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Top 10 movies that made me cry like a baby...

Up until late 2008, I used to think I was such a fearless child and I would never cry in any movie. Never. Then I watched a certain movie and it would seem that I can cry in just about any movie I watch. If one thing even remotely looks cryable I will probably turn on the waterworks. This sounds like a very melancholy list, if I do say so myself.

10. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The end is inevitable, but the outcome is still so sad. However, possibly the saddest part about this movie is Benjamin's voiceover which takes a look at the people he had met during his unusual life:
"Some people, were born to sit by a river. Some get struck by lightning. Some have an ear for music. Some are artists. Some swim. Some know buttons. Some know Shakespeare. Some are mothers. And some people, dance."
Then we see water rushing through the train station up to the backwards clock. I couldn't think of a more heartbreakingly beautiful way to end a film.

9. A Single Man

There is no doubting that A Single Man is a pretty sad movie right the way through, as it is pretty much a quest for suicide from start to almost finish. But the end is so sad in the way that when someone finally reaches happiness, the world has to go and screw it up again. As George says, though, "Everything is exactly the way it's meant to be."

8. Australia

I've never really talked about this film or my fascination with Baz Luhrmann's films on the blog. I'm a huge fan of Baz Luhrmann's body of work, and even though this is particularly my least favourite, this made me cry the most out of any of them (and hey, Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge! did make me cry a lot). In fact, when I saw it in cinemas about two years back, I think I cried on three separate occasions. It's such a soppy film, but amongst all that sop that I'm usually immune to, there's such raw emotion that I couldn't help to shed a tear for. The only thing was, I wasn't crying as much as the middle aged women three rows behind me. I suspect that had something to do with Hugh Jackman.

7. A Star is Born (1937)

Here is the movie that started it all. Back in late 2008, I settled in to watch A Star is Born, which I bought for $3.50 from a bargain bin at the Warehouse, not really knowing what to expect. Amidst all the really shonky technicolour which hadn't been enhanced for the DVD release, I found my eyes watering towards the end. That was pure shock for me, as I'd never felt that before. And considering this was the first version of this well-known story, I can't even begin to imagine what the Judy Garland version would be like.

6. Inception

Okay, I don't for the life of me know why I cry in this movie every bloody time I watch it. It isn't even that sad. Let's take a trip back to that Thursday night, July 22nd, 2010. I was pretty excited to see this movie. More than that, I just about had a heart attack every time I heard the word 'Inception' mentioned. So, I guess you could say I had high expectations for this movie. I think I cried on three separate occasions, but I can't remember exactly which ones. But by the end, I was bawling my eyes out, possibly from the fact that this movie exceeded my expectations. I actually walked out of the cinemas with tears streaming down my face and didn't stop shaking for like an hour. This may sound strange to all you sane people out there, but Inception hit me in such a weird way that it made me question my sanity.

5. Once Were Warriors

For those of you who aren't familiar with NZ cinema (i.e. all of you), Once Were Warriors is perhaps our most famous movie ever. And guess what? It is about domestic violence. It's pretty much the most disturbing piece of cinema I have ever had to put my innocent soul through, and I'm sure I came out of it damaged. While this is a fantastic film on so many levels, Once Were Warriors is probably one of the hardest films to watch. If you have seen it, I promise you that NZ isn't as violent as this movie makes it out to be, but unfortunately most of what it is saying is true in a lot of parts of this country. This disturbing truth is probably the reason why I found it so hard to keep my eyes dry.

4. Gone with the Wind

It's weird because it took me four watches of this movie to actually cry. I don't know why, but that fourth time this movie really hit me. And ever since, I have been bawling my eyes out during this. There's just something about Scarlett's struggles, Melanie's sweetness and Rhett's discontent that strikes a chord with me. I guess that's why they call Gone with the Wind such a feminine piece of film. And I also guess this film is the reason romantic dramas are so soppy these days.

3. Toy Story 3

I wouldn't say Toy Story 3 is a very sad film. It's just such a tearjerker. Watching the trilogy all together probably made the end of this one even more sad. You see these toys evolve, and soon they become your best friends. But when it all comes down to the end, it feels like a hole has been ripped out of your heart. Even though you know the toys are going to be safe at their new home, you can't help but feel sad because this is the end of an era. But it's a happy ending, all the same.

2. Revolutionary Road

This has to be one of my absolute favourite movies and favourite book, as well. I don't care if Titanic is supposed to be the saddest movie of all time or whatever, because I think this Leo DiCaprio-Kate Winslet outing made me cry the most. It's an ultra depressing film about the dreams of people stuck living a suburban life and a look at a couple on the brink of disaster. The way DiCaprio and Winslet play it out is simply beautiful, but the end is so devastating, and that all comes down to DiCaprio. When I see his face after he finds out what happens, I swear my heart shatters into a million pieces. Every single time.

1. Requiem for a Dream

Okay, so you know how most people watch this movie once and they're like "I'm never watching that movie again!" I was one of those people. Once this movie ended, I started crying uncontrollably. If there's any movie that changed my life, it was this one. However, I got forced to watch it again not so long ago. I warn you, this is not a good idea. Even though I knew what was going to happen, this film hit me like a million bricks. I literally cried for an hour, and then couldn't get to sleep for quite a while (it was 3am, mind you). Seriously, Requiem for a Dream is the most depressing film I have ever seen in my life. I literally feel like my innocence is gone now I have watched this. Some Christmas present this movie turned out to be. (Note: I actually do rank this as one of the best films I have ever seen)

Which movies make you bring out the tissues?


  1. Interesting...
    I've only seen Toy Story 3 (yep, not seen Gone With The Wind).

    Films rarely make me cry, but it has been know to happen occasionally.
    Barry Lyndon comes close, mainly because of the score.
    I also find Clint Eastwood films particularly moving, like Gran Torino (the end was sad) and Mystic River (now that's a depressing film).

  2. Despite having had seen it like 25 times, I cry in Titanic every time. It's become so bad now that I need a whole year break between two viewings.
    Generally when I cry in a film, it's a good one because more than the sad stuff, the genuinely happy stuff makes my heart swell up. Thus I've cried in things like Harry Potter, LOTR, Being Julia etc.
    In your list, I was wailing in TS3. Never Let Me Go made me cry the most I think.
    The worst film that I've cried in was The Notebook, but that's because Nicholas Sparks is an evil man whose life's mission is to cause people misery.

  3. Great great great list!
    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was probably the one film that made cry *very* hard. And that voice over... brilliance. Other movies I cried at were Titanic, Bridge to Terabithia, it's so difficult to recall. I can't remember films that were just too heart-breaking, but here some that made me just shed a tear: It's a Wonderful Life, The Great Dictator. It's particularly strange but I can't remebmer other films, although there are quite a lot of them (I like crying at movies) :)

  4. Oh man, I was an absolute mess from Requiem for a Dream too.

  5. The only film on the list I have seen, and have had a weepie to was Toy Story 3. (Revolutionary Road was great though, a beautiful looking film too.)

    There are too many for me to name, but probably Millennium Actress is the big guns because EVERY TIME the last line is said, I sob so damn bad. West Side Story is a good one too. I went to see it in Somerset House's outdoor cinema thing one year, and knew I had to pinch myself to stop crying when all the saddness erupted, and I did. Just. (Previously to the outdoor experience of West Side Story, I had seen it a few times had wept repeatedly each time.)

    Grave of the Fireflies as well. I haven't been able to watch it since the last time I saw it, and I don't think I am going to go back to it anytime soon either.

    The recent adventure is Blue Valentine.

    I am ashamed to say I too had the baby-crying when it came to The Notebook. So damn corny, but I COULDN'T HELP IT.

    Damn, there have been so many but I can't think of them all now!

    I must see Once Were Warriors, I must, even if it's DVD cover is horrible -

  6. Jack - You've not seen Gone with the Wind? You simply must! I was quite angry at the end of Gran Torino. That was one hell of a good film.

    Nikhat - I've only seen Titanic twice, and I think I have cried both times I've seen it. I generally swell up during happy parts too. Just can't help myself. Geez, I cried in The Notebook, too. Why does Nicholas Sparks do this to us?! Why?!

    Lesya - Gosh, It's a Wonderful Life is such a joyous film. I'm pretty sure I cried a bit in that too. I love crying at movies!

    Anna - Amen to that!

    Cherokee - Millenium Actress...that's by Satoshi Kon, yes? Therefore, I should see it! Man, West Side Story is a pretty sad movie. I must see Blue Valentine, too. Hey, I'm not judging, I cried in The Notebook too. I hate Nicholas Sparks.
    Oh hell, that Once Were Warriors cover is terrible, but we have worse over here. When you see it, just remember that I am nothing like these people, even though they share the same country as me!

  7. Yes, MA is by Kon, and it is a must-watch. Totally different to Perfect Blue, and absolutley heartbreaking. It also, in a way, becomes a different film (in the good kind of different) knowing the actress that he based the main character on, Chiyoko. (The actress being Setsuko Hara, one of Japan's finest exports from the 'Golden Age' of Japanese cinema in the 50s.)

    Thank God for that! I much prefered The Notebook to the film, than the book. The book is pretty terrible. Then again, I can't stand Sparks, but that story is a stand-out though it plays with similar themes to all his other junk. It's probably the teaming of Gosling and McAdams that make it sob-worthy.

    Actually, I saw an interview with Gosling saying that a couple went to see The Notebook and after the film, the girlfriend dumped the guy because he wasn't as romantic as Gosling's character, Noah. I was like WTF? That's crazy man...

    I'm putting Once Were Warriors on my wishlist in Amazon, don't wanna forget about that. And don't worry, I never think of countries when watching a film. I mean, if I did, then I'd end up thinking that us Brits were really like those in The King's Speech.

    On the Titanic note, the first time I watched it, I laughed (this was when I'd seen about half of it). The second time I watched it, I couldn't stop the damn crying, it was ridiculous. And ever since. I don't even like the film that much, even if it is in my DVD collection.

    Funnily enough, today, I nearly had a bad cry-worthy moment when watching I'm Gonna Explode, (awesome film, I recommend it highly), but I held it together dammit!

    Forgot to mention: Good selection of films! At least it's different from the general lists of My Girl and Forrest Gump or some shit.

  8. A Star is Born! Wow, I'm impressed. Even I haven't seen that film yet and I'm a huge Janet Gaynor fan.

    My #1 is the same as yours. I lose it every time in Requiem for a Dream.

    Other notables: Up, Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans and Kramer vs. Kramer.

    I know I'm leaving out a couple, but I can't think of what they are right now.

  9. Cherokee - I think Gosling and McAdams do have a lot to do with the sob worthiness of The Notebook. They just fit so well together. And somebody dumped their boyfriend because of The Notebook? WTF?
    Jeez, today I had a bad crying experience. I went and saw Never Let Me Go. Jesus, I cried so much. I basically walked out of the cinema and just kept crying. I must have looked so strange to all the people in the shopping centre. I'm never doing that again.
    Oh and thanks! I don't think I ever cried in Forrest Gump. I think I watched it back when I was a 'fearless child'.

    James - It's amazing what you find in bargain bins! The movie was pretty good, from what I can remember. Ah, Requiem for a Dream. There's absolutely no way I can hold myself together with that one! Those are good choices, especially Up!

  10. Any time a film makes me cry I count it amongst my favourites. If a movie can get to you on such an emotional level, that says a lot about how good it is.

    Personally, I too got a bit teary during the end scenes of INCEPTION. Other ones that get me: REQUIEM FOR A DREAM, UNITED 93, GONE BABY GONE, MARY & MAX, UP and GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES

  11. Same here. Totally agree with you.
    So it's not just me? Thank goodness!
    Gosh, I love Mary and Max. That was such a sad movie. Totally underrated, if I do say so myself.

  12. Never Let Me Go nearly had me there, too (I did have a quite, low-key sob when I read the book though). Completely forgot about Mary and Max now it has been mentioned! (shame on me). Fuck, I love that film. One of my favourites, without doubt.

    Same with UP. Jesus. There are far too many of them dammit. Stupid films...

  13. Mary and Max was brilliant. There are so many people who just don't get that movie, but I found it wonderful on so many levels. I should probably watch that flick again.
    There are so many! Jeez...

  14. "the boy in the striped payjamas" has got to be the saddest movie ever! i think i pulled out the tissues for that one.... also i was crying at the end of Toy Story 3. it was kind of weird crying at an animated movie but it was so sad and sweet i couldn't help it!
    also i almost started crying in "voyage of the dawn treader" for some reason.
    yeap.... i cry at movies to. oh how manly. :)


  15. Jeez, I cried quite a lot in The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas! I'm with you there on Toy Story 3. I felt so stupid telling my mum I burst out crying at the end of that movie!
    Crying in movies is cool!

  16. Omgg i cried so hard in Curious case of b button.....i couldnt stop crying i dont know if it was b pitt voiceover or the story itself!!!!
    The way we were was another one!!! Titanic- omg so heartbreaking.
    Requim of a dream - i cant!!!!i was a TOTAL WRECK AFTER WATCHING.

      I get dipressed and a mess after these.

  17. I found this thread by Googling "crying uncontrollably Titanic". I saw Titanic in the theater when it was new (I was 29). That night I cried at the end of the movie in a way that I had never before and have not since, at a movie. I watched it again this morning, in full, for the first time. It got me to thinking back on that night 20 years ago....not sure how I would react 20 years later. No tears this time.....I think that I had a wall up because I could definitely see how I would see it as sad.....that final scene where Rose ascends the grand staircase. I am the type of person that is able to tell myself that "it's only a movie" and keep it "mostly" in check. When I say that I cried at Titanic, I mean I CRIED!! I cried embarrassingly uncontrollably, at the theater, a friend was with me. I cried all the way to our next destination and was still crying there. It was very abnormal and seemingly mentally unhealthy. In the age of Google when you are able to find others, I was looking to see if perhaps this was "a thing".


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