Thursday, June 9, 2011

What's Happening Where I Am: Cinema and DVD releases here, 09/06/11

Cinema Releases

Super 8 - Words can not describe how much I want a Super 8 camera. They just look so cute and hip, and well, I think I'd look pretty damn awesome running around with one. But anyway, I don't imagine that a camera is what this movie about. No, apparently this one has aliens. And I would like to see this movie very muchly, mainly because it's Abrams and it has a whole bunch of talented little kids in it. Anyway, the reviews have been mixed, and I don't actually have any time to go to the movies (or even watch a movie at home), so this will be one I'll be sticking in the DVD player a few months from now.

Soul Surfer - After seeing a guy lop off his arm to get out of a cave in 127 Hours, do we really need another limb-losing movie so soon? Well, whatever, inspirational mushy-dush movies like this aren't that high on my list of priorities at the moment.

DVD Releases

True Grit - So yeah, I was just reading through this review and editing it down so it could go in the paper next week, and I actually think that this is the best review I've ever written. Okay, so it's not really that great, but I think it's bloody amazing for my standards. I don't know why, it just amazes me. If only I could have written that well when I was doing the X-Men: First Class review yesterday. Anyway, I rewatched the movie on Tuesday, and it's brilliant. How it didn't win any Oscars is beyond me.

Unstoppable - I really liked this movie. Mainly because me and my bud went to go and see it because we had nothing else to do, and that was like our fourth cinema trip that week, which is a first for me. While I wouldn't go as far as saying that this is a masterpiece (like my other best bud, who claims that this and Burlesque are her most favourite movies - I don't hold that against her), I would say that this is an easy watch kind of movie that people are pretty likely to enjoy (when I say 'people', I mean 95.7% of Dannevirke). Plus, Chris Pine is one damn fine guy.

The Green Hornet - I watched this the other night. And I have to admit, I wasn't paying that much attention to it, because I was too busy doing homework. But I don't think I really missed that all seemed the same. Seth Rogen trying to be funny, running around with some kick-ass Asian fighting crime, trying to win the heart of Cameron Diaz and trying to fend off an awesome Christoph Waltz. It was pretty bland. Ah well, what did you expect?

So, any thoughts on these movies? Going to see anything special this week? And, while we're at it, got any favourite posts of mine that you think are better than that True Grit review?


  1. I saw Super 8 ealier this afternoon and thought it was awful! I really savaged it in my review and hope to god that I'm not going to be alone in seriously hating it. It is the worst movie of the year for me.
    Green Hornet..yeah you didn't miss much as dick head Rogen killed it by trying to be funny.
    True Grit was awesome and superior to the original. I thought Steinfeld was seriously unlucky not to win an Oscar. So talented at such a young age.

  2. My 13-year-old sister informed me Soul Surfer was dumb because the shark wasn't scary at all and the violence wasn't graphic enough.

    I'm not sure whether to trust her or take her to a mental institution.

  3. Looking forward to see Super 8! Looks like nostalgic fun :)

    I liked Unstoppable. Very straightforward but well made action thriller. And I just received the DVD of True Grit, looking forward to watch it a second time.

  4. Looks like a proper week in NZ Stevee, True Grit and Super 8 are on my hit list. I really need to watch some new films. Been so wrapped up in older stuff.

    Great post matey!

  5. Brent - Yeah, I saw your I'm a little scared because you hated it so much :( Jesus, even I can't bring myself to review a movie with so much hate, even if I didn't like the movie that much. But that's just me...I find the positive side in everything.
    True Grit was bloody amazing. And I would have picked Hailee over Melissa Leo this year. Even though Hailee should have been in the Best Actress category!

    Chris - It's brilliant!

    James - I think you should listen to you sister. I mean, she's part of that target audience, and all.

    Castor - I think Super 8 looks like fun too. But I'll have to wait a while to see it.
    Unstoppable was really good. It moved at a really fast pace and it was just an all-round good watch. True Grit is great second time 'round as well!

    Custard - Ha, I've been so wrapped up in not watching anything! But once I get my tonsils out I'll be watching again. Thanks!

  6. Ha ha! Just stating how I saw my review on The Hustler to see the opposite for when I absolutely love a film!

  7. I read that review too, The Hustler is a brilliant movie!


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