Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Acceptance Speech

This week has been good. Well, apart from getting my tonsils out. But that will pay off in the long run. On Monday, we came second at Stage Challenge. And today, well, Cinematic Paradox was announced as the winner of Best New LAMB at the LAMMYs! Woohoo!

I was totally not expecting that at all. In fact, I wasn't even that bothered to find out who the winner was, because I pretty much knew that it wouldn't be me. But hey, I was wrong, and I won by one vote.

My goodness, thank you to anyone who voted! I was just happy that I got nominated, but winning took it to a whole other level. Call me sad or whatever, but this is like, one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to me!

You have no idea how grateful I am, that 17 people found the kindness in their hearts to vote for a 15 year old girl from Dannevirke, New Zealand. And there are a few people I'd like to thank:

First of all, the obvious people: My family (especially my Mum who has been so kind to me this week...getting me food even though I can't eat it all, driving me uptown to get some chocolate fish, sleeping in that uncomfortable chair at the hospital...), my friends, my teachers, anyone in Dannevirke who has read my blog. Oh yeah, and probably my Dad for owning Blockbuster. Without that shop, I'd probably still be obsessed with horses.

All of the other people nominated in this category. Jack, you amaze me with how much you know. You are such a talented writer, and you have done so well with your blog. To be frank, I'm actually really jealous of the amount of readership you get! James, you are really smart too. I guess that's why you got runner up for the Braniac award! Dan, you have some really cool reviews! And you hated A Nightmare on Elm Street just about as much as me! Haha. Ruth, I'm pretty new to your blog, but it certainly is awesome. Well done for being the runner up! Seriously, how I won against all of these awesome people is beyond me.

And, last but not least, there's whoever voted for me and whoever has read my blog. You know who you are. Especially Lesya and Cherokee. You guys have been around these parts for a long time, and I thank you for that!

Sorry if this post was a little too thankful. Many of the other winners probably just went about their day and didn't think anything of it. But this is amazing to me. And hey, this will probably be the only acceptance speech I ever get to do!


  1. You got Best New LAMB? Oh my God, that's great! I don't know why I didn't check to see who won, it just slipped my mind. I only very recently became a LAMB, too late to even be considered for a nomination, but I'll work hard to get nominated next year. Meanwhile, Stevee Taylor of Dannevirke is the Best New LAMB of the year? Fantastic. You set the bar for Kiwi movie blogs. Well done, Stevee.

  2. As said before on LAMB's post announcing you as the winner, congrats man! You totally deserved the win (even though all of the nominees, of course, were worthy winners.)

    And now you have practiced your acceptance speech for Film blogger awards, next up are the Oscars when you'll demand to know why Chris Nolan was not nominated for Best Director when you accept your own Director award!

    But seriously though, it is totally deserved. I was kind of a blog-snob before I found your blog, and then through that, wanted to make my own, so kudos to you for converting me!

    (Also, you're on your way to the big 1-0-0 followers man. Crazy, but good crazy!)

  3. Congratulations Stevee =) Happy for you

  4. Congratulations. ALso, i wasn't sure whether you were a girl or boy for the longest time. Hope that doesn't offend you

  5. Congrats Stevee, I kind of new you would win really.
    After all you are a veteran blogger, you've been going for near on 2 years now and post regularly.
    I'm still a bit of a new guy, and it would have felt quite strange to win instead of you...
    Plus your posts are more humorous and enjoyable to read than my boring reviews ;)

  6. Stevee, once again, congrats! It's like my third time saying this but how can I not tell you this under such a post, lol. I wish your reader audience to grow and hope to see your blog nominated next year in other categories.

    I'm also thrilled that you mentioned me here. It seriously feels like I've gotten a thanks credit on IMDb :)

    Hope the pain doesn't torment you anymore!

  7. Yo Stevee, congrats man! I'm so honored to be a runner-up under this category, and sorry I haven't been to your blog but I definitely will visit more often. Keep up the great work!

  8. What glory. GLORY.

    Um, yeah. Congratulations.

  9. magnoliaforver - Definitely go for the LAMMYs next year! I will be supporting you 100%. Thanks!

    Cherokee - Whenever I do win that Oscar, I'm gonna go straight up there and ask why the hell Chris Nolan was not nominated in 2011. I will never let this go. Never.
    I'm glad I converted you! I'm so glad you finally got a's so awesome! I hope you're joining the LAMB sometime soon ;)
    Seriously, thanks for all of the comments and stuff. *cyber hug*

    Andina - Thank you!

    Dirtywithclass - I am a girl :) Doesn't offend me, my whole name can actually be a boys name too (Stevee Kim Taylor)

    Jack - I so thought you had it in the bag! You have such an awesome, popular blog. And your reviews are not at all boring! They are intelligent. I love that.

    Lesya - I'm already campaigning for Best Blog. Haha, jokes, there's no way I can be as good as those big-wigs out there. And how could I not mention you? You have been so kind to me!
    I'm getting better :D

    Ruth - I bet you're really excited! Keep up the good work too!

    Simon - GLORY. Thanks!

  10. Well Done Stevee!!

    I bet you are a very happy bunny. You do have a great site here too. I am sure you know that now!!

    I am always sure I comment here but when I check back my comments are not there. I don't know why...weird!!

  11. I sure am a happy bunny! And I've heard I have a good site...but I still don't believe it :)

    That is quite weird. The Blogger commenting system is really starting to cheese me right off. I might get a different commenting system, if I can be bothered.

  12. Stand by your principles! Don't let it go, because when that day happens, (and it will), it will be an acceptance speech to remember!

    Thanks man! That means a lot, it really does. You set the blogging world high, so coming from you, it's really nice to hear that I am doing alright so far!

    It's a long way off joining the LAMB. I've only been on this blogging road for a month or so, but I'd love to try and join you fellow awesome bloggers when the time comes (as I so wanted to take part in the Lynch blogathon, but I couldn't because of the lack of LAMB status.)

    And I shall return your cyber hug! Man, it feels like I am my 8 year old self in some weird chatroom now haha.

    I completely forgot to thank you for including me in your acceptance speech! So thank you!

  13. Ha, I doubt it will happen, but if it does, I will definitely mention Chris Nolan's name first!

    I'm not that high in the blogging world, but anyone can see that you're doing alright! Seriously, when I was only one month into blogging, I was doing shitty paragraph long reviews on any bloody movie with only 3 followers. Thank goodness times have improved since then, haha. But you are doing really well!

    There's no right or wrong time to join the LAMB. It takes a month for the application to make it onto the website (usually) and it doesn't really matter about how long you've been blogging! Awesome stuff goes on there.

    Oh, the chatrooms. Gosh, do they still exist?

    While we're at it, do you know anything about trying to make a website? I just don't know what to do. Wordpress is so cool but I do not know how to use it. How will this project ever get off the ground?!

    You're welcome :)


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