Thursday, May 19, 2011

What's Happening Where I Am: Cinema and DVD releases here, 19/05/11

Cinema Releases

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - I shamefully admit that I have never seen any of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, nor do I wish to. But Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley aren't in this one? And Penelope Cruz is? Oh, and can someone please tell me what Johnny Depp looks like normally?

Brighton Rock - I must say, this one looks interesting. It's an adaption of a classic 1938 novel and a remake of a 1947 film, which is the kind of time period you don't see getting updated much these days. I like my British movies, especially if they have Helen Mirren in them. And if they are about sociopaths.

DVD Releases

Let Me In - So, I'll probably write a review of this during the weekend, therefore I won't share to much here. I'll just reminisce on a couple of posts I did back in the day before any of you lovely people knew this blog even existed: a post which actually brought this blog some attention after a while (I'm actually still quite proud of this post) and another one dissing the trailer.
Here's my formal apology:
Dear Let Me In,
I'm sorry I was so horrid to you before I even saw you. It's just that...Let the Right One In is my 9th favourite movie of all time so naturally I felt defensive over it. But it just shows that impressions changed, and America didn't fuck it up at all. You were amazing.
Love, Stevee.

Winter's Bone - I was all set to watch this one tonight but the suppliers were late (I wouldn't be surprised if they don't send it at all), so I'm stuck just writing about it. I do love this film. And with all the Jennifer Lawrence around at the moment, it's interesting to think of how this film started it at all. God bless her.

True Blood: Season 3 - It's worth mentioning that this came out on DVD yesterday because, well, it's the only TV program which I watch. Next week, instead of studying (exams come with study leave as I'm a senior, stoked!), I'll be watching all the True Blood I can. If you notice a lack of movie watching from me next week...then this will be why.

What do you think of these films/TV shows? Are you a Truebie?


  1. Glad to hear you liked Let Me In, I thought it was really great. Better than the original but then again I wasn't very impressed by the original.

    I don't think I'll be seeing any of the other films here, POTC bores me and Depp is annoying, Brighton Rock is a remake of one of my favourite films perfectly adapted from one of my favourite books so I was against the idea of a remake anyway.

    I might watch Winters Bone though, it looks pretty good.

    And as for True Blood, I've never seen an episode, but I'm not fan of TV series anyway so I probably won't bother...

  2. Funnily enough, my dad watched Brighton Rock and in his words it was a 'calamity'. This made me laugh for some reason. I didn't have high expectations of it anyway, but it takes a lot for my dad to call a film that...

    Man, I remember those posts! More or so when looking at your old posts and stuff, as I don't think I started commenting that early on. But either way, the old days have passed. I do love that post about the hoodie though.

  3. Jack - Let Me In was great. Let the Right One In has always been a really special film to me, seeing as it started off this blog. And it was the first subtitled movie I ever saw. Now I blog lots and watch more subtitled started off two interesting things.
    Winter's Bone is good. Very depressing and dark, but it's a solid American independent film.
    I don't watch TV that much either. I get pissed off with waiting around each week and I lose interest. I started watching True Blood when they were replaying it on TV and really fell into it, and for my birthday my friends all chipped in to buy me the first two series on DVD. That way, I have fun watching them. I can't wait to see the next series!

    Cherokee - Ha, I'll take his word for it!
    Indeed, the old days have passed. I do think the blog has really grown from that hoodie post. That was really the first non-review type thing I did on here, and now, I actually have more fun not doing reviews.

  4. I went to a midnight showing of POTC 4 and greatly enjoyed it. The story was much simpler in comparison to the previous movies, so it successfully avoiding the problem of biting off more than could be chewed. It's entertaining enough for fans but probably won't regain interest from those already bored from the franchise.

  5. Meh, I've never seen any of the POTC movies and I'm not sure I will in the future. But I've heard that lots of people like it, in comparison to all the bad reviews it got!


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