Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cinematic Paradox is takin' a break...

It's that time of year again. It's the time of year when the school does something theatrical and I decide to give up my life so I can be in it. Last year it was a stage production, and this year it is a regional competition called "Stage Challenge".

If you want a bit of background on that: Stage Challenge is a competition which happens in several different areas of the country, and schools from the same region compete against each other for the top prize. A school has to create an eight minute performance, which is mainly told through dance, and also has a message. Out one has a war theme, and it's pretty awesome.

Tomorrow is the big day. I have to get up at 6am and be at school before 7am, and spend the day over in Palmerston North (our neighbouring city), have the big show happen at around 7pm and wait until it wraps up at around 11pm. So that would mean I'd have only one day off blogging, right?

Instead of coming home at that late hour of night, I have to stay over in Palmy because at 7am the next morning, I am getting my tonsils out. I've had some seriously bad problems with tonsillitis in the past, so this will do me the world of good. Obviously, I'll be pretty shattered afterwards, and I'm not sure how long I'll be offline for. But having all this time off school will give me enough time to watch a few more movies than I have been lately, which is always good.

So I just thought I'd tell you that in case you feel a hole ripped out of your heart because I'm not around (ahahaha). I'm not dead (unless I don't survive getting my tonsils out, I really am expecting the worst), I'm just not...healthy. But while I'm absent, leave me some nice comments telling me some movies which I should watch over my break. Yes, I want feel-good ones. Because Mum won't let me watch 127 Hours the night after I get the tonsils out. Comment it up, and I'll be back in no time!

Peace out.


  1. I wish you all the very best for stage challenge, and although getting your tonsils out can be freaky, my sister got through it all right and so should you. I was gonna recommend some movies... until you said feel-good. Yeah, that really isn't my specialty but I have one that is not only a BRILLIANT movie, but it has a feel-good ending. It's an indie comedy called Buffalo 66. If you have time (and if you can find it--Fatso should have it), try and check it out. Best of luck for tomorrow!

  2. That stage challenge sounds like fun. Enjoy your time away from here, and good luck with the surgery.

  3. Good luck with your school thingie and your surgery! Feel good movies aren't my specialty either but One Fine Day and Mamma Mia always cheer me up.

  4. Good luck for tomorrow, man! And don't worry about the tonsil situation, it is surely going to be fine.

  5. But what if i need someone to fanboy over Deborah when your not around.


    ...on the topic of feel good movies, i would give Definitely, Maybe a chance. it is one of the few "hollywood" rom-coms i've enjoyed

  6. I have fun in your school thingie and good luck on the tonsils situtation. Can't wait to read your blog posts again.

  7. Good luck!

    I am pretty bad when it comes to feel good films though, I have a preference for depressing stuff for some reason...

  8. Good luck Stevee and have fun :)

  9. Oh, may your luck not suck.

    I love accidental rhyming. I should do it more often.

    Anyway, go make the stage call you Ma'am.

    I heard someone say that once, and it was kind of badass, so just picture, like, Clint Eastwood saying that, and you'll be fine.

  10. Thanks for the support everyone! As seen in the post I just did, Stage Challenge went really well and I'm still alive. And also thanks for the recommendations! I've seen most of them but a few rewatches would be great :)

  11. I'm too late with the words of support and good luck wishes...

  12. ...but you're support is welcome all the same :)


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