Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Link Valentine

I hope all of you Americans had a great 4th of July! You have such exciting holidays compared to us. Meanwhile, as you have been doing whatever you do on that special day, I've been doing...lots of school work to catch up. Two weeks until my beloved school holidays arrive! Anyway, this weeks achievement has been scoring an excellence for my speech on 'How to make a movie blog successful'. I guess this blog is getting pretty 'successful', with 100 followers, 600 posts and 100,000 hits all being passed in one week. Thanks a bunch, people!
This weeks new movies were a-plenty, but I only chose I Am Number Four for last night (guess what? Michael Bay produces bad movies too!), and The Adjustment Bureau and Blue Valentine for tonight (two of my most anticipated movies for the year). I'm definitely excited!

So, while I see Matt Damon try to change his future and a marriage not having much of a future, read these posts from around the blogosphere:

First off, I'm begging for your help. As it is my birthday next month (my 16th birthday, thank the lord), I've decided that all I want is a few tickets to some movies at the New Zealand Film Festival. But which ones? Check out the line-up here and give me some recommendations! (I'm definitely going to see The Tree of Life, Melancholia and Martha Marcy May Marlene)

While I wake up every morning to bitter frosts (seriously, if anyone wants to send me some gloves so my fingers don't fall off, it would be much appreciated), I've just got to remember that it's Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Andrew at Encore's World of Film & TV remind me of that fact with a beautiful scene from Somewhere.

Dan at Public Transportation Snob continues his We're All Dead! marathon with Monsters, that low budget sci-fi movie I watched a couple of months ago.

Poor Lesya at Eternity of Dream was looking forward to Transformers: Dark of the Moon so much, but the results weren't that great.

Ever wondered what characters make up your personality? Anna at Defiant Success sounds like she has a cool personality. I'd have to think a long time about who makes up my personality...apparently I have computer skills like Mark Zuckerberg, so that's a start...

We're half way through the year, and Andy at Andy Buckle's Film Emporium has unleashed his best and worst for the year so far. He certainly has watched a lot!

Someone else has seen the latest version of Dorian Gray...none other than my fellow New Zealand blogger, The Hell Street Journal.

Do you remember those movies that you watched as a kid that seem a little different now you watch them as an adult? Tyler at Souther Vision shares a few of those movies that have changed a bit over time.

I simply love this post from Scott at Front Room Cinema, where he explores the world of film viewing as a parent. Now I may not be a parent, but I totally agree with everything he says.

Guess what was popular at work again for a second weekend in a row? Season of the Witch. Guess who has the right opinion on the film? Nick, who did a review over at Man, I Love Films.

And yeah, that's all I have. Stay excellent!


  1. Thanks for the link, Stevee. I'd be interested to read that speech you wrote. Sadly, I'm unable to make it to NZFF, so I'll be awaiting your reviews as I pine for those movies.

  2. sweet 16 hey? Mental!! I am verging on my sweet 40th (not quite the same ring to it hey? HAHAH Well I wish you the very best birthday!! Have a blast

    Thanks so much for the linkage as well Stevee, very kind to mention my little old post... :-)


    P.S. I am thinking of losing my moniker, what do you think? Lay Custard to rest? Just be me (Scott)?

  3. So glad that you're set-up to watch Blue Valentine.

    I think you're probably aware of how much I adore the film and couldn't shut up about it for months. (Heck, I still can't shut up about it.)

    I am also super jealous of the films that are cropping up at the NZ fest, man! So many good ones.

    And I have a damn long list of stuff that you should see now.

    The three on your list, go check out for sure. Here are my recommendations.

    1. Taxi Driver (you can sneak into an 18, do it man!)

    2. Love like Poison

    3. Heartbeats

    4. Tiny Furniture

    5. Project Nim

    6. A Seperation

    7. Senna (PLEASE see Senna, it is absolutely incredible.)

    8. Arrietty (the trailer looked absolutely lame, well it was the English trailer, but it is a Ghibli, so it is a must-see.)

    9. The Black Power Mixtape (never heard of it, but it looks awesome.)

    10. Metroplois.

    11. La Dolce Vita

    12. Sleeping Beauty

    13. Circumstance

    Okay, I think those are all the ones I suggest you watch. There are so many great-looking films there, though. Far too many!!

  4. Blue Valentine is so great. I hope you'll write a full-fledged review.

    Thank you for the linkage. Very kind of you!

    As for the movie advice, if I were you, I would definitely get tickets to see The Tree of Life (I guess it's right that it must be seen on the big screen), Beginners (so looking forward to it!!!), Melancholia, and Taxi Driver. Great fest!

  5. So many great films at that festival!

    You must see INCENDIES.


  6. Thanks for the link Stevee! If it weren't for the SFF, my list would be pretty slim. That NZFF lineup is pretty sweet. The three you mention are all top notch, but like Hatter I also recommend INCENDIES, THE TRIP, METROPOLIS, LA DOLCE VITA, SUBMARINE, 13 ASSASSINS, THE LAST CIRCUS, CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS, PROJECT NIM and SENNA. The other ones he mentions, I haven't seen :-p

  7. Festivals are so much fun. Its almost overwhelming how many great films you see, if you have the time to see them. There were another 20/30 I could have seen at the SFF, but I just didn't have the time...

  8. Thanks for the link! I'm also planning to check out some of the other posts you mention.

    The lineup for that NZ festival looks pretty impressive. If you only have a chance to see a few movies, I'd recommend checking out the ones you mentioned plus adding an older film or two if you haven't seen them. Getting the chance to see La Dolce Vita, Metropolis, Taxi Driver, or Nosferatu on the big screen is a rare treat I'm sure.

  9. It seems ponitless to be playing Metropolis in this festival as it has played here countless times before. I've already seen it twiceon the big screen. If they were to play A Fritz Lang film I'd rather see M which I don't think has played on the big screen in NZ for many, many years.
    Looking forward to Taxi Driver though!

  10. Tyler - I would post the speech up on here...but unfortunately, I didn't actually write it out anywhere. I just made a powerpoint and improvised the rest. And hopefully I'll be able to go to the NZFF.

    Custard - Sweet 40th doesn't have the same ring to it...maybe Fantastic 40th?! And keep Custard! I like Custard!

    Cherokee - I looooooooved Blue Valentine! And I can't shut up about it either, I'm writing a review right now coz I'm such an eager beaver!
    I like your list. I won't be able to go and see Taxi Driver, Metropolis or La Dolce Vita (I have that one on DVD though, should really watch it some time) because they're only playing in the big cities :( I'll defo take the others into consideration though, thank you my darling!

    Lesya - Doing a full review now. I've been waiting to do this all day, but stupid school got in the way! Beginners is the other movie which I keep forgetting I wanna see! I'll definitely put that on the list.

    Hatter - I'm so grateful you gave me some advice! Incendies is definitely going on the list. Oh, and Meek's Cutoff too! I quite liked Kelly Reichardt's Wendy and Lucy. And Being Elmo is one I'm particularly interested in!

    Andy - You were the man I was going to seek some advice from! I want to see them all, of course, but it's very expensive to drive 45 mins each way to the cinema, and getting the tickets is another story. So I've got to be select, and hopefully I'll get a few tix for my birthday!

    Dan - That's okay! I really want to see some of the older films, but the closest place they're playing at is five hours away (I think).

    Brent - Metropolis has played quite a bit around NZ, but not anywhere close to me! I'd love to check it out, along with M.

  11. Haha!! Yeah I can imagine little old Danes Work would be considerd too out of the way to screen Metropolis etc. A real shame because small centres deserve the chance to see such great films like this as much as anywhere.
    Am so lucky in Napier as we get a hell of alot of classics compared to many other centres, not just in NZ but world wide. I've probably seen near on fifty classics in theatres in the last 10 years.
    What do mean closet festival is five hours away??!...Napier/Hastings/Havelcok North are only just over an hours drive away if you wanted to see the festival! But yes I do appreciate the travel is a pain. I couldn't afford to and this year with it not playing in Napier but Havelock I won't see as many as I usually do because of travel costs.
    I think in 2007 I saw 20 out of the 30 played so it all adds up cost wise!

  12. We don't even have a proper cinema here, so I have to go over to Palmy to see everything! Napier has a really good cinema though, wish I could be up there!
    I thought they were only playing the classic ones in Welly and Auckland. Mind you, they haven't done any of the other schedules. If there are some playing in Napier, I might come up!
    But travel costs are a pain :(

  13. Oh, and add A SEPARATION to that list of suggestions. WOW!

  14. That's incredible because Dannevirke isn't THAT small! I must admit Palmy isn't my most favorite NZ city so don't envy you having to go there!!!
    I'm very lucky because I have four different cinemas within twenty minutes drive of home. Unfortunately the Century is closed as it is in our museum which is being torn down and replaced so I only have three now..haha!
    The Century is usually where the festival is held and I live only 4km away.

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