Sunday, May 1, 2011

Unleashing My 100 Favourite Movies of All-time...

Why yes, I have decided that it is time to do a Top 100 list, which at first I thought would be easy. I mean, surely I haven't even seen 100 really awesome list-worthy movies. Once I took a look at my IMDb voting history, which has around 640 different titles on it, I realized that there are at least 200 list-worthy movies on there. So I really had to knuckle down and get rid of some really great movies, and this was the best 100 I could come up with.

So, guys and gals, what do you think of my list? Am I classified as a true cinema lover? Or do you think I have rated some movies far too high? Please, have your say!

(P.S. Yes, there are three movies by Chris Nolan in my top 5. That's just the way it rolls, Holmes.)


  1. I had a look! It was real good! Pretty every film I've seen on that list I loved. Except for maybe District 9. Don't get me wrong, it was a good movie, but something about it didn't really do it for me...
    There were a quite a few on that list I hadn't seen though! Really have to get around to seeing those Batman movies lol.
    Ps You should go read our blog! I stuck a link to this site on one of our posts!

  2. I've been planning to make such a list for too much time. It is indeed terribly difficult, and I don't think I watched enough great movies to make one.

    I checked the list out, I love it! However, I haven't seen many films. I also liked that you have many classic movies in it.

  3. Jordan - Aw thanks! I guess I just really like District 9 coz it was so low budget, and I like my low budget movies.
    Ha, you should wait until next year when the last one comes out, then you can watch them all together, that would be epic!
    And I read your blog, thank you a million times again!

    Lesya - Yeah, I've been planning for a long time too. I made a draft list around a year ago, so I decided to make a real one this time around. It was good fun!
    I was surprised at how many classics made it in. I seem to love almost any classic I watch!

  4. Great list :) I guess I have to see this 'Memento'.

  5. Well, I did a list of my top 25. Should I expand it to 100? Nah, too much work.

  6. I should do a similar list as well, but it would take me forever to narrow it down to a hundred...

    Anyway, I like your list, we've got pretty different tastes in film but nonetheless we still share a few favourites!

    Great work, it must have taken quite a while!

  7. Wow that's a lot of Christopher Nolan in the top 5 although I would have The Prestige ahead of all those. Also seems like you are a huge fan of Grace Kelly!

    Glad to see Mean Girls in the top 10, a true classic :)

  8. An interesting blend of new and old. Even though I do tend having a lot of new films on my list, I always find myself gravitating towards the past more when I add or rearrange my top 100.

    Too many Nolan films for my taste, but I'm not a Nolan fan.

    Love seeing All About Eve, Carrie and Casablanca. Also, love seeing some Howard Hawks films on the list.

    If you're like me, you'll find yourself constantly reconstructing this new list as you see more and more films. I'll be updating mine in the next few months here and I'll have at least 10 new entries.

  9. Haha that's right, @cinemasights here prefers his Richard Kelly!

    Great list Stevee. I've never made a top 100 myself (although I guess my list on Flickchart might be fairly accurate...I haven't checked it in a while). But looking through yours a lot jump out at me. Plus we have the same number 1 (and THE DARK KNIGHT would probably be in my top 10 - Nolan rocks!!)

    Just a couple of random movies I love that aren't on your list: UNITED 93, CITY OF GOD, THE SHINING, FULL METAL JACKET, JAWS, TERMINATOR 2, LOCK STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS, THREE KINGS, ALIEN, ALIENS, BLADE RUNNER, GONE BABY GONE (much better than THE TOWN in my opinion), FARGO and THE FLY. I guess I could go on for hours, but these are just a few movies that I know would make my own list for sure. Got any thoughts on them? (Haven't seen or just not as crazy about them as I am?) you've got me wanting to make my own list! Keep up the great blog Stevee

  10. Andina - Definitely! It's such a good movie!

    Anna - I thought I'd get by on 50. Haha, I was so wrong. Give me 150 spots and I'd give you a list.

    Jack - I thought it would take forever, but all up it only took me four hours or so (I worked on it on and off over a couple of nights). I'd love to see your list!

    Castor - What can I say? I love Christopher Nolan. I was surprised at how much Grace Kelly got in here, but I saw most of her movies a really long time ago, and I've been rewatching them ever since! I love her!
    Ah, Mean Girls. That has to be the best comedy I've ever seen.

    James - Yeah, I'll be adding and rearranging this list a lot, I can tell. I think that old films are a lot easier to stick in a list, because everyone doesn't act as snarky as they do if you have like 50 movies from 2010 in there.
    I knew people would act like I pissed on their puppy over the Nolan thing (I exaggerate, I just really like that saying). Ah well, it's no skin off my teeth, I just love all of those movies :)
    Those movies are awesome! The three you mentioned are truly the movies that started off my big obsession. Especially Carrie. I was in love with that movie for ages. Good times.

    Tom - Speaking of Richard Kelly, I so forgot to put Donnie Darko in the list :( Ah well, I probably need to watch it again in order for it to have a spot here.
    Thanks! Oh, Flickchart. I've been on there a few times (damn it's addictive), and Iron Man 2 is currently my second favourite movie. It's not my fault they keep putting that movie up against ones like Sex and the City 2!
    Yes, Nolan rocks!
    I haven't seen any of those movies, I know I'm slack. But they're on my Fatso queue so I will get around to them...some time. As for Gone Baby Gone, I'm definitely going to watch it soon. I felt a bit risky putting The Town in there, but what can I say? I love well-acted crime thrillers, even when they have a little romance in there.
    Make a list! Make a list! And I shall keep on going, thanks!

  11. With the ones I've seen, I can only agree. Some of them genuine classics, others underrated pearls. Wonderful job you've done!

  12. Ahh you got to it before I did, dammit! I had been working on my top 100 since January and haven't nearly scrapped getting to 50...but well done on doing yours, man! It is truly a hard, and daunting task. And the thing is, when you see a film that blows you away and it's a recent watch, I don't know about you, but for me, I feel wary to call it a favourite film because I don't know how long it's gonna hold up in my esteem for (I still do it anyway though haha).

    I have to be honest with ya though, there are definitely a few in your list that I am not too keen on. Think I already mentioned about my not liking Scott Pilgrim and finding Black Swan was a bit of a letdown but you'd probably be surprised, I know I was when I watched it, that I didn't really dig Atonement.

    However, saying that, ROTK, Eternal Sunshine, The Matrix, Sunset Blvd and Double Indemnity would no doubt make a list of mine!

    There is a real good mix of classic American vs. Modern American film-making, and I really like that about your list. Also, the fact that our lists - whenever I get round to doing one - would be completely different is nice, too. (Since we won't be fighting over the love for a certain film too much!)

    Good job on doing what so little of us can do though, Stevee!

  13. Lime(tte) - Why thank you!

    Cherokee - Long time no see! Ha, I didn't work on this very long. I've realized that I've left a few off (namingly many Danny Boyle movies), but on the next change in maybe...three months, I'll clean it up a little.
    I was a bit wary about putting movies that I've just seen in the list. Like The Town. But hey, I really like that movie, and I've watched it three times within a kinda qualifies.
    Classic American vs. Modern American film-making has always interested me, and I love both kinds of films equally, so I wanted to show that in the list. And having completely different lists is cool! I mean, that would show some movies which I need to catch up on!
    Awwwww, thanks :)

  14. I'm still editing my own top 100. I can't take the pressure!


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