Thursday, September 8, 2011

What's Happening Where I Am: Cinema and DVD releases here, 08/09/11

Cinema releases 

The Change-Up - Just the one release this week, even though there are advanced screenings of Jane Eyre and The Help (oh please Mother, we have to see this NOW!) this weekend. I actually forgot that this movie even existed up until today. It doesn't really look particularly promising. Even if it does have Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds in it.

DVD releases

Another Year - As this was the only movie I actually wanted to watch this week (the other four were just to waste time), I had high expectations. I can't say they were exactly met, but I really liked the movie all the same. It was fact, that adjective fits this movie like a glove. It should have got more recognition around Oscar time, but the Best Screenplay nod was well deserved.

Arthur - I feel kinda bad for liking this movie as much as I did. We cinephiles aren't supposed to enjoy comedies, unless they are the kind that are disguised as dramas. I've had enough of the cinephile stereotype though: I enjoyed Arthur quite a lot. Except I was a little disappointed by how bland Greta Gerwig was in the movie. She basically made Greenberg, but here she just faded into the background.

Brighton Rock - One of the lessons I've learned this year: don't watch movies when you're terrified of the power cutting and you're hoping that it's actually snowing outside instead of the sleety crap that doesn't settle. Especially if you live in Dannevirke and snow excites you more than anything. Okay, so, the movie wasn't terribly say it was a mess would be a bit of an understatement. But I guess I could have given it more of a chance had I not been checking the window for snow or lighting heaps of candles just in case the real lights went out (they didn't).

Country Strong - I had very low expectations for this movie, considering the huge negative reception it got when it was released. Hey, it wasn't all was just bloody mediocre, that's all. Until the end. Now that ending was something awful. If that was supposed to be a final grab for the audience's attention, it worked, but for all the wrong reasons.

Drive Angry - NICOLAS CAGE IN ANOTHER MASTERPIECE! Oh wait...that sentence can no longer be said with a straight face. Mind you, his bottle blonde hairdo was a masterpiece in itself. The movie was pretty meh, a lot better than some of the other stuff the Cage has been in lately. Except, seeing as this was released in 3D, they kept throwing stuff at the screen. I hate having stuff thrown at's not cool at all.

The Roommate - I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that The Roommate is actually the worst movie I have ever seen. Okay, so The Room is technically the worst movie I have seen (like, it doesn't make sense and it's awfully made and blah blah blah), but at least I could actually laugh at that movie. The Roommate, however, was bad and it was bland. My goodness, it was just awful. I think I might have to review it just to get it's awfulness out of my system.

So, what do you think of these movies?


  1. You think THE ROOMMATE is one of the worst movies ever made? Try sitting through TROLL 2. Just try it. No, actually don't, I don't want to put you through the same god-fucking-awful not-good-enough-for-one-star experience that I had.

    Enjoy whatever you watch.

  2. i knew the BRIGHTON ROCK remake would be terrible. it sounded terrible. like the worst idea to happen to a Richard Attenbrough movie since Jurassic Park 3. but i think your review of ARTHUR and mine was exact (except for my comparison to the original which is just as good if not better in a slightly different more manic and less preachy way)

    i have no idea what the roommate is or country strong for that matter and i dont intend to find out if they are as bad as you say.

  3. Another Year is sublime. The rest..meh. Brighton Rock got some dire reviews, but Arthur has some moments. Mostly between Brand and Greta Gerwig, though.

  4. I keep going back and forth about Another Year. These characters are the most hateful people I've seen in a while but there's a little bit of them in all of us.

  5. Tyler - I don't purposely put myself through pain. Well, most the time, anyway...

    Toby - Yeah, it's pretty terrible. Actually, it's quite terrible. I couldn't connect with it at all.
    I haven't seen the original Arthur, but I might seek it out.
    Don't even bother with Country Strong or The Roommate. They're not worth it!

    Andy - It's a pretty meh week! Apart from Another Year, and kinda Arthur.

    Paolo - I'll probably keep going back to it, too. There is a little bit of each character in all of us!

  6. A while ago i saw a martial arts flick that t me seemed like the worst movie ever...i mean, i found everything about it terrible. The acting, the script, the directing, heck most of the action sequences were pretty bad.

    There's a kind of old movie that many people found The Rooomate to be a ripoff of called Single White Female. I found it alright

    Anyways, i haven't seen your around DWC...i miss your comments :(

  7. Heh heh...oh Nicolas Cage, you so crazy!
    Have you seen Nicolas Cage freaking out montage on youtube? Best. Montage. Ever.
    And I can't wait to finally get my hands on a copy of Another Year. Great post as always!

  8. I was mildly curious about Brighton Rock because of the cast, Mirren is it that one too, right? The trailer looked really good, but after reading this I'd have to keep my expectation in check :D

  9. Julian - My friend was telling me about Single White Female. I think that might be better than The Roommate...then again, everything could be better than The Roommate.

    Ruth - I know, Nicolas Cage is so crazy! And yes, I've seen the goodness, that's just the best. Me and one of my friends regularly quote parts of it during our school day.

    rtm - Yup, Mirren is in it. I don't know, it's not that bad, but it just wasn't that great either!


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