Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Links and a Whole Lot of Other Things

The '16 Days of Birthday' marathon is over, which means two things: I'm back to boring normal blogging and I have a hell of a lot of stuff to catch up on. So here's a very unstructured post detailing the current and future state of the blog.

Daily posting will be no more.
Thanks to the Rugby World Cup, our school terms have been stuffed up so this term we students have been overloaded with work. This term is especially busy as we have to finish all of our assessments before exams. Which means homework - lots of it. That also means that I will have less time to myself at night. My posting will become pretty sporadic, as opposed to my daily routine, so sorry about that!

I'm becoming a useless commenter.
If you often comment on this blog (and thank you!) but I don't comment on your blog...it's not that I don't like you. I usually read most of your posts on my iPod but forget to comment on them. Or, I just don't have much time to comment. Sorry guys, every weekend I try to catch up on all of your wonderful posts! Also, you may have noticed that I don't respond to your comments as fast as I used to. Sorry again...I'm getting quite useless at maintaining my blog!

I have watched a crapload of movies.
Of course, I wasn't reviewing any movies during those sixteen days. According to a list that I made in Science, here are all of the movies that I watched around the marathon:
-The Lincoln Lawyer
-The Way Back
-Rabbit Hole
-The Romantics
-Love and Other Impossible Pursuits (or The Other Woman)
-Sucker Punch
-Red Riding Hood
-Strange Days
-Brighton Rock
-It's Kind of a Funny Story
-Perrier's Bounty
-Quiz Show
-Breaking the Waves
-In Bruges
Of course, I won't have time to review all of these films - in full form, anyway. If you have a particular movie out of this list that you really want me to review, please comment and tell me which one. It would help me a lot.

Thank you!
If you said Happy Birthday yesterday to me via the blog, your blog, Twitter or Facebook, I love you. Thanks...it means a lot!
Also, I got nominated for 'The Liebster Blog Award' by Maria Sofia of FilmFLARE and Anna of Defiant Success. Thanks a heap! By now this little award has made it's way to pretty much all of the blogs I love, so I don't want to copy. Plus, I couldn't nominate just five blogs!
And everyone who kept up with the marathon...you're all brilliant people, really!

What lies in the future for Stevee.
Now I have a blu-ray player (cheers Ma and Pa!) I'll be getting into the old blu-rays a bit more now. Tonight I'll be testing it out again with Battle: Los Angeles (the only release this week unfortunately). As for my future movie watching, I have a pretty wacky double feature on Friday: Crazy, Stupid, Love followed by The Tree of Life, which both come out in cinemas here this week. Thank goodness for the day off school we have! Next Friday I'm going to see Melancholia which is playing at the Palmerston North division of the NZFF. Exciting!

And now for some links...

Andy and his Film Emporium takes a look back at the 'Blockbuster' season. The guy has seen craploads of 2011 releases - I feel so inferior! He takes a risk by placing Captain America ahead of X-Men: First Class. But but but X-Men: First Class has the nicest chewing gum ever! (I don't know if you have it anywhere else...I think it's just an NZ thing, but the 'mutant' chewing gum is so nice!)

Kano's Lay-Z-Boy Theater did a Girls of TV tournament and is now focusing on the Guys of TV. The best thing is that the only program that I watch is True Blood and that program has a lot of hot guys in it...so I'm having fun voting for all of them!

Toby at blahblahblahgay reviewed Senna, a highly acclaimed doco that I really want to see - despite not knowing a thing about Formula One.

Candice at Reel Talk has given us nine tips for back-to-school. Gah, I hate the back-to-school blues, but these tips are sure to make school kinda okay!

My new movie blogging soulmate and soon to be birthday girl Nikhat at Being Norma Jeane has made my ovaries explode today thanks to her assortment of screenshots of Ralph Fiennes in Quiz Show. He was so sexy in that movie I nearly fainted. My goodness, I love Ralph too much!

Meek's Cutoff is a movie which I unfortunately missed at the NZFF, but I'll see it soon anyway. Bonjour Tristesse does an awesome review on it.

Tyler at Southern Vision has been defending Lars von Trier quite a bit, with a post defending Antichrist and then a post defending von Trier on a whole. I just had my first von Trier experience with Breaking the Waves, which was recommended by Tyler himself!

My partner in crime Max, writer for Anomalous Material wrote a brilliant review of A Separation, which looks like a perfect movie for me to connect to. Hopefully I can catch it at the NZFF...but that doesn't look likely.

Joining the list of bloggers moving on to bigger and better things is Ryan McNeil (formerly known as Hatter), who has opened up a new swanky website called 'The Matinee'. It promises to be awesome!

That's all I have. I hope y'all have an awesome week, and I'll get better at maintaining the blog soon!


  1. i lol'd at your ovaries exploding, does that make me evil?

    i'd love to know your thoughts on the other woman but dont feel like you should review it just for me.

    was that the brighton rock remake or the awesome original?

  2. You're 16, so that means you'll have NCEAs this year, right? Does it still work like that?

    I think you already know which two films on that list I'd like to see reviewed, ;)

    Thanks a bunch for the links, you are very kind. It must be hella hectic for you so I can understand not posting daily. It's hard enough for me to post daily! I had nothing planned for today, and had to post a Von Trier rant that I'm pretty sure is gonna piss off a lot of haters. I need to write something really good. I haven't done a post I'm really proud of in quite a while.

    Speaking of Von Trier, if you're wondering where to go next, try DOGVILLE and DANCER IN THE DARK. they're my second and third favourite of his films, and you should really enjoy them both.

    Good luck with school work, watching movies and blogging. It can be a helluva juggling act.

  3. Appreciate the link Stevee! I guess it's my riskiest call so far this year, except perhaps my negative review of Bridesmaids, but I stand by it haha.

  4. Hey, I warned you about Fiennes in Quiz Show. This is what happens when you don't listen.

    Anyway, you're welcome for the award and happy birthday.

  5. I'd like to hear what you think about Sucker Punch...

  6. Aww...you're too sweet=) Thank you so much!

  7. Thanks for the link, don't worry too much about the comments I sometimes get busy and sidetracked too.

  8. Hey you got a BD player, awesome! Take it easy, Stevee.

  9. blahblahblah Toby - Well, it would make you evil if it could actually happen. But it can't, so...no? It does not make you evil ;P
    I might do a reviews catch up post or something and give it a short review.
    And the Brighton Rock I watched was the remake. I'm sure the original would be much better.

    Tyler - Yeah, I'm doing level one NCEA at the moment, along with level two maths (coz apparently I'm smart, hahahahaha).
    It's very hectic at the moment. I want to curl up in the corner and die some days...I just wish that things would slow down!
    I'll put Dogville and Dancer in the Dark in my Fatso queue. The only von Trier movies we have in town are Manderlay (without the first film...wtf?) and Antichrist.
    If only I could juggle properly!

    Andy - Hey, we need risk takers, otherwise we'd all still be liking the same movies! Still want to see Bridesmaids, though!

    Anna - If there is a Ralph Fiennes movie where he is sexier than he is in Quiz Show, I'd love to know. I don't think anything could possibly top it.
    Thanks again!

    Lime(tte) - I'd very much like to write what I thought of Sucker Punch...

    Nikhat - You're welcome!

    Bonjour Tristesse - You're welcome...and being busy is pretty much unavoidable!

    Ruth - It is pretty awesome. Thanks!

  10. Oh I'm watching The English patient next...it's really not my kind of film, but Fiennes looks good, and that's all I need right now :P

  11. Dammit, I wanted to be the first one to congratulate you on the 16 milestone but I was away from my laptop for a few days!

    Anywho, belated, yes, but still worth saying happy birthday!

  12. Congrats on being sixteen. Happy late birthday to you.

  13. Nikhat - I still can't decide whether I like The English Patient or not...and it's been a month since I saw it. I'll watch it again when I get time. Ralph was hot, though.

    Castor - You're welcome!

    Cherokee - Thanks!

    James - Thank you!


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