Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Links Are All Right

I've already seen The Kids Are All Right before, but I decided I'd give it another go since I had nothing else to watch. I'd already watched the other two releases, Made in Dagenham and Little Fockers, last week since the long weekend forced the suppliers to send everything earlier than usual. Now I am watching The Town, for no special reason at all...I'm leaving The Woman in the Window until tomorrow since I'm just not in the mood for that kind of movie at the moment. I feel quite guilty.

Anyway, I've read these, so I hope that you do too:

The Hell Street Journal just posted a review on The Disappearance of Alice Creed. I really liked this movie, and I can't wait until this classic movie marathon is over so I can review it.

I've finally found a review on Black Death, from Rachel's Reel Reviews. That was a pretty good, if a little underrated, movie.

Nick at Random Ramblings of a Demented Doorknob really liked Life is Beautiful. This movie is indeed beautiful.

Seen (500) Days of Summer? Post your review over at Paracinematic Cinephile. This is a great way of getting a community going!

I was on this weeks LAMBcast, talking about the awful Abandoned, starring the late Brittany Murphy.

Lesya reviewed and liked Hop. Unpopular opinions always win with me!

Another day, another review of Hanna. This time, it's from Hatter at The Dark of the Matinee. God, I wanna see this movie. I'm dying for more Olivia Williams!

Andrew at Encore's World of Film & TV did a post on the 'Miss Baltimore Crabs' sequence in Hairspray. This just reminded me of how great this film is. And it reminded me of how I had no life back in 2008 coz I still know all the words to all the songs.

A different Andrew (at Andy Buckle's Film Emporium) review Incendies. I might check this out in the future!

And finally, just a reminder that the LAMMYs are heating up, and the votes should be going in. I'M HERE! I'M HERE! Okay, my campaigning is over. I'd love a vote my way, though...

Have a good week! And expect something new on the blog once I'm finally finished this classic movie marathon!


  1. Thank you for the linkage Ms. Taylor! Hopefully you don't have to wait too much longer to see HANNA.

  2. Thank you for the support! Here's hoping a community will thrive in no time :D

  3. Love the blog. Got the link from Eternity of Dream by Lesya. I shal be back regularly :)

  4. Woo! Thanks for the link Stevee! :-)

  5. Hatter - Ah yeah, only a month and a half :( June 16th, come faster!

    Lesya - How could I not link you :)

    Liam - I hope so too, you've got such a great idea going!

    Mark - Woo! Thank you Lesya!

    Andy - My pleasure :)


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