Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Better Late than Never: My Top 10 Movies from 2010

I've wondered whether I should even bother doing this list since it's now March. Then again, if the Academy can honour movies so 'late', then why can't I?
One of the movies I've chosen is classed as a 2009 film, but it came out here in cinemas in May and I finally saw it in September last year. So that's why it is here. The rest are all 2010 releases in America, and some only came out here this year, but they still get a mention.

Here are some honourable mentions:
True Grit, Nowhere Boy, The King's Speech, Winter's Bone, Me and Orson Welles, The Losers, Iron Man 2, Boy, The Hurt Locker, How to Train Your Dragon, Tangled, The Runaways, Cemetery Junction, Despicable Me, Harry Brown, Unstoppable, Tomorrow When the War Began, Easy A.

10. City Island

This tenth spot has caused me a lot of trouble. But I believe I have picked the right one in City Island. Gosh, I loved City Island. Such an underrated gem which should have been nominated for a screenplay award at the Oscars. It was that good.

9. Black Swan

I don't really need to say anymore than I have over the course of the awards season. Black Swan is beautiful. Darren Aronofsky is a master. Natalie Portman is brilliant. Mila Kunis is so goddamn good looking I want to cry.

8. 127 Hours

James Franco may have failed in hosting the Oscars, but he didn't fail in lifting this whole film on his own. Without Franco in the lead and Danny Boyle doing his amazing directing 127 Hours would have just been some weird film with a guy chopping off his arm. But no, 127 Hours suceeded in making me feel sick, making me love my arm even more and feel instantly uplifted. Too few films do that.

I know I'm obsessed with a movie when I watch one every day for a whole week (I am not joking). By now, everyone has forgotten about the crazy shenanigans of that 12 year old killing-machine Hit-Girl. Which is a shame because Kick-Ass is damn awesome.

I feel like this film should be a little higher up in the list, but there are only so many spots and so many films. I loved A Single Man. It was so heartbreaking and beautifully made by Tom Ford, not to mention the scene stealing jersey that Nicholas Hoult wears (haha). Jeez, everytime I think of this film I feel like crying. It's just so gorgeous.

Damn, those Australians done good this time. When I first saw Animal Kingdom, I wasn't overly impressed by it, but then I saw it again and I fell head over heels for it. It has such terrific structure and narrative which gives it this 'pizzazz' which stops it from feeling like another generic crime movie.

How could you not love Toy Story 3? I mean, there's that scene, at the end, when Andy...(excuse me while I cry into my laptop which will explode soon since it isn't water resistant...)

Scott Pilgrim vs the World is the bomb. The caffiene fuelled, eye popping, totally funny bomb. There are simply no more words I can use to describe my love for this film.

Yes, I would have rather seen this movie win Best Picture over The King's Speech. It really is the film of our generation. And I just got my 2 disc collector's edition of it! I'm so happy I could die! I finally have my eighth favourite film of all time in my hot little hands!

Yeah, I know how much you were expecting to see Sex and the City 2 here. Sorry to surprise you with this one being number one. I'm Stevee Taylor, I'm a Christopher Nolan-aholic, it's unhealthy, but I don't give a crap. Inception is one frickin' awesome movie, and I won't have anyone tell me otherwise.


  1. I so agreed with you!! Inception is tops, and I actually had a hard decision between TSN and Inception being top.
    And one last note:
    Christopher Nolan won Best Director in my heart! :D

  2. Cool choices. I really want to see CITY ISLAND.

    I wasn't as crazy about KICK-ASS as a lot of people, although Hit-Girl was definitely the highlight.

    A SINGLE MAN I thought was beautiful, but it didn't effect me emotionally as I know it did a lot of people. I also wasn't overly impressed by Colin Firth (although he more than made up for it this year).

    SCOTT PILGRIM, I love from a aesthetic standpoint, and I think is hilarious scene to scene. However, I didn't like either Scott or Ramona, so that lessened the impact of the movie overall

    I LOVED ANIMAL KINGDOM, TOY STORY 3 and BLACK SWAN, and our 1 and 2 picks are the same only in opposite order. Nolan and Fincher were both seriously snubbed at the Oscars this year

  3. I have my 2-Disc special edition too. I rub it against my cheek alot...especially when a certain stupid film undeservedly wins the Oscars.

    I didn't realise A Single Man was this year's film otherwise it would've definitely been in my top 10.
    Gotta love Scott Pilgrim!!

  4. I haven't only seen City Island, but if you say it's good then it's good, so I'll add it to my list.

    Btw, so true that now everyone forgot about Kick-Ass. In my list, I found an "honorable mention" spot, but still it's awesome.

  5. Inception - YES
    Scott Pilgrim - YES
    Kick Ass - YES

  6. I love Scott Pilgrim and Kick Ass as well!
    Toy Story 3 and Animal Kingdom were very good as well... but the others didn't impress me much.
    I'm actually glad The King's Speech won Best Picture, it deserved it, in my opinion...

    Great post!

  7. Whoa, lots of comments! Love it.

    Celine - I had a hard decision too. Chris Nolan wins best director in my heart every single day :)

    Tom - City Island is a must see! Go, Animal Kingdom, too. Nolan and Fincher were snubbed it was a crime. Don't know what they were thinking.

    Nikhat - A Single Man is last years film for me since it came out here in May 2010, and I never got to see it until 2011. It was simply too good to skip.

    Lesya - Kick-Ass FTW!

    Rachel - YES!

    Jack - I'm still iffy about The King's Speech, but I still couldn't put it in here. I also had a hard time picking a better one out of Kick-Ass and Scott Pilgrim. Oh well, they're both awesome!

  8. Excellent list, Stevee. And yes, I'll forgive that you're a Nolan-aholic, especially since his flick topped my list, too. And you know I dig the City Island love (though we should stop mentioning it so people don't expect too much).

  9. Nawww thanks! Yeah, I'm going to stop with the City Island love. People will expect too much!


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