Saturday, March 12, 2011

Some things I like to do other than watch movies...

I'm taking a leaf out of Defiant Success scribe Anna's book (or post out of her that was dry) and doing a little 'getting to know me' post. Because you probably don't know that much about me. Apart from the fact that I like watching movies, I like Christopher Nolan and I'm not even legal. You probably don't want to know any more about me than you already do, but...meh. We (the movie bloggers) all have lives outside movies...right?

Probably my fave review.
Write - I obviously like writing. A lot. I could write anything you asked me too...providing I have enough information to base it on. When I write an essay for school, the teachers always go gaga over my 'extended vocabulary', and seem to forget about my shonky structure. I have won two English awards in my year group, as well as being in the top 1% for a writing test in New Zealand and Australia. And, yeah, I have my own weekly movie review in out local paper. So, I may be good at writing, but that doesn't really matter to me. I enjoy writing...a lot. Particularly if it is about movies. I've started like 20 different books, but they take so long that I never get past the first chapter. So I'm happy just being here, blogging.

Jumping Kt like a boss.
Ride/care for horses - My parents trained racehorses until just recently when they split, so I've practically been around horses all my life. I haven't ridden one for like two years though, ever since my horse Kt was given to someone else (saddest day of my life). I still have one horse, Sox, who is 22 years old and used to babysit me at the races when I was younger (true story). Through the horse hoopla I went to my first lot of races when I was just days old, was on TV when I was just months old (the interview predicted that I would be a jockey when I grew up...haha, what a joke that is now), and got my first interview on TV when I was 11 years old. I do miss all the horsey stuff and going to the races, but since not having them around I have become so lazy and can't get up at 5am every Saturday morning like I used to.

Me, Cassie, Jess and Megan on camp last year.
Hang out with my buddies - I'm a teenager, of course I like doing this. At school we have a rather large group which has a special spot (one of the best). We have McDonalds outings for people's birthdays and a have an annual waterfight down at the park on the very last day of school each year. Two of my closest friends come around for movie nights or come with me to the movies whenever I decide to go. I have taught them well, haha. But I don't think they have forgiven me since they watched Requiem for a Dream at my house a few weeks back. Neither of them have seen me cry so much and I haven't seen them so sad and shaken up. They hated me so much I had to sleep on the floor that night.

Read...stuff about movies - I have ADHD (not really) so I can't read a book very well. Well, I did read 'Eclipse' in three days and 'The Accidental Billionaires' in five, but it took me like five weeks to read 'Between a Rock and a Hard Place'. It all depends on the book and how much time I have. But I read lots about movies. Whether it be an Empire magazine (I have four years worth of those), any of your wonderful blogs, or trivia on IMDb, I'm interested. Basically, when I'm not watching movies I'm probably writing, reading or talking about them. It's so unhealthy.

New Brighton in Christchurch.
Travel around NZ - I have literally been everywhere in the North Island. I know everything about little towns in NZ. It's so interesting what you find. My favourite place in NZ would have to be Christchurch, but then again it probably isn't the same as I remember it now. I like the big cities a lot, probably coz I live in such a small place, but I really like some of the smaller towns because they are each so unique. Napier is probably one of the more beautiful places in NZ. There's just so much to see and do here!

Drama - Acting is truly one of my passions. In fact, ever since I saw Brokeback Mountain when I was 11 years old I was taken by the performances in that movie and decided I wanted to do something like that. I just had to wait until high school until I got to do a class of it. I have been in three productions since high school: Stage Challenge (a dance/dramatic performance), 'Grease' (where I was part of the chorus but it was the most fun I've ever had in my life!) and our school production last year 'School Rox' (I played one of the people in the most dramatic group at school and got an Oscar for it!). I just love acting.

Be elsewhere on the Internet - I like Facebook. It's a good way to connect with everyone. I like Twitter. It's a good way to share what I'm doing without feeling guilty like I do on Facebook. And it's a lot easier to catch up with all the movie peeps and what they're thinking, too. I kinda like Tumblr. I hardly ever post on there, but there are some great fandoms and movie blogs there. So, here's me on: Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Work at Blockbuster - Bit of a no brainer, really. I like sharing my movie knowledge with the folk of Dannevirke. I don't know how many times I recommended Buried tonight. Even though cleaning shelves is the most boring crap I have to do, I do like being at the shop all day and seeing what is on the trailer disc and looking at all these crap movies which I had no idea even existed. It's a good job to fill in my Saturday nights and the most part of my holidays.

Not text - I hate, loathe and despise texting people. It takes so long. And seeing people walking around town with their eyes glued to their cellphone screens and their thumbs spreading germs at a million miles an hour on their keypads freaks me out. I much prefer talking to people through the computer, because I can type faster than I can text. So, because of this, I guess I've become an outcast coz I don't text every five seconds. It's so boring. And I usually forget what I'm talking about or forget what I just said in the last text.

Okay, there's a look inside my life outside of watching movies. I probably like watching movies more than most of these things. I'd love to know what you like to do (in a non seedy way) when you ain't glued to the screen.


  1. Glad that you followed Anna's example. Quite an interesting post. Didn't know that you ride horses. It's my dream to try this. Although it's quite predictable, that you like to write, I also wasn't aware of your writing books. May I ask you, what are the genres?

  2. Usually just basic comedy and drama sort of thing, and they were almost always set in the 1930s-1950s. Riding horses is a dream! Thanks for commenting!

  3. My goodness. You write movie reviews! That's like, my dream job cos' you're paid to watch movies. And horse riding! I live in a rather urbanized city of Singapore(ever heard of it?) and horse riding isn't something you see everyday. It would be so cool.
    I feel like we have everything in common except maybe the texting part, haha..and the parts that I don't usually experience..
    If you don't mind, can I add you on facebook..?

  4. Haha, it is awesome but I don't get paid :/ yet, anyway. Of course I've heard of Singapore! I'm very geographically with it. I'm probably strange because I don't like texting, haha.
    And sure, you can add me, I love new friends!

  5. This was very cool of you, Stevee - always nice to get to know fellow bloggers a bit more.

    So refreshing to learn of a teen that isn't addicted to texting! My god - when you're out to eat or at the movies, surely you must do something annoying with your phone! ;)

  6. I literally hate texting. I'd much rather talk to people on the internet or talk to people on the phone. It's quicker...and I hate the sound the buttons make. The only thing I use my phone for is free Facebook!

    Thanking you!

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