Thursday, March 31, 2011

What's (not) Happening Where I Am, 31/03/11

So, today, Rabbit Hole and The Way Back were supposed to finally hit our cinemas on wide release, but earlier in the week they were both pulled. I suspect the reason has something to do with the fact that they are both in the World Cinema Showcase, which is touring the big cities from now until mid-May. I was quite looking forward to Rabbit Hole, but it seems like I'll miss it, as well as other movies like Rubber, Restrepo, Catfish, and Another Year, as these are touring with this showcase and will completely miss my tiny town. So with Rabbit Hole and The Way Back both being pulled from cinemas, there isn't really anything else to talk about. Because literally nothing is coming out.

As for DVDs there is only The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader, which I never got the chance to see before it hit the shelves as the suppliers brought it in to us late. But having not seen the second one, I don't feel any special need to watch this one. sorry about the lack of releases, and lack of blogging, I guess. It's been a tough day. I'm ready to curl up in a ball and go into hibernation mode. I've also been really slack with watching movies lately. Seen anything good, lately?


  1. Not really. In theaters, I honestly can say that I have not seen anything "good". I did enjoy "Paul" though. :] Does that make me weird? I don't care, I laughed! Anyway, you should watch the second Narnia film, it's pretty good. By the way, I run a similar movie blog.
    Try and see "Catfish"!

  2. Do you work at a video store?

    I haven't visited a cinema recently, but I have seen some worthwhile (and not so worthwhile) stuff on DVD. The American was the last good film I watched. As you've noted in a previous entry, it's definitely stylish. And it relies heavily on its visuals for the emotional storytelling. The narrative is very slow paced which is why many will be bored stiff. But if you have at least a vague knowledge of what to expect or hold an appreciation for film art, it's a good watch.

  3. Jordan - I haven't seen Paul, so I can't judge you yet, haha. Oh, and consider yourself followed!

    Ian - My father owns a DVD store, and I work their every weekend. I should really watch The American. It sounds like my type of film!

  4. My father owns a DVD store, and I work their every weekend.

    That's cool. I worked for the Movie Gallery franchise for three and a half years until the company went under. For a while, they were the number two chain behind Blockbuster although I don't think they ever expanded beyond North America.

    I miss that job a lot. If I lived in New Zealand, I'd ask your father if he was hiring.

  5. Oh, why thank you[: xD

    I have not seen The American yet but I have a friend who passionately dislikes the film. What he said about it kinda turned me off from it.

    And I'd like a job too xD

  6. Ian - Jesus, I just realized I said 'their' instead of 'there'. As a grammar Nazi, I am now smacking myself on the head.
    I've never heard of the 'Movie Gallery' franchise. Jobs at video stores are awesome!!

    Jordan - 'Tis okay! I was gonna get The American out tonight, but then I completely forgot about it (again). I don't know whether I want to watch it, but I'll watch literally anything. both want jobs. Hehehe, just come to Dannevirke, NZ and we'll give you one! But once you get to this town, you'll regret it xD


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