Friday, June 3, 2011

5 Reasons Why I Love Amy Adams

As I haven't been watching many movies lately (I've been making my way through season three of True Blood, just about finished!), I've kinda run out of things to blog about. So why not just take some time out to go gaga over my favourite actress, the amazing and adorable Amy Adams. And yeah, this might turn into a weekly feature. Just because I'm so awesome.

1. She's a redhead

Well, actually, our dearest Amy is actually a blonde. But now she is more known for her red locks, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Mainly because I'm obsessed with red hair, and she looks amazing with it. And I think that red hair builds real character. There aren't that many out there with the colour, which makes Amy stand out from the crowd in a way. Plus, she has a really big personality to go with her hair colour.

2. Her performance in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day is one of my favourite movies. It's a fluffy romantic comedy set in the days leading up to World War II, with a down-on-her-luck and homeless governess Guinevere (Frances McDormand) who comes across an actress, Delysia LaFosse (Amy), who has three men to call her own. You can see why these men all want her: she's pretty, fun and ambitious. But then again, despite the fact that she's effectively leading all of her me along, there's this stunning emotional strain in her that makes you really fall in love with her. I think this is the best example of what Amy can do. She's bewitching and charming, and where she could come off as annoying, she is effortlessly enjoyable. It's a rare talent which she has, which makes her so wonderful.

3. She sings.

Okay, any actor/actress who sings has my heart. Unless they sing before they act. Amy has a beautiful singing voice. We saw it in Enchanted, where she happily sung the fluffy songs. Then she soulfully sung 'If I Didn't Care' in Miss Pettigrew for a Day, in a scene which makes me cry every time I watch it. Another movie she sung in was Moonlight Serenade, which was a dull quasi-musical. I must say, Amy's singing was at her best here, even if this wasn't her best movie. Her voice is simply spell-binding and very sweet, it's like lying in a field of marshmallows.

4. The Sisters vs. Charlene in The Fighter

I was watching The Fighter again this week and I still think her performance was a lot stronger than Melissa Leo's. As much as I thought her performance was really authentic and she played the part of the mother really well, Amy was just really different in this movie, and had a lot of fight in her. Which is especially on show when Amy does everyone a favour: she stands up to the seven sisters. Sure, there's seven of them and one of her, but in that porch scene, she manages to beat the shit out of Gail and scare the rest of them off. That's our Charlene, the fiery ex-high jumper barmaid who has a huge heart and a huge temper, who brought down the seven most annoying and entertaining women to come on film.

5. She's pretty much already overdue for her Oscar.

Okay, so I know that she's only been nominated three times, all in the supporting actress category, but you have got to wonder when Amy is going to get her Oscar, and whether she will ever get nominated in the leading actress category. I know that she takes mostly only supporting roles, and that's cool. However, all of the performances she has been nominated for are all star performances. So how far does she need to go to win her Oscar? I'm not sure. But all I do know is the fact that it just ain't the Oscars if a brilliant Amy Adams performance isn't nominated. I just don't want her to keep going win-less year after year.

Do you like Amy Adams? What are some of your favourite performances of hers?


  1. I can't believe the first time I saw her was sooo long ago in Catch Me If You Can. Well actually, it was in Smallville, but I only noticed a couple of years later, she's a bit unrecognizable there haha I haven't seen Miss Pettigrew, nor that many movies with her, so I'd have to say my favorite performance would be The Fighter.

  2. I love Amy Adams too. I also love her in kicking ass the sisters in the Fighter, where she transforms to be a tough girl.

  3. Brent.

    Still unable to sign in!! Can't get my other browser working either.Grrrrr.

    Yeah I like Amy Adams to, particularly in Miss Pettigrew. She plays the dizzy part extremely well. But I think she was beter in Sunshine Cleaning with Emily Blunt.

  4. I liked her a lot in Doubt, can't really think of anything else I've seen her in right now...
    I'll be watching the Fighter soon though.

  5. Nice tribute, although i am kinda sad to see no love for her role in Doubt. She managed to give a memorable and powerful performance in a movie filled with seasoned actors. A lesser actor would have stuck out like a sore thumb

    BTW i'm the fellow Jessica fan from the open bar thread =D

  6. I'm a huge Amy Adams fan. If you do a weekly special on her you get a special place in my RSS feed... =)

  7. Tis Simon. Blogger's still being a whore.

    Actresses never seem to be natural redheads anymore, do they? I mean, Adams and Emma Stone and Christina Hendricks and...others, I'm sure...

  8. Maria Sofia - Ha, I remember her in Catch Me If You Can. She was so cute with braces. You should check out some of her other work! She's absolutely brilliant.

    Andina - That scene in The Fighter is the best damn scene of the whole movie.

    Brent - She's brilliant in Sunshine Cleaning. I should probably watch that movie again, because the preview disc I watched it on from work was all out of sync. But from what I can remember, she was really good in it, and it's sad that the movie just passed on by.

    Jack - She was amazing in Doubt. That was probably my favourite performance of hers after Miss Pettigrew.

    Dirtywithclass - Well, since I only had 5 spots, I had to be really selective. But her performance in Doubt was great. She worked really well with everyone else, and damn, that was a great cast.
    Oh, I guessed it was you! Jessica fans, unite!

    Joel - Cool!

    Simon - Blogger's still being a whore on my computer too. Apart from on Google Chrome. It's all fun and games on here!
    No, there aren't many natural redheads. I know that Isla Fisher, Julianne Moore and Bryce Dallas Howard are. But there are so many that aren't, but they really suit it. I love redheads.

  9. I'm a big Amy Adams fan. Loved her in Julie and Julia, Doubt, The Fighter...pretty much everything. Great to hear that she will be in the next PTA film! Yew!

  10. I actually thought Adams was quite good... until I saw Leap Year. However, she seems to be redeeming herself and am looking forward to seeing her work with P.T. Anderson. How is it that every female character in a P.T. Anderson movie is a drug addict (excluding Emily Watson in Punch-Drunk Love)? Hopefully Amy Adams can make an honest director out of him.

  11. Adore Amy Adams, looking forward to hearing her sing again in the new Muppet movie (she looks to be singing in the trailer anyway). I first saw her in Enchanted, loved her in the Fighter. If I hadn't been gunning for J. Weaver to win the Oscar, I would have been gunning for Amy. Agree that her performance was stronger than Melissa Leo's.

  12. I read the post the other day, but didn't have time to comment. Amy Adams is great. I sooo agree with you that her performance in The Fighter was stronger than Leo's!

  13. Andy - Yeah, I love her in pretty much everything too. I can't wait for this P.T. Anderson flick!

    magnoliaforever - Leap Year was pretty awful, but I still love her. I'm sure this Anderson flick she's doing will be amazing!

    Ruth - I hope she does sing in the Muppet movie! I'm the same as you, I was gunning for Jacki Weaver to win that Oscar, and then Amy. In fact, Leo was my last choice to win the Oscar, because I liked Carter and Steinfeld a lot too.

    Lesya - Her performance was stronger than Leo's! I'm actually not sure how Leo got that Oscar!

  14. If loving Any adams if wrong I don't want to be right. I keep getting her confused with Amy Smart...

  15. I don't know what I was expecting to see when I started watching The Fighter. I've admired her roles in her other movies, but was totally unprepared for her portrayal as Charlene. Simply an amazing performance, unlike anything she has done before.

  16. Maurice - I have no problem in that area :)

    John - I didn't know what to expect from her in The Fighter either. She completely blew me away with her performance.


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