Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Another Link

Well, unlike last week, there are a lot of DVD releases this week. And thanks to a sick day yesterday (another one, I have such a terrible immune system), I've been able to catch all of them. Yesterday I watched the extremely mediocre Country Strong, the surprisingly funny Arthur and my new least favourite movie ever The Roommate. Tonight I'm watching Nicolas Cage's latest cinematic masterpiece Drive Angry and then one of the last great 2010 movies I have left to watch, Another Year (in fact, that was going to be the only film I watched out of all of them this week). Talk about variety, huh?

Before I launch into some links, I have a couple of questions:
1) Do you think I, the innocent 16 year old I am, could handle watching Antichrist? It's just that I'm really digging Lars von Trier movies at the moment and that's one of the only ones we have at Blockbuster.
2) Is the new review format fine? Okay, I know I haven't really changed much, but do you like?
And an apology:
I'm so so so sorry that I don't comment on your blogs as much. I'm still pretty busy at the moment and I don't often go on my laptop, but I do read some of your blog posts on my iPod at breakfast time (but my iPod isn't so good with commenting). Sorry! I'm getting seriously slack with blogging!

Anyway, while I watch Nicolas Cage in another great film and a movie that I should have watched ages ago, check out these posts...

One of my favourite Tumblr blogs at the moment is 'Fuck Yeah Directors!' which has a lot of cool set pics of directors. That could be me one day...

What is one of your most iconic movie images? Nick at Anomalous Material has chosen his 13...some very iconic images indeed!

You know me, once I hear the name Christopher Nolan associated with a movie my bum is automatically on the seat at Downtown Cinemas. Kai from Man, I Love Films doesn't like going to the cinemas (and I just can't go that often), so he looks at 10 directors who get him into the theatres.

Custard...ah, Scott from Front Room Cinema quite liked Friends with Benefits, a movie that I've been secretly looking forward to (and it's coming out next week, too).

Don't we all love a good rant? Tyler at Southern Vision does too, as he rants about the word 'pretentious' being applied to some films unfairly.

A movie that was strangely missing from the Palmy division of the NZFF, Beginners, was reviewed by Ryan at The Matinee. I still really want to see this movie.

Reminding me that a) I need to update my top 100 and b) I need to watch more eclectic movies, Cherokee releases her top 100 movies. I love this list so much.

I wasn't the only one to publish a Melancholia review on the weekend, as Lesya at the newly designed Eternity of Dream published hers too. Lesya and I love making people jealous.

I'm actually reading a book for once (I'm useless at reading, I never find the time), and that book would be 'The Help' by Kathryn Stockett. Such an awesome book so far, and I'm even more excited to see the movie when it comes out next week. Andy at his Film Emporium has recently seen it and quite liked it.

Coolies. Have a great week, y'all!


  1. Aw bless you for the Linkage Stevee you are a true friend!!

    If any 16 yr old could do Antichrist it is you Stevee, although I have never and will probably never see it. Not really the subject matter i want to see, being a parent

    Hope you enjoy it!

  2. Thanks for the link.

    As for ANTICHRIST: it is a beautiful (kinda) movie in it's own sick way, but it is fully deserving of the R18. There is a shot of unsimulated sex (brief) and also a closeup of a woman's vagina as she severs her clitoris, and also a scene in which we graphically see a woman masturbate a man until he ejaculates blood. That's the worst of it. If you think you can handle it, good for you. I personally think it won't leave you too scarred, but this isn't exactly the kind of movie you want your mum to walk in on... at any time.

    That said, I fucking love the movie, and it's opening scene is among the most haunting scenes I have ever seen. It's definitely worth seeing, but it might be just a wee bit too soon. His other movies, such as DOGVILLE, DANCER IN THE DARK and THE FIVE OBSTRUCTIONS are much easier to swallow and are a good way of preparing for ANTICHRIST.

    Lars Von Trier has only made two movies that are really graphic: this, and THE IDIOTS. Both are brilliant, but ANTICHRIST especially.

    Tell you what. Watch ANTICHRIST, and if it scars you for life, blame me. If you need therapy, come to me. But if you want to get into Lars Von Trier's movies, ANTICHRIST is inevitable.

  3. LOL on that we like to make people jealous! It really made me laugh. However, usually, we both have many movies released later in our countries, so that's fair. Thanks for the link.

    As for Antichrist I agree with Scott, that the only 16 year old who can handle Antichrist is Stevee... and I also haven't seen it and I'm not planning to.

  4. As it has been said, if any one can watch Antichrist it is going to be you, Stevee!

    Aw, thanks for the link! And your blog is looking great by the way! I am someone who likes the simplistic look of a blog, and you have got it right on the mark.

    Don't worry about not being able to comment. For me, I am too busy to even post anything! Life gets in the way sometimes, so it is totally understandable.

  5. I love MIKE LEIGH but i;ve been putting off watching ANOTHER YEAR for some reason. It's been here for ages now but I just never put it on.

  6. I've been considering to watch Antichrist for a long time, and I'm still not sure... Films don't usually scare me, but The Dreamers was... well, eye-opening, let's say that.

  7. I watched Country Strong, it's a pretty bad movie that is really watchable for how lame and mediocre it is. Especially Gwyneth Paltrow who really gives one of her worst performances ever. And that ending... oooh wee. That ending is truly one of the worst ones I had ever seen.

  8. Thanks for the link Stevee. The Help is a top film, and I'm sure a great novel too.

  9. Thanks for the link love to AM :)

  10. Scott - I guess ANTICHRIST isn't the kind of film you want to watch as a parent! I'll try enjoy it.

    Tyler - I know like, everything that happens in the movie. One of my former colleagues was telling us all about it. I don't know, it might be a while before I watch it.
    I'm trying to get some Lars von Trier movies, but Fatso keeps sending me all of these other DVDs on my queue that aren't at the top! And they're all Kubrick movies.

    Lesya - Haha, yeah. I heard that it's actually released in your country? I have no idea when it is actually released here...I just watched it at the Film Festival!
    Wow, I must be a super 16 year old!

    Cherokee - Thanks! I like the simple look too. It's much easier to maintain.
    Life does get in the way...especially now with exams and everything!

    Toby - Definitely give Another Year a go! It was pretty cool.

    Mette - Films don't usually scare me, either. I've heard The Dreamers is pretty eye-opening...but I've just never got around to it!

    thevoid99 - Oh gosh, that ending was so lame. Like, I actually wanted to shoot someone for how lame it was!

    Andy - It's a bloody great novel. I can't wait to see the film!

    Castor - You're welcome!


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