Saturday, March 26, 2011

Due Date review is coming tomorrow, but...

...I'm exhausted. Today has been exhausting. From crying for an hour straight (and then off and on during the course of the day) to working five hours on what may have been the busiest day I have ever experienced at work...I am emotionally and physically drained. I don't even know what the point of this post is, but this has been a day which set out to be perfectly normal (boring, if anything) and turned out to be a day which I will never forget for all the wrong reasons. Let's just say, something extremely unexpected happened today, and it made me think of a lot of things. Like how you never realize how something has shaped you as much as you have when it's gone. Or how fragile life is. Or how one moment could be the last memory you have of a certain person or thing. It all sounds very, I don't know, cliché or whatever, but it's something which I haven't really thought about until now.
So, I guess, there hasn't been much point in that paragraph long rambling, but I just needed to say that because...I don't even know. Just one of things, yeah? Anyway, got anything that might cheer me up? Anyone managed to see Sucker Punch (once my most anticipated movie for the year, ha) this weekend and wanna tell me about it?



  1. I would say that things get better, but I know how little that helps. I'm sorry you're in pain :-(

  2. Agree with what Karla said.

    It never helps when you say things will get better. But most of the time, they do and bad moments in your life shape what you do or what has happened and how you deal with things later on, even when it doesn't seem like it, (and it never does.)

    We all have to deal with shit in life, and it's really hard too cope with it, but somehow, we do.

    Sorry to hear about whatever has gotten you down. It's never nice when you get bad news/something has happened.

    Unfortunately, I don't have a particular knack for cheering people up, (rather giving advice), but I can supply you with two of the most pointless articles I've come across that is bound to give you a brief moment of laughter, (hopefully):

  3. I know what you mean! And thanks for the sorryness.

    Ah, those articles made me laugh! The last one, particularly, was so pointless it was just funny. And those gangsta poses...priceless! LOL.


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