal and being illiterate...all Oscar favourites, as far as one can be concerned. But she was just so much better in Revolutionary Road. Okay, I just find it sad that her work went largely unnoticed by the Academy in favour of The Reader, which just wasn't as good as Revolutionary Road.

3. Her break-through was in a New Zealand movie. 

Back in 1994, before Kate turned 20, she starred with Melanie Lynskey in a small Peter Jackson film called Heavenly Creatures. The film was about one of New Zealand's most notorious murder cases: a pair of teenage girls decide to murder one of their mother's so they can go away and live together. They try to cover it up, but police see through their lies and they end up getting separated forever. The movie doesn't focus that much on the murder itself, but rather the friendship between the two girls and the imaginary world they had created for themselves. Kate plays Juliet Hulme, the English Rose that Melanie Lynskey's character falls in love with, and she does this role terrifyingly well, especially considering that this was her first feature film. And you know, Peter Jackson directed this film, and look where he is now. This film just did good things for everyone involved. And it was made in New Zealand!

4. She's an absolute darling.

Just watch her winning an Oscar. What a darling.
But really, Kate is such a great role model. She just looks so real, unlike some of the other actresses around, and she acts quite natural. She's impossible not to love. As me and my friend would say, "I would definitely turn lesbian for Kate Winslet."

5. She looks awesome no matter what the hair colour.

I still contest that her performance as Clementine Kruczynski in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is her best. Well, it's certainly my favourite, as I, like many film-lovers, love this film to death. If only I could track down the DVD to buy because I really want to watch it again. But still, Kate is amazing. Even with the multiple hair colours that don't suit that many people (not even Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona Flowers in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World), she still looked amazing. She's a flawless lady, Kate, and that's why I love her.

So, what do you love about Kate Winslet?


  1. Those are great reasons. I think I really started to admire her when I saw HEAVENLY CREATURES. Maybe they can cast Leonardo DiCaprio if they make a David Bain movie? LOL

  2. Kate Winslet is amazing and Titanic is ridiculously awesome, no matter what anyone says! Talented, beautiful and down-to earth AND she's from round my neck of the woods!

  3. EXACTLY what I thought when I watched Titanic! I was 13 though... but who cares. Kate Winslet is still one of my favorite actresses, and you're totally right about Revolutionary Road, the character was much more daring and complex than that of Hannah.

  4. She was my first cinematic crush in Titanic! Awesome post Stevee :)

  5. I just recently watched Heavenly Creatures on netflix, and she is certainly great in it

  6. I remember watching Titanic in the theaters when I was 17 and I had to take my younger sister because she was so into Leo.

    I thought it was a real good film though the highlight for me was Kate Winslet and the fact that she showed her boobies. Tits were a big deal back then for me. She still has a rockin' body.

    How can anyone not love her? BTW, what you think of her appearance on Extras? She was a riot. I think she needs to do more comedies. Low-brow comedies as well.

  7. I saw Titanic when I was five, and Kate Winslet caused my love for red hair, which will continue on for the rest of my life. My absolute favourite performance of hers is as Clementine too, but she's just divine. Man I even liked her in The Holiday, what more do you want?

    Great Post :)

    PS. I would put her relationship with Leo Di Caprio as a reason too. Both of them should get married already.

  8. Tyler - Haha, now THAT would be interesting!

    pturner1010 - Amen to all of that! And lucky you that she is from your neck of the woods!

    Mette - Yeah, April was so much more complex than Hannah. Mind you, Hannah was more 'upfront' for the awards crowd.

    Castor - I'm sure you're not the only one! Thanks!

    Julian - Heavenly Creatures is a brilliant film. Glad you liked her in it!

    Steven - She does still have a rockin' body. And yeah, how can anyone not love her?
    I loved her on Extras. She should do more comedies...I mean, she did The Holiday, which was okay, but that doesn't really count!

    Nikhat - I love red hair too! And I liked her in The Holiday too.
    I was going to put that as a reason but I was scared that some buzz-killer would be like "she can be with who she wants". But that's totally true - me and my friend have pretty much planned her and Leo's wedding! Haha.

  9. I especially love you for number two because I know a number of Kate fans who weren't that big of her two 2008 films, and I loved them both. Sure Kate has done tons of films I love, but April Wheeler is still my favourite performance of hers.

  10. I loved them both, too. And I'll always love April Wheeler...such a brilliant, complex performance.

  11. She is so gorgeous~ Her beauty is unique, her acting is amazing!
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