Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Whole Lot of Stuff + An Announcement

Hey guys. How goes it?

As Tuesday is the night for the links post, I will still do that. What's in store for Tuesday Movie Night? Source Code, which I really liked when I saw it in cinemas four months ago. It's the only thing out this week...apart from The Conspirator, which I do want to see, but I don't think I'm in the mood for it at the moment.

So while I watch Jake Gyllenhaal be another man, here's some posts for you to entertain yourselves with:

Now, maybe you all know just how much I love Schindler's List. One of the amazing components in this film is the music, and there's a splendiferous post about it on Anomalous Material.

Scott at Front Room Cinema has owned up to his man crush on Ryan Gosling. I mean, who doesn't love the Gos? The first film in the 'Goslathon' is Lars and the Real Girl.

You know that book '1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die', which every film lover should swear by? Well, Tyler at Southern Vision has had a brilliant idea and has listed all of the films on his blog and checked what he has seen. It's a brilliant idea because you can get a good idea for what people have and haven't seen.

Ryan at The Matinee has been very busy at the Toronto International Film Festival and making me more and more jealous by the minute. He got to talk to Joseph Gordon-Levitt today!! Here's his brilliant coverage...he also makes me jealous with how much he's covering!

I'm pretty sure Jane Eyre was supposed to be out this week, but they're doing more advanced screenings this weekend (what the hell is that about?!) Lesya has seen it, and she quite liked it.

Phil at Phil on Film got an interview with the lovely Kiwi Melanie Lynskey, best remembered from Peter Jackson's brilliant film Heavenly Creatures.

As for the Tumblr recommendation of the week, let's go with something awesome that you've probably already heard of but if you haven't you need to get your ass on here now. The site is Movie Barcode. It's amazing.

Now the links are over, onto the other stuff...

Small notes on my life at the moment:
-I've been rewatching a lot more than fresh-watching. Which is annoying.
-Fatso keeps sending me Stanley Kubrick films instead of Days of Heaven which I actually really want to watch. Is Fatso trying to say something to me?
-I'm in love with Jessica Chastain.
-I wish I was at TIFF. I really do. I sit in ICT looking at photos and keeping up with the coverage and I'm so jealous it hurts.
-I passed level one NCEA yesterday! Basically, that means I have achieved the required amount of credits for our school qualifications. Which is awesome, coz we haven't even had exams yet.

And for the announcement...
I'm very sorry to inform you of this, but Cinematic Paradox is taking a short break. It may be as little as three days, maybe a week, maybe two weeks, geez, maybe even forever. It's just that school has been pretty hectic of late, and we're rolling into mock exams next week (where we do get study leave so I will have a bit more time to blog), then we have a couple more busy revision weeks at school before two weeks of holiday. After that, we have two weeks at school before the actual exams. So I just need to take a while to be able to do study and still have a little bit of time to myself, and still watch movies without having to rush them. It'll be hard living without blogging (this is the first actual break I've taken in my nearly two years of blogging that hasn't been due to a camp or a family holiday), but I think I can do it!

So, see ya's all soon. I'll respond to you comments tomorrow!


  1. Good luck with your break Stevee. You deserve one.

    As for rewatching rather than fresh-watching, that ain't a bad thing at all. Ive done some statistics and 6 out of every 10 movies I watch is a rewatch. Rewatching is always a good idea and I'm a firm advocate of it.

    Don't be afraid of receiving Kubrick movies. He's a great director you do need to catch up on. Malick's the same but he only made five films. Let me know when (if) Fatso sends you EYES WIDE SHUT. Then we'll talk.

    I too am madly in love with Jessica Chastain. I've seen clips of her from THE TREE OF LIFE and I've bought the DVD on Amazon so I'll catch up with her soon. She may be my next movie crush.

    And seriously... Congrats on your NCEAs. That's a big achievement, you should be very proud.

    Oh, and thanks for the link! ;)

  2. My heart stopped for a moment when I read "I'm very sorry to inform you of this, but Cinematic Paradox" lol But breaks are always okay.

    Yeah, Jessica is amazing! The Tree of Life DVD is coming out at the end of the month, and I really can't wait for it. I'm also going to see The Debt soon. It's time to get acquainted with her work in other movies.

    I can totally understand your TIFF wish. It's so unlike me but I cried that I can't be there lol

    Congrats on your NCEA achievement, whatever it means! :) However, I do realize that it's connected with school.

    And thanks you for the link, it's so very sweet of you!

  3. Have a good break (if you can call revising even having a break!)

    You and your blog are always worth the wait, Stevee, so don't worry about blogging so much. However long it takes, you'll always have awesome stuff to post when you get back!

    You need to see Days of Heaven - it is amazing.

    And your answer to who doesn't love the Gos? Only people that have never heard of the Gos, that's who!

  4. I had the same reaction as Lesya, I thought you were going to end this blog! I'm glad you're not! So have a nice break Stevee,and I'll be here when you come back, dying to read more from you :D

  5. Good luck with your exams. See you when you get back!

  6. I didn't like Source Code as much as I wanted to. :(

    Here's to a *short* break.

  7. Thanks for the link as always Stevee, and good luck with your break. Take care and see you on the flip flop

  8. Tyler - Thanks!
    I thought I rewatched a lot, but I only rewatched four movies last night compared to the twenty-something I freshly watched. Which was weird. But this year overall, probably four movies out of ten that I watch are rewatches. I really do like rewatching movies.
    I'm pretty sure Kubrick's entire filmography is on my queue. And they'll probably all get bumped up a few spots, stopping me from getting frickin' DAYS OF HEAVEN!
    I've only seen THE TREE OF LIFE and I'm in freaking love with Jessica Chastain. Mind you, I shall be going to see THE HELP sometime soon and there's a movie of hers at the shop called STOLEN LIVES which I'll watch too...she's just so amazing.
    I am pretty proud!

    Lesya - Ha, I think I'll be back. Well I hope so, anyway.
    I want THE TREE OF LIFE to come out on DVD!! Alas, it'll be next year before it does (although I might order the blu-ray from overseas to get it faster). I want to watch THE DEBT too, I think it's out in the next couple of months here...
    Awwww, you cried? I was close to crying. I sent a long email to my friend who's on exchange in Canada at the moment complaining about how I can't be there. I might start saving for next years though :)
    Thanks! It basically just means that I have done the required amount of work for my school year at a good standard...which is good considering we haven't even done end of year exams.
    You're welcome!

    Cherokee - Haha, revising is not having a break! But you know...at least my night's won't be so busy for a little while.
    I hope I will have some awesome stuff to post!
    I do need to see Days of Heaven. I really, really, really want to see it.
    ...and people who haven't heard of the Gos are no friends of mine.

    Maria Sofia - I don't think I could ever leave! My life would not be the same! I'll see you when I return, too :)

    Bonjour Tristesse - Thanks!

    Robert - I don't know why I liked it so much...I feel so weird about it!
    I hope it shall be short!

    Scott - You're welcome!

  9. Good luck, Stevee. And enjoy your break from blogging :)

  10. Fatso needs to send you Days of Heaven pronto! No excuses. Not even the great Kubrick should keep you from seeing that film.

  11. Hope you enjoy your little break from blogging, don't make too long now because we will miss you ;)

    Thanks for the link love.

  12. Mette - I am enjoying it...but I feel it should come to an end soon!

    James - I know!! I'm getting seriously pissed off that they're not sending it to me!

    Castor - Haha, I won't make it that long!


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