Thursday, March 24, 2011

What's Happening Where I Am: Cinema and DVD releases here, 24/03/11

Cinema releases

Red Riding Hood - Before my recent crying experience at the movies in Never Let Me Go, I sat through four trailers for upcoming movies. I believe the first three were Water for Elephants, The Way Back and The Lincoln Lawyer. I was secretly hoping the last one would be something awesome like Sucker Punch or Source Code. But no, it was Red Riding Hood. I probably would have met this trailer with delight had critics smothered it with love, but with that 10% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, I had to see the bad side in everything. It looks so Twilight. Like, sexuality reigns and scares sit hiding behind the trees. All I saw was lots of red hood, lots of boy/girl awkwardity and Amanda Seyfried with a thing on her head. Oh, and they kept going about some wolf. Possible reasons to watch this? Gary Oldman, an alright soundtrack and the boredom of doom. I do like Amanda Seyfried though, even though she makes some shocking films. "Who's Afraid?" I'm afraid for the day when I actually have to watch this on DVD.

World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles - Here's another case of "I like the actor but I ain't paying to see this crap". Roger Ebert hated it. Or he just had his period while he was writing the review. I'd go see this for Aaron Eckhart, and Aaron Eckhart alone. But I don't pay just for one reason like that. I just wait until they come out on DVD and I don't have to pay. I save money that way. The way I see it, I'd be paying a lot for this movie. First I'd buy the ticket. $15. Then I'd buy my Combo 3: Popcorn, Coke and Choc Dipped Ice Cream. $10. Then I'd also have to invest in some hand sanitizer because this movie looks really unhygienic. $4. And possibly deoderant because this movie looks really sweaty. $3.77. On minimum wage, it's hard to find $32.77 to spend on a cheap looking movie like this. Guess it looks like I ain't seeing this one.

Get Low - SISSY SPACEK! SISSY SPACEK! Jesus, where has she been? Many moons ago I had this obsession with her after I watched Carrie. Like, I was so obsessed I even did a speech on her (and got into the finals, but didn't place because she wasn't a 'well known topic'). But basically, I savour any opportunity to see her on screen. This one looks interesting. There was all that Oscar buzz going around for Robert Duvall. Bill Murray...the guy from Zombieland, right? (Joking, I don't recognize him because of that role). Again, I'll patiently wait for it to come out on DVD. I mean, it's taken FOREVER to get here, what's four more months?

DVD releases

Due Date - Hell, Due Date was disappointing. I knew that it wouldn't be great with all the negative press it got, but I thought the pairing of Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis would get me through. I won't say much more...the full review should be up either tomorrow or the next day.

Machete - Danny Trejo, you sexy beast. Did you know that Lindsay Lohan is a part of this movie? She was annoying. I did quite enjoy this movie, as I am weirdly drawn to violence at it's most graphic, but it was a very joyless ride. Again, I won't say much more since the review for this should be up during the weekend.

The Ghost Writer - Read my full review here. Ah, this movie was just awesome. And since it probably won't rent this weekend, I may be able to get in another watch. Yeehee!

The American - I stupidly forgot to get this out. Oh well, it came out on DVD today instead of Wednesday, so it messed up my DVD watching schedule. Plus, I forgot to ask my sister to legally go get it for me (age restrictions, hate 'em). So what is this? An Italian style actioner starring the Cloon? It looks pretty serious. And pretty stylish. Whenever this goes on to 7 days I'll definitely give it a try.


  1. Though I know it is shit, I as soooooo watching Red Riding Hood. I have this habit of watching films with hot men in it, good or bad. Max Irons is my new celeb crush (you should see his Jimmy Kimmel interview...brilliance)!

    Oh do scream SISSY SPACEK a few more times.

  2. We got Red Riding Hood and The Mechanic today. Biutiful and Waiting for Superman on limited release. Saw The Mechanic...solid action film, what you would expect from Statham. No way am I seeing Red Riding Hood despite my love for Amanda Seyfried haha.

    As for DVDs you have to see The American. Very good film!

  3. Nikhat - Oh, I'm down for hot men in movies. My friends are going to see that movie this weekend, so they'll tell me all about it. I'll check it out come DVD time.

    Andy - I don't know when Biutiful is coming out. It looks depressing, though. The Mechanic...there's another movie I haven't seen making the rounds here! Oh, I'm the same as you. I love Amanda Seyfried, but I don't like her film choices.
    I will watch The American whenever I get the chance!


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