Thursday, June 16, 2011

What's Happening Where I Am: Cinema and DVD releases here, 16/06/11

Cinema Releases

Green Lantern - I knew that this would be the worst superhero movie of the huge lot which are hitting cinemas like a plague of locusts. Well, I thought it would be better than The Green Hornet, but after seeing the critic's reactions flowing through today (I have basically been on Tomatometer watch all day...that's what happens when you get your tonsils out), I'm afraid that this may take the cake. I do love Ryan Reynolds and Peter Sarsgaard, plus there are two great Kiwi's in it (Temeura Morrison and the awesome Taika Waititi). But otherwise, I'm afraid that I'll be missing this messy looking movie.

Bridesmaids - I like Kristen Wiig. You know why? Because she's like, the only moderately famous person who shares my birthday (22nd August, mark your calendars!) And hey, who better to share my birthday with than Kristen Wiig? She's a funny woman. I hear that Bridesmaids is very funny too. The only reservation I have about this movie is the fact that Andy Buckle did not enjoy it, and I trust his film-going instincts a lot. Oh well, Jon Hamm's in it, so I'm pretty much sorted there.

The Conspirator - James McAvoy is hot property at the moment. In fact, he's always been hot property. He's got a bloody good resume. Robert Redford's latest - a film about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln - adds some more class to McAvoy's filmography. I must admit, it's weird seeing this topic being tackled in these modern times, just as weird as it is seeing the cast that have lined up here (Alexis Bledel, Justin Long...not the usual suspects of such a film). It looks intriguing, to say the least.

Cedar Rapids - Since The Hangover, the three main stars have been over-used and over-exploited, which kinda took away their funniness. Zach Galifianakis had like a million old movies of his come out on DVD a few years after they were made. Bradley Cooper has been hitting the big time being the handsome leading guy in lots of movies. Ed Helms, however, has continued to be the sort of lowkey funny guy who just appears in movies by chance. He's the quirky funny guy, which I really like. Cedar Rapids also looks promising, mainly because I have a soft spot for these types of comedies.

DVD Releases

127 Hours - I managed to squeeze a second viewing of this in last night, and I have got to say, this film is life-changing. Sure, the story is all very dramatic (the book is really good too, extremely descriptive) and there are lots of valuable lessons to be learned. However, the way that this movie is made is bloody amazing. The editing, the split-scenes, the use of Aron Ralston's real video camera, the's a masterpiece, when you think about it. Much more than "the movie with the guy who lops off his own arm" that most people think it is.

No Strings Attached - First of all, congrats Natalie Portman on the birth of your son. Seriously, I was wondering when you were due. I'm pretty sure your son has the awesomest parents ever. However, No Strings Attached was an odd movie to follow up Black Swan. It's a cheap rom-com, starring Ashton Kutcher. But surprisingly, the movie was pretty okay. Very much the same as everything else in it's league, but Natalie is a cutie and there are some genuinely sweet moments in this.

Yogi Bear - I just finished watching this one (my Mum wanted to see it, and when you're this bored, there's really nothing else to do), and it wasn't that bad. No, I'm not just saying that because it has New Zealand in the background for the entire movie. As far as talking animal flicks go, this one is surprisingly not annoying. Okay, it was bland and particularly unexciting, but if I were a six year old, I'd probably love it. Plus, Justin Timberlake as a bear is cute.

Wild Target - Whenever I see Rupert Grint, I find it hard not to instantly refer to him as Ron Weasley. And I don't even watch Harry Potter. That may be completely unfair, but I just can't take him seriously. Nor does it look like I could possibly take Wild Target very seriously. These British comedy capers slightly annoy me, for some strange reason. I think it's because I have scarring from all of the British TV programs I was forced to watch as a kid. There's just something about British people trying to be funny on screen which hurts me, even though I'm a huge fan of British dramas (i.e. An Education). I'm not against Britain in any way, though.

What are your thoughts on these movies?


  1. I've been avoiding Green Lantern. It looks so very bad. But Green Hornet was pretty terrible too, so I dunno which will be worst superhero film yet. Gah I wanna see Bridesmaids soo very bad. I dunno when it will release in India though.

  2. Green Lantern is a pretty lame comic character anyway, so to make a film out of him is just broadcasting how he is one of the worst 'famous' superheroes going.

    I just looked at the Tomato meter and laughed quietly to myself. It is only a couple of reviews, though, but I can imagine it will sink into the 10s soon enough.

    Yogi Bear wasn't that bad? I need to see your review of this, now!

  3. Aww, my response to Bridesmaids is quite alone amongst the critical responses so far, so please don't base your desire to see this film solely on mine. But I appreciate your respect for my opinions, and the link :-)

    You have Green Lantern already? It's been pushed back to August here. Must be bad! Haha.

  4. No Strings Attached was probably a way for Portman to relax and switch gears after performing so intensely in Black Swan. I think respected actresses like her are entitled to occasionally take projects just for the fun of it.

  5. Nikhat - I'm sure Green Lantern will be better than The Green Hornet. Well, at least I hope it will be, because The Green Hornet was pretty average. Which reminds me that I should do a review on it. But I've pretty much forgotten about it now :(

    Cherokee - I didn't even know that the Green Lantern was in existence until I saw the first trailer for it. I can definitely see this slipping in to the 10s soon.
    Yogi Bear wasn't *that* bad. I'll get a four paragraph review up in a few days just for you, my dear :)

    Andy - Trust me, out all of the bloggers out there, you have the most similar taste to me. Don't worry, I will go and see this movie in my own time. It looks awesome!
    Green Lantern is in August for you? Weird. We must have gotten it early because it has a couple of NZers in it, because we are so cool like that :)

    Ian - She looked pretty relaxed in No Strings Attached. She's so lovable :)

  6. When the compromise comes and I have to see a chick flick with the other half I'm hoping, after a little persuasion towards it, that Bridemaids will satisfy us both. I like the look of it from the trailer.


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