Thursday, August 4, 2011

What's Happening Where I Am: Cinema and DVD releases here, 04/08/11

Sorry about the absence of this feature last week...I figured you didn't really need to know that all we had released that week was Captain America and Limitless. And it was the holidays. Somebody really stuffed up there.

Cinema Releases

Horrible Bosses - I quite want to see this film. But unfortunately, it has the big R16 sticker standing in my way. But in 18 days, that big R16 sticker will lose it's meaning. BECAUSE I WILL BE 16 ON THE 22ND OF AUGUST. And I'll be able to watch this film. Plus many other R16 movies. In the cinemas. Without anyone telling me that I can't. I'm excited to be 16. Oh, and Colin Farrell looks pretty hilarious. In fact, this whole movie looks hilarious.

Larry Crowne - Uh, hey, Tom Hanks. Everybody loved you in Forrest Gump. I'm sorry, but your latest directorial effort looks kinda lame. Even if it has Julia Roberts in it who made me gouge my eyes out with Eat Pray Love. Cool then. See you on DVD?

Rise of the Planet of the Apes - My God, that's a retarded title. Especially when it repeats the two same words twice, within the space of seven words. I must admit, I had a little chuckle when I saw the trailer for this before Captain America, because they made it look like some romance between James Franco and an ape. But have you seen the reviews this has been getting? It is currently rated 85% on Rotten Tomatoes. I may have to look into this one...

DVD Releases

Conviction - Cripes, I actually forgot that this was out this week. But I can't say I was really looking forward to seeing it. It got some really bad reviews. Sam Rockwell is the only reason why I'd even think about picking this up.

Hop - I made my niece watch this while I was watching The Way Back. She said, and I quote "It was a very good movie, it was so funny! I liked it because it taught me that you can be whatever you want to be when you grow up." She even wrote that it one of her little books, which is now her 'movie book'. I feel quite bummed that I missed out on watching the rest of this (but I imagine The Way Back was much better), but I feel quite proud that my niece is showing the makings of a movie reviewer like her aunty. Damn straight.

Never Let Me Go - Everytime I think of this movie I start crying inside. I remember that day when I cried at least three times in the cinema, then I walked outside, started crying again, so went and hid in a bookstore while waiting for my Dad, at which point I was still crying. I'm going to watch it again soon. Why do I do this to myself?

Rabbit Hole - I quite liked this movie. Nicole Kidman was brilliant, and so was my main man Aaron Eckhart (who never gets the attention he deserves, in my opinion). Dianne West was a standout too. Such a shame this only got an Oscar nomination for Kidman's performance, because there was a lot of other stuff which really worked!

The Lincoln Lawyer - I must say, I always feel a bit dodgy watching a Matthew McConaughey movie, particularly because I don't see the guy as an actor. In The Lincoln Lawyer, he is pretty damn good. In fact, this was movie was pretty damn good, so it's such a shame it missed a theatrical release here!

The Way Back - I'm so jealous of Saoirse Ronan. She can just pick up any bloody accent, act like she's been doing it for 50 years, and she's so very pretty. My next role is that of Mr Dussel in The Diary of Anne my scene I have around 6 lines before I waddle off to the toilet. Yeah...I'm not going far. Anyway, The Way Back was a great, great movie. Definitely deserved more than a makeup nomination at the Oscars!

So, what do you think of these films? Anyone up for a romance between James Franco and an ape?


  1. I want to see the film about apes -- I just don't want to repeat that hideous title. In fact, I've always thought it would be a nice flick for the end of the summer. But since I was on the holiday, I still haven't seen Captain America! So I don't know which movie I'll see first.

  2. So many DVD releases, huh? Same here. I have seen almost all of them, but with the exception of 'Never Let Me Go' I have no interest in seeing any of them again!

    We don't have Horrible Bosses yet, though!

    @ Lesya - Check out Captain America. It was a lot of fun!

  3. Conviction is far from a bad film and I can't really understand the critisim. I saw in Havelock North the night it was released. It isn't great but it sure isn't mediocre either. I found it a solid watch and Swank is always good value.
    I've just now got home from Horrible Boses!! Yeah it is quite good. Alot of fun with plenty of genuine laughs. It is getting average reviews but really it is just a gentle comedy with plenty of smutty jokes and swearing. Can't go wrong really! And anyone who as ben the work force long enough will understand it!!
    I think for you being so young you misssed the Planet of the Apes when it was the big thing. I mean in its day it was huge and I remember the movies playing on TV in the 1970's and 80's, and more paticularly the TV series as a kid. Don't knock it because the original Charlton Heston film is an iconic sci-fi classic. The Statue of America scene is one of the most iconic and recognisable scenes ever filmed. The session I went to was full of people my age and older who saw the originals so it still has an appeal, maybe a younger generation will scoff, but us oldies have a nostalgia for this franchise. Again I can't over state how big it once was.

  4. I wanna watch Horrible Bosses too. Hey I'm turning 19 in 21 days!! We have near-by birthdays!! (Sorry birthdays get me v. excited!!)

    I can never watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes (phew!)...couldn't sleep for like a week after watching the Tim Burton-Mark Wahlberg one. CREEPY!!

    Never Let Me Go- I really wanna watch it again, but I need to be completely alone because the waterworks will scare people more than those monkeys.

  5. Because "Never Let Me Go' is a great movie. It's the only movie in reality that made me immediately want to read the novel, and I did.

    Have been meaning to check on 'The Way Back'. Based on your impression then I should. Thanks :)

  6. You have just reminded me to watch the Lincoln Lawyer. I keep getting put off by Matthew McConaheyayey (or how ever you spell it) But I will try and see this soon!!


    Have a great weekend

  7. Lesya - Hmmmm, well I've seen Captain America, and that's pretty alright. But the Ape movie got better reviews! Haha.

    Andy - Yeah, I don't have any interest in seeing them again, apart from Never Let Me Go. That movie was still as affecting second time around!

    Brent - I haven't seen the film, but I don't know why it was so negatively received. Guess I should find out, one day, right?
    I didn't actually know that the new Ape movie was actually like a sequel, and six movies came before it. Just shows how young I am!

    Nikhat - Birthdays get me very excited too!!!!!
    Gosh, I cried so much last night when I rewatched Never Let Me Go...I never want to watch that movie with anyone else!

    Andina - I read the novel after I saw the movie, too. It was good!
    The Way Back was good too, enjoy!

    Custard - The Lincoln Lawyer is pretty cool. Don't ge put off by Matthew McConaughey (I have finaly learnt how to spell his name), he's good!

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